• Spanish Conservative Leader Shot For Support For Iranian Resistance Says MEK

    November 11, 2023
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    The National Council For Resistance In Iran wrote the following in an email release overnight.

    Veteran Spanish politician, vice president of the European Parliament until 2014, and President of the International Committee in Search of Justice (ISJ), Prof. Alejo Vidal-Quadras, is recuperating in a Madrid hospital after being shot in the face in broad daylight on a central Madrid street on Thursday, 9 November 2023.

    Doctors at Madrid's Gregorio Marañón Hospital stated that the gunshot had fractured Vidal-Quadras' jawbone and that he had undergone surgery.

    A police source, with insider knowledge of the investigation, told The Associated Press that 78-year-old Vidal-Quadras speculated that the gunmen might be linked to the Iranian regime.

    In January, the Iranian Foreign Ministry announced sanctions against Vidal-Quadras, making him one of the first politicians to be placed on Iran's terrorist list, attributed to his support for the MEK.

    In what appears to be an expansion of the investigation scope, an official disclosed that a provincial brigade specializing in terrorism and extremism cases joined the investigation late Thursday. Previously, agents specialized in homicides led the inquiry.

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    The assailant reportedly fired one shot before fleeing on a motorbike with an accomplice. A burnt motorbike was later discovered in a suburban town on the outskirts of Madrid.

    NCRI President-elect, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi released a statement condemning the 'terrorist crime.' 'I strongly condemn this terrorist crime, wish for the speedy recovery of Prof. Vidal-Quadras, and express my deep solidarity with his family,' she stated. 'I call for the prosecution and punishment of the perpetrators of this terrorist crime. The Iranian Resistance regards Iran's ruling religious fascism as the primary suspect in this case, as Prof. Vidal-Quadras has dedicated a significant part of his life to fighting against it.’

    Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez voiced his concern, saying, 'All my warmth at this moment is for him and his family.’

    Italy’s Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, in a statement, described the incident as a 'cowardly attack' on Vidal-Quadras, wishing him a rapid and complete recovery and condemning the act as 'unacceptable violence against a political representative of an important European nation.'

    EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell sympathized with Vidal-Quadras and wished him a quick recovery.

    'People’s Party President Alberto Núñez Feijóo condemned the shooting and expressed his wishes for Vidal-Quadras' swift recovery.

    Vox President Santiago Abascal commented, 'Thank God, it seems that Alejandro Vidal-Quadras is out of danger.'

    The Italian Foreign Minister and former Slovenian Prime Minister also expressed their sympathy with the ISJ President and urged an immediate investigation into the shooting.

    Twenty-three MEPs also issued a statement. 'We vehemently condemn this cowardly act of terrorism and urgently call on the Spanish authorities to initiate a thorough investigation. Those responsible for planning and executing this heinous attack must be named and prosecuted without reservation or political expediency. In light of the Iranian regime's character, known animosity, and repeated threats against Dr. Vidal-Quadras, it should be considered one of the prime suspects in today’s terrorist assassination attempt on his life,’ they wrote.

    Struan Stevenson, a former MEP from Scotland, and a colleague of Mr. Vidal-Quadras in the ISJ, wrote, ‘The horrific attempted assassination of my great friend, Alejo Vidal-Quadras, in Madrid, is an outrageous manifestation of Iranian regime’s sense of impunity in Europe… My best wishes to Alejo and his family. His speedy recovery will hopefully accelerate the downfall of this evil regime.’


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    Ed Vidal
    5 months ago

    The Iranian regime feels emboldened by all the support from the Obama-Biden 3.0 administration.

    They also do not fear operating in Eurabia.

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