• The AMAC Delegate Summit/Turning Point Action's 'The People's Convention' - A United Front For America's Future 

    June 23, 2024
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    The recent joint National Conventions of the AMAC (Association of Mature American Citizens) and Turning Point USA in Detroit brought together thousands of dedicated citizens passionate about securing America's future.  Young and old and in between were present by the thousands.  These conventions were a testament to the power of unity, coalition building, and the importance of informed and engaged citizens in shaping the nation's trajectory.  This article will delve into the discussions and insights from the conventions, covering topics such as election integrity, fiscal responsibility, and protecting children from gender ideology.  Additionally, we will highlight the noteworthy speakers from Turning Point's "The People's Convention," which featured a lineup of prominent conservatives. 

    Election Integrity 

    During the AMAC National Convention, one of the critical topics of discussion was the importance of election integrity.  The thrust of Jason Snead's (Executive Director Honest Elections Project) talk was about the fight against rank-choice voting, another ploy by the Liberals to muddle elections and get losing candidate vote-getters into office.  We would have liked to hear about plans to eliminate ballot-counting machines and restrict mail-in voting, but that will have to come at another time.  Hosted by AMAC Action Senior Vice President Andy Mangione, AMAC delegates were thoroughly briefed on the evils of rank-choice voting. 

    Candidates and Elected Officials:  Research and Meetings 

    Leadership Institute had a significant presence at the conference for AMAC.  Angela Faulkner of the Leadership Institute discussed researching candidates.  She was also followed up by.  Chris Faulkner of Majority Studies discussed how to meet with your elected representatives and how important it is for them to understand their constituents. 

    Trump Advisor Steve Moore 

    Fiscal Responsibility 

    Steve Moore and AMAC Action President Bob Carlstrom ran a section on fiscal responsibility.  Steve Moore, former economic adviser to President Donald Trump, had great insight into the overspending of the current administration, even admitting that President Trump was a little guilty at the same time.  President Carlstrom brilliantly combined the fiscal responsibility aspects with the goal of achieving an Article 5  Convention that would craft an amendment to the US Constitution for Fiscal restraints and a balanced budget.  Bob also outlined how AMAC Delegate  David Wilders's effort at the Article 5 Taskforce aims to create a coalition of Convention of States AMAC and other patriotic groups who want to fix the governing elements of America.  America First was clearly checked into this summit.  Steve nimbly addressed the question regarding the debt bomb, a time bomb that's ticking with the Treasury having difficulty funding the debt created by the expenses of the national budget.  He answered that the only solution would be to reduce spending, cut government bureaucracy, and implement pro-economic steps that Trump had taken in his first term, such as "drill baby drill" once President Donald J Trump is reelected.  Bob optimistically pointed out that as many as 39 states already had balanced budget resolutions on the books, well more than the 34 needed to call an Article V Convention.  David even presupposed that Speaker Mike Johnson already had the authority to call the Convention based on those numbers, and we think that Speaker Johnson should do so without hesitation as a strong supporter of the Convention of States and an Article V Convention. 

    Article V Taskforce Founder David Wilder 

    AMAC Action President Bob Carlstrom 

    Building Coalitions and Grassroots Action 

    Both AMAC and Turning Point emphasized the power of grassroots action and the importance of building coalitions to effect change.  Attendees were encouraged to take three key action steps: hosting all-state meetings, creating local chapters, and participating in community events.  Heather Sellers from the Leadership Institute gave an excellent presentation from a national standpoint, followed by Doug and Hayley Ross, who were AMAC Delegates from Miami, FL.   They have utilized this same procedure to expand their connections and membership locally. 

    AMAC Delegates Doug &Hayley Ross 

    Protecting Children and Grandchildren from Gender Ideology 

    A pressing concern for many attendees was the need to protect children and grandchildren from the influence of gender ideology.  January Littlejohn recounted a heart-wrenching story about the transitioning against her and her husband's knowledge by school staff in 2020.  This is a sobering reminder for all parents whose shepherding of their children must always come first. 

    Border Security 

    Border security was another critical issue discussed at the conventions, with speakers emphasizing the need for effective measures to protect American citizens and preserve national sovereignty.  Julio Rojas, a field reporter for his sub stack MostlyPeaceful.live and author of Fiery But Mostly Peaceful, related countless stories of the horrendous invasion of our national sovereignty at the southern border. 

     "The People's Convention" 

    AMAC CEO Rebecca Weber 

    In addition to the AMAC National Convention, Turning Point hosted a three-day "People's Convention," featuring a diverse lineup of prominent conservative speakers.  Notable attendees included Steve Bannon, Roger Stone, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, AMAC CEO Rebecca Weber, and the keynote speaker, President Donald J. Trump.  Steve Bannon was defiant and bombastic.  He completed his 30-minute talk with the statement, "Give me liberty or give me death!"  Roger Stone recounted that the only way he survived the last few years after having gone to jail and falsely convicted was through his born-again rejuvenation through Christ and the Holy Spirit.  Marjorie Taylor Green invigorated the audience with the fire and brimstone needed to remove the evil from Washington, DC.  Rebecca Weber, AMAC CEO and daughter of the visionary Dan Weber, gave a rousing speech culminating with the thought that "Momma Bears" will always protect their children just as AMAC is rising to protect America from an AARP that is swindling its membership through its secret support of the woke agenda.  And Saturday night culminated with a short 90-minute POTUS 45 speech that broke the news with the new tax-free tips moniker that will undoubtedly bring independents and all but the most diehard, blind-eyed liberals into the Trump camp. 

    Trump Tip Strategy 


    The AMAC and Turning Point National Conventions showcased the immense dedication and passion of Americans from all walks of life who were committed to securing a brighter future for the nation.  Covering topics such as election integrity, fiscal responsibility, grassroots action, and border security, these groups exemplify the coalition forming nationwide and perhaps worldwide as we see conservatives mounting victories elsewhere.  The key discussions and insights that emerged from these conventions will continue to resonate.  As we move forward, citizens must remain informed and engaged in shaping America's future. 

     Turning Point People's Agenda Day 2 

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    Douglass Ross

    Douglas J. Ross is originally from Wisconsin and is a long-time resident of Miami, Florida. He is a veteran Navy pilot from the Cold War period, having graduated from the US Naval Academy. After retiring as an international airline Captain, he now works as an Investment Advisor and also volunteers with Patriotic groups like the Convention of States and the Association of Mature American Citizens. In his free time, he enjoys writing.

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    22 days ago

    I am curious to find out who was responsible for the slanted VP poll at this convention????
    Charlie Kirk claimed that Vance won the straw poll of 1,600 attendees to the TPUSA event, BUT the only options available were VANCE, RUBIO, SCOTT, & BURGUM. 

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