• The Tie That Binds Us - FREEDOM

    May 1, 2024
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    The need for freedom exists in every living thing. We in the USA have been blessed with the opportunity to be free since the beginning of our country. We are losing that, more by the day.

    OUR DESIRE FOR FREEDOM IS THE TIE THAT BINDS US through PARTY, RACE, NATIONALITY, RELIGION. The enemy has tried to make a battleground of each.

    They are even using gender. Forget that “follow the science” garbage. Mama Nature is their goddess, but they reject her basic principles.

    The Green Religion is a con, of course. It is just another means of control. Think. They ban plastic straws, but advocate for all our power to come from unrecyclable solar panels and wind farms, both of which have a very short half-life. Both produce MOUNDS of detritus and very little power to meet our needs. Talk about screwed up. I’d rther have too many straws…

    This is NOT a winning formula for any of us, who care about our earth, or power to make our lives easier.

    Let’s face it. O’Biden is a mess. Our country is a mess… THE WORLD is a mess, too, for that matter. The Globalists are working against us ALL, world-wide. Their goal, if you need reminding, