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    January 8, 2024
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    “SOS” is an internationally recognized symbol of extreme distress, especially for ships at sea. How horribly appropriate for today’s political scene, as our free elections are being blatantly stolen and our ship of state flounders on the rocks.

    “SOS” also stands for our 47 Secretaries of State. (Alaska, Hawaii and Utah do not have the position.) Of the 47, 12 are appointed by the governor or the legislature. Why is this important? An appointed official does NOT answer to the people and cannot be removed from office at their behest. Those 12 states are as follows, with the asterisk indicating appointment by state legislature: DE, MD, PA, NY, NJ, VA, FL, TX , OK, TN*, VT* and ME*. The electoral votes of these states total 183, or 2/3 of the total to elect a President of the United States. If something is found wrong, the people are powerless.

    Interesting note here…Florida’s Secretary of State was once an elected position, but under Gov. Jeb Bush in 1998 - just a year before the 2000 “chad” election, made the office a gubernatorial appointment, thereby taking the people out of control of their election management.

    Even elected officials, however, have jumped into the fray.

    Secretaries of States have been in the political news a lot lately. as you know. The little one in ME took it on herself to decide for whom the people in her state could vote by declaring that Donald Trump would not be allowed on the primary ballot there. Katie Hobbs of AZ is another infamous one who led the steal in her state in 2022. Don’t forget Raffensberger of GA…although I’d like to.

    In 2000 and again in 2004, it was just fine to protest election results, you may recall. In 2000, Democrats shouted in rage at the hanging chads in Florida as SOS, Katherine Harris (FL’s last elected SOS), ultimately called a tight race for Bush which granted him the Presidency. Then, in 2004, Ohio SOS, Ken Blackwell, ruled that the state’s provisional ballots would be counted according to the law. OMG, that LAW thing!! Democrats hate that. Two Secretaries of State, acting as election officials made calls against Democrats.

    This was all George Soros needed to hear. The very next year, he funded the Secretary of State Project, to help elect Democrats to the office of SOS’s. It became active in 2006. The SOSP was designed not only to elect secretaries of state, but also to raise the public consciousness of their important role in elections. A lot of liberals, still angry about 2000 and 2004 results, listened and responded.

    By 2008, five states - IA, MN, NV, NM and OH - had newly elected “D’s as SOS’s. “Democrats have built an administrative firewall that could benefit Obama, should it be needed in the presidential election of that year.. . .(they) were in a more advantageous position when it comes to the interpretation and administration of election law.” And, there is it. The power, for good or bad, of the Secretaries of State in America was spelled out and targeted.

    Just as Soros had made an indelible stain on the nation’s juris prudence, by buying DA’s and judges, so, too, did he go after the controllers of elections.

    The SOS Project closed down in 2010, after “securing” the above states. Two other things happened in 2010, and I do not believe them to be coincidental.

    First, 2010 was the year that Obama lost the majorities in both Houses of Congress. The disastrous midterm caused the warning bells of the Left to go off, and an “SOS”alarm was sounded. The Left needed to secure their position in election fraud even more. Get more SOS’s on board! So…

    Second, the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) was developed by another Soros grant, this time to the Pew Charitable Trust. The notorious conservative hater, David Becker, was put in charge. Becker had been fired from his job in the US DOJ for unethical behavior against conservatives; Hans Von Spakowsky, Becker’s supervisor at the time, called it the MOST egregious violation of ethics he had ever seen.

    ERIC came online in 2012 as a membership organization to help busy election officials to maintain their voter rolls. Thirty three states bought in, for an annual fee, over a period of the next six years. The ERIC system emphasized voter registration and had NO mandate for purging rolls. Its member states ended up with highly inflated registration lists, 50% of which were over 100% of all possible citizens of voting age in the state. Alaska led the way with 126% of all possible voters, registered. Florida, only had 101.6%. Every non-member state had voter rolls at 90% or less.

    ERIC provided the phantom voters who’s etherial "preferences” were used to win elections. As several states resigned ten years later, in a coordinated mass exodus staged for show, the SOS’s said that they had not known ERIC involved possible inaccuracies. Oh, PLEASE. How utterly incompetent OR dishonest. They had no idea what the voter rolls looked like? Pure BS. . . and Oh, yes…ERIC member states never get their citizens’ private data back. It is forever a part of the vast AI system that is part of ERIC. With the simple alternation of a digit in a zip code, or address, a citizen’s information becomes phantom votes wherever and whenever needed.

    But the majority of Secretaries of member States loved it.

    In Jan., 2023, Pate, of IA had just called ERIC a “godsend”, and Byrd, of FL, had told activists just days before the staged “resignation” of six states, that “Florida loves ERIC…we just use it differently.” SOS Byrd told the activists to “just forget about” Florida’s leaving the ERIC system. Could that be how that ‘22 “red wave” miraculously appeared?

    Secretaries of states and their election officials are at the heart of the problems with our free and fair voting. By design of a self-branded megalomaniac named Soros, who saw who had the power, and went about capturing it.

