• Seminole County FL Officials Stricken With "Party Dysphoria"

    March 15, 2024
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    The Disease That Seems to Have Spread from Tallahassee

    Image by Michael Rivera

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    Some elected officials in Seminole County are having trouble recognizing who put them in office. They cannot seem to represent those who elected them. I call this party dysphoria. Similar to gender dysphoria, where some cannot recognize their own body parts under their clothing, it’s pretty fundamental to know which party you serve. In Seminole, party dysphoria goes this way.

    If elected as a representative of one party, the winner then turning key duties over to members of the party you just beat. For example, all five members current members of the Seminole Board of County Commissioners (BCC) were elected as “Republicans”. However, they cede responsibilities on the all-important Canvassing Board to people of the other party.

    Guessing that this only goes one way … R cedes to D.

    Who DOES THIS?? In a time in our history where the lines of division between parties are so obvious, who does this? Who works hard to win their election, only to give power to the opposition?

    Or, is this the Uniparty at work, as it often seems, in Tallahassee, where Florida “Republicans” have written bills to mandate Globalist concepts like censorship of free speech and elections that cannot be questioned or openly counted. Fortunately, thanks to the pressure of huge citizen input, from the Florida Republican Assembly and others, these bills were not passed. This time.

    But, it gets worse. The five currently sitting members of the the Seminole County Board of County Commissioners (BCC) have a combined total of 48 years of serving constituents in the county. None except for one, in a 2023 city election, has ever fulfilled a legally required duty of their office, to serve on the county Canvassing Board (CB) . It is the law that they do so.

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    The statute calling for specific officials to serve on the Canvassing Board, FL 102.141, is very clear. “The County Canvassing Board SHALL be composed of the Supervisor of Elections (SOE), a county court judge who shall act as Chair, AND the Chair of the Board of County Commissioners.” (emphasis mine)

    More than the law, even, it is their responsibility to represent those who elect them. How hard IS that?

    The Canvassing Board’s duties are to test and certify the voting machines to be used, provide ballots, count and certify the results, and do the post-election audit. To my mind, this makes the County Canvassing Board - and their counterparts all over the country - THE most critical power centers in the nation at election time. This is where the honest counts are submitted, or election fraud happens.

    Of those responsibilities (aka, powers), CERTIFICATION is certainly the most crucial, especially in the upcoming 2024 general election, which will determine our future as a free Republic. Or not.

    Look at Mike Pence on Jan. 6, 2021, and the upheaval he created when he certified the 2020 fraud without honoring his oath of office.

    Office holders in Seminole either don’t get it, or don’t care.

    As a county resident saidI just think it is very telling that elected commissioners will forgo their duty and don’t mind having Democrats serve in their place.”

    That’s THE key issue behind this all.

    There has been a lot of unrest between office holders, as well as between citizens and their elected representatives. It is easy to understand, when citizens have lost trust, and county officials spar with each other, of their own party. We could name names, but there are several, just doing the same as described above; there’s not time to hang each of them out to dry.

    The Seminole County Supervisor of Elections (SOE), Chris Anderson, however, seems to have been the center of much of this, and, so, draws a bit of special attention. He wanted the attorney who oversees the CB (and also represented the SOE’s office at one point) to be fired for writing the state claiming “signs of incompetence” in Anderson’s office. The CB voted against Anderson’s wishes, to keep their attorney. To this date, the state has not explored this issue.

    Anderson has also made videos and written letters, accusing county officials of “racism”. He even, while not on county business, threw the race card at a county sheriff’s deputy and officials of Costco. He says that both he and his wife “hate living in Seminole”.

    He also thinks the FL code quoted above is “voluntary”. When an elected official considers following our laws, “voluntary”, our Constitutional bedrock crumbles a little bit more.

    Lately, there has entered another “non-Republican” who is the husband of the head of the Seminole County Democratic Party! As I understand it, the chair of the Board of County Commissioners, Zembower (R) will appoint the husband of the Democrat activist to the CB in place of another County Commissioner, Any Lockhart (R), who is choosing to campaign for a friend instead of serving on the CB as she should.

    It is EASY to see why Seminole residents are upset. The elected Republicans do not want to follow the law, and serve where they are required. THEN, to make matters worse, key positions are turned over to the Democrats.

    Seminole County has a history of residents demanding things be done right. The county was established, by vote of the residents, on April 25, 1913, because they disliked the voter fraud in Orange County, of which they’d been a part. Funny enough, the Canvassing Board features this fact on their website today; Florida election fraud as part of their history. Wow.

