• The American Dream Becomes The American Nightmare

    December 8, 2023
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    Kill the Jews; Kill the Christians; Kill the American Whites, Destroy the West is all we hear from the cries of Hamas, Hezbollah and now the Houthis, and their new found disciples, the college students and the LGBT... community.  I call them terrorists and savages. Of course, the ignorant disciples have no idea that they are fighting and demonstrating for their own demise.  They don't understand what the fighting is all about.  Dennis Prager had a great explanation, The Middle East Problem  https://www.prageru.com/video/the-middle-east-problem .

    I wonder if these followers realize the history of their new masters. After the Jews and Christians are dead, the terrorists will focus on them. Some women will be raped constantly. Those allowed to live will have their genitalia removed only to become sex slaves forced to make babies. No baby killing abortion choice for them. No food choice, music choice, clothing choice.  The Qaran calls homosexuality a crime so the gays will be tossed off a building, after their organs are removed. The men will be tortured and starved. Then they will become permanent slaves and when they outlive their usefulness their organs will be harvested.  These terrorists are savages, and are still living in the middle ages. The savages revere death, while the Jews and Christians revere life. The Marxists will impose strangling regulations, surveillance, spying, high taxes, high inflation, law and order according to Sharia, no alcohol but abundant drugs. Illegals will continue coming from who knows where. No borders, no country. You will own nothing and enjoy your serfdom.  We are living the American nightmare. 

    Eight years ago Geert Wilder the newly elected leader of The Netherlands made a speech which we are living today. Geert Wilders was in NewYork. During a lunch sponsored by the Hudson Institute on 25 September 2008, he made this speech worth reading, commonly titled "America as the Last Man Standing" or "The Lights are Going Out All Over Europe" in Internet circulation.  You can listen to the speech on the Greg Kelly Reports 12/7 or read it here. https://gatesofvienna.blogspot.com/2011/02/lights-are-going-out-all-over-europe.html. Greet described the pending American nightmare. We are living the results of inaction described by Geert.  

    I was watching the interview on Warroom.org with the Real America's Voice reporter, Oscar Blue Remerez. He was reporting from the southern US border. I didn't see any Congressmen at the border, just Oscar. The new caravan coming to America is 60,000 illegals from all over the world. 60,000 illegals. With this count there will be more than 15 million illegals in America. No one will check them. 75% are military age single men, many gang members.  Just wait until there is a natural disaster, food shortage, or another man made pandemic or crisis.  The US Miitary has been depleted with lower standards. Eventually I can see OBiden calling for illegals to join the military in order to become citizens. If you think they will have a problem shooting Americans? Think again. 

    Will American cities look like Beirut, Lebanon after they were overrun?  And then of course, who is paying for this? Why the American taxpayer. Seniors and vets are getting about $1400 a month SSI, while illegals get everything free equating to about $2-3000 a month. https://www.fairus.org/issue/publications-resources/fiscal-burden-illegal-immigration-united-states-taxpayers-2023

     America is under a planned invasion with an economy that is mirroring Argentina. . See this video and see what is coming to America compliments of Obiden and Mayorkas.  Start at 17:46  https://warroom.org/episode-3142-potential-threats-crossing-the-southern-border/ Send it to your legislator.

    I am now more convinced than ever that the GOP is filled with lowered standard Affirmative Action graduates. Expelling George Santos was one of the single most insane acts the GOP has committed.  Republicans are either stupid or the problem. They can't count.  We have a slim margin in the house so they made the margins slimmer because they are afraid media will call them bad names. What is wrong with these people? Sounds like as long as they are not called bad names they don't mind losing.  Remember that when a democrat wins Santos seat or Hulkill says special election not needed, I will appoint a Rep. Primary these losers/traitors they are to stupid to lead anyone. . How can you win anything when losers are leading? https://www.newsweek.com/full-list-republicans-who-voted-expel-george-santos-1848754

    The GOP has only $9million to spend while the DNC has over $20 million. Instead of spending the GOP money on a strong get out the vote effort helping the grass roots, Ronna, the RINO, Romney is spending the little money against MAGA and Trump, and for debates that no one watches for candidates that no one wants. GOP is on a path to lose. They have been the majority for a year and they still can't get rid of the blight of the OBiden administration destroying America. They have no plan except destroy Trump and MAGA.  Do they even know what MAGA means? In addition their messaging sucks. We need to vet and support the candidates not the party.  We must make sure Trump wins by a huge margin and has the right people in congress who will grow America not destroy it.    Thank you Senator Mike Lee and Rep Chip Roy for introducing a bill to defund the communist United Nations. 

    Our RINO legislators are allowing this nightmare to happen by siding with the DEMS and not their constituents.  All they do is hold meetings and claim there isn't enough evidence. Then they want to give our money to their man made crisis so they can launder money back to themselves and continue the American nightmare for us. So what can we do?

    Get your legislator on speed dial and tell them what is going on. Ask why aren't they doing something like impeaching Mayorkas and OBiden? Don't  let House members get away with lying by saying there isn't enough evidence.  Follow them on line and see how they vote. Are they paying attention or are they off bowling like Vern Buchanan (R, Dist 16 FL.) Hold them accountable. Vet your candidates, investigate their voting record politicsthatworks.com  is a good place to start. Check their donors so you know who is pulling their strings. opensecrets.org will show you their money. Pay attention to your local legislators. Look for the strings of government grants. Let them know you are watching and tell them what you think.  Always ask questions and be polite but firm. Then get rid of as many RINOS as possible. First expose them, then primary them. But you must VET the new candidate as well.  Check their actions. 

    Then introduce Civics and America's heroes to your children.  Get them prepared so they will not be fooled into socialism.  Make sure they can read, write and do math. Homeschool whenever possible. Check out the Florida Citizens Alliance, Microschool project.  goflca.org

    Everything is connected. Nothing is random, Everything has a plan. All plans are lies. All Globalists want is MONEY, POWER, CONTROL Don't give them yours. Challenge them with the truth. Doing Nothing is affirmation.

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    Karen Schoen

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