    That brings me to the Florida Secretary of State, Cord Byrd. Appointed by DeSantis (whom Soros also praised) in 2022, just before the midterms, Byrd has proven his incompetence, at a minimum - or complicity at the other extreme. Not only did he embrace the chicanery that was ERIC, but also, he supports the use of voting machines - which in Florida are criminally insecure.

    The nation’s top expert in voting machine security, Clay Parikh, has told Florida’s election integrity expert, Kris Jurski, that the checks run on Florida’s machines, annually, are very substandard, and have NOT been updated since via HAVA (Help America Vote Act) pushed the use of voting machines after the 2000-2004 Republican victories, above.

    FLORIDA’S VOTING SYSTEM STANDARDS HAVE NOT BEEN UPDATED IN NINETEEN YEARS. When they were written, high-speed wireless communication was only a dream because everyone wanted a flip phone. The iphone was released two years after the Florida standards were published, and completely revolutionized personal wireless communication. It ALSO completely reimagined cybersecurity, which started to become important to companies in 2009.

    Byrd knows all this, and at one point in the annual review of machine security, pulled out a redacted report. Redaction = lying, in my mind.

    After this damning assessment broke, the Florida Republican Assembly issued a resolution calling for the resignation of Byrd and his election chief, Maria Matthews, a long-time friend of Jeb Bush, who, among other things, had removed the citizenship check box from FL drivers’ license applications. NOT by accident.

    The “election integrity” bill, SB7050, passed this spring, had Tallahassee’s full support. That legislation made the use of these voting machines - untested and insecure - MANDATORY in the state. It also prohibited county Supervisors of Elections from questioning election proceedings, and citizens from performing audits. It was the citizens’ audits, like Jurski’s, which brought to light all of the voter roll manipulation and phantom-ballot votes, which had been found and proven in the state since 2020. Byrd and DeSantis didn’t want to risk any more such discoveries. it appears.

    The SOE’s now have become the target of the wrath of citizens who know what is happening, yet their hands are being tied. Some SOE’s , like Alan Hayes, deserve it, as they are actively in the corner of the fraud, and signed a letter of support for Becker’s ERIC even after Florida resigned. Others themselves have become victims of the fraud machine. One, Kim Weeks, former SOE of Flagler County, a Democrat while in office, was actually jailed and fined for cleaning up her rolls.

    Florida is NOT happy.

    It is clear that the country’s Secretaries of State, and their election teams, have been openly targeted by the Left, for the last 24 years. Some, like Wes Allen, the newly elected SOS of Alabama, have risen above it. Allen campaigned on getting out of ERIC, and did so on his inauguration day, Jan., 2023. I asked him for comment, but his state is being attacked by the UN for the method chosen for the execution of a proven criminal, and he is busy, I’m sure.

    Others, like the SOS’s of GA, ME, MI, NM, PA and AZ, have become full blown partisan activists, actively engaging in the steal…think, removing Trump from ballots, and standing at the head of the massive fraud for their own elections. And much more.

    Of those openly working against the return of our free and fair elections, some may be clueless, but, at this point, I believe most are complicit. These people are not stupid. They are attorneys, and former legislators. Few are cyber security experts; they seem to forget about those of us who are.

    The office of Secretary of State is key to our election integrity, as George Soros realized after 2000. Even those Florida chads, some believe, may well have been a planned event to further the theft of our freedom by the use of completely mechanized voting machines. Far fetched? Not any more so than anything else happening to us today…

    The turn of the millenium meant more than a digital reset as the clock hit midnight on 12/31, 1999. It meant the enschluss of manipulation of our choices at the ballot box. Cheating in voting has gone on for decades, but this has now grown to extinction levelfor our freedom .

    We have less than 11 months to correct that, and because of that, the ONLY way to return integrity to our elections is to hand count paper ballots, on ONE election day, and disallow early voting and drop boxes. Other countries do it, and have their results within 24 hours of polls closing. Sorry, Orlando Sentinel Opion blurb of Jan. 7. Your ignorance on the subject is attitudinal, through and through, and it shows. You were given an opportunity to learn about hand-counts, at the October, 2023, convention of the Florida Republican Assembly, and you refused to come. Many Democrats came, learned, and loved the idea.

    Thousands of Americans stand ready for training on hand-counting and there are several programs of instruction already underway.

    To all those election officials who object to hand counting - at least in parallel to the machine voting - I have this to ask:

    WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF?? Are you complicit, too?

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    Kat Stansell

    Kat Stansell is an international banker turned stay-at-home mother turned grassroots activist and writer. She has worked with local boards, county and state political organizations, and served on election teams of three US Congressional candidates. Her writing began 15 years ago with letters to editors. She has been an organizer for large and small events and a columnist for a conservative monthly paper, She now is a national news contributor with focus on local awareness and action. She believes that party labels are useless and the cause of much of the national angst today. America's only two choices are between the Constitutional Repulblic and Communism, Not “R” or “D” Follow her on her Substack Pat4evr/KatsMeow

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