• "The Money is Broken, They Broke It," Why Crypto Currency Matters - Bruce Fenton At Young Americans For Liberty Revolution 2022

    August 10, 2022
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    Fenton started his own company Atlantic Financial in 1994, worked in many areas of finance for 20 years, and was the Executive Director of the Bitcoin Foundation in 2015

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    Bruce Fenton, former executive director of the Bitcoin Foundation and current US senate candidate for New Hampshire spoke at Young Americans for Liberty's Revolution 2022 on Friday.

    In a speech titled "Why Cryptocurrency Matters," Fenton outlined what he called a coming "fourth turning" whereby the world enters a great period with old powers to be replaced by new powers.

    Asserting that "the world of 2019 is gone forever," Fenton called for young people to build skills for the new world.

    Fenton spoke at his own breakout room for the Revolution 2022 event

    Labeling the current world as broken, Fenton attacked the FIAT dollar and the encroachment on civil liberties during the Covid-19 pandemic.

    "COVID didn't close down a business, politicians shut down businesses, politicians are responsible for lockdowns," Fenton said.

    "It was a travesty what they pulled on us," referring to the lockdowns and government actions taken during the pandemic. "Actions have consequences" and "printing $9 trillion has consequences," he continued.

    Fenton contrasted two paths for future society. One is defined by a "path of foundational values, liberty, the bill of rights" and the other by tyranny.

    Fenton asserted that if the current trends continue there will be "radical change for the worse." A "church of woke" has been "putting faith into the state compared to the individual" he continued.

    However, the heart of the problem lies in the FIAT US dollar according to the financial guru. "FIAT is evil... it keeps people in poverty." "The reason why I use the word evil is because of what they do with it," he stated. "They do not have accountability."

    "The money is broken, they broke it."

    "In WWII we had sound money. They used to sell the wars. They had to sell you on WWII after Pearl Harbor. They don't have to sell you anything now."

    "No speech, no accountability, no vote. They can have 20 year wars of aggression on countries that have never attacked us. They press a button and hit print. It's responsible for real deaths."

    In addition to the endless wars, Fenton stated the FIAT Dollar is responsible for many of the problems the nation faces today including the prison system, a bloated federal government and even the ongoing obesity epidemic.

    Fenton explained that the government does not need to control money, the citizens can and should choose their own money.

    "You can have an alternative form of money in form of Bitcoin that the people decide, because it is scarce, it's provably scarce, it's not something they can simply print and give to their friends.

    It's governed by the laws of math and code that everybody can read, everybody can see the code. It's a distributed system which is very very powerful. And so I think distributed systems are the next level in helping humanity."

    The Senate candidate asserted that there is nothing anyone in politics can do that would be "as powerful and as important as fixing the money... The root of all the problems is the money."

    Fenton started his own company Atlantic Financial in 1994, worked in many areas of finance for 20 years, and was the Executive Director of the Bitcoin Foundation in 2015.


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