    Today, 110 years later, the county’s citizens still feel that way. They expect laws and rules to be followed, even though Florida has a messy history of that, dating way back, when it comes to elections.

    Seminole’s confidence in elections was shaken in Nov. 2020, as happened around the country. The County was very much in the Trump camp, building up to 2020. Citizen “door knockers” and canvassers could see and feel it. HOWEVER, the county went to Biden, the first Democrat they’d “elected” since Harry Truman in 1948.

    It is CLEAR why the residents need their confidence in elections restored - a sentiment that blankets this country today.

    The chaos of November 3-4, 2020 was a Coup, not an election. Seminole County residents, like most others in the world, understand this, and are doing everything they can to restore legitimate power in our nation’s Capitol and at home. They do not want to suffer a County Coup; they are trying to prevent it from happening. They are spot on…it is all about a system that you can TRUST.

    Current office-holders seem to get upset when residents ask questions. This a phenomenon not limited to Seminole. WHY? Deceit is nerve-wracking to carry off when publicly faced down, I suppose, especially when good citizens won’t be “good dogs” and just go away.

    SOE Anderson tried to have a citizen fired from her job at a local university, for challenging his actions. Then, there are all those race cards flying around.

    The mention of nervous angry officials reminds me of another SOE, Alan Hayes, of Lake County. After citizens identified thousands of ballots sent by Hayes’s office to already known “undeliverable addresses”, they asked the Lake County Sheriff if they could file police reports in case anyone was told they’d already voted, when they had not. This would have been identity theftBoth the citizens AND the Lake Co. Sheriff agreed that an independent third party would be a good idea. Hayes then exploded and called a press conference to call the citizens “liars” and “purveyors of “misinformation”, because this was “not protocol'“.

    This happened prior to the 2022 midterms. Now in 2024, Hayes spoke in favor of the “Harassment bill” which contained provisions to allow election officials to jail anyone who questions election protocol.

    When all of the illegal/unethical activity in Seminole was brought to the attention of their Sheriff, he declined to look into it. Guess he didn’t want his head bitten off as Hayes did to the Sheriff of Lake County.

    What is with these guys? The illness of party dysphoria seems to be spreading around the state. Must be something they caught from Cord Byrd’s Dept. of State. TRUTH is the only vaccine against this disease.. Should citizens allow this to continue, we will not need another pandemic to kill us off. We will just die under the heavy hand of totalitarianism.

    * * * * *

    Here ends the Seminole story, but similar tales can and, sadly, will, be retold in a lot of counties across the nation. Read SOS Washington State! that I just put out yesterday. They have weaponized AI against their citizens and journalists.

    I’ve often thought that public officials in Florida, tend to disregard citizens because they can - because the state has millions of part-time residents who don’t usually get involved in politics But, this does not apply in most of the other 49.

    This is not just a story of events in one Florida county.

    What is happening in Seminole County is important to us all, because it is happening to us all. Even in those “good red states”, where the politicians count on the blind trust of the people, it happens Tennessee is a fine example of that oft-misplaced confidence, I’m finding. Nothing so blatant YET as the misinformation police, but who knows?

    This is the picture. Very few politicians today RESPECT their constituents enough to actually address their concerns directly. That goes for state and national level office holders. You can see it in Nashville, Tallahassee, Richmond and elsewhere.

    Kudos to citizen activists in Seminole, the state of Florida and around the nation. Keeping shining a bright light on politicians who abuse their office. I will help you tell your story.

    Be like the little kid with the flag…. Don't ever drop that banner.

    Pray for Florida. And for America…



    Kat Stansell

    Kat Stansell is an international banker turned stay-at-home mother turned grassroots activist and writer. She has worked with local boards, county and state political organizations, and served on election teams of three US Congressional candidates. Her writing began 15 years ago with letters to editors. She has been an organizer for large and small events and a columnist for a conservative monthly paper, She now is a national news contributor with focus on local awareness and action. She believes that party labels are useless and the cause of much of the national angst today. America's only two choices are between the Constitutional Repulblic and Communism, Not “R” or “D” Follow her on her Substack Pat4evr/KatsMeow

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    Darci Braz
    Darci Braz
    4 months ago

    Excellent article and so very true! Martin County Florida feels all of this as well. We are represented by RINO's, both State and Federal. They are so proud of their accomplishments (in our mind, lack thereof)! We're angry and let them know we're paying attention to their votes and inactions last night at the REC meeting. I'm sure it went in one ear and out the other.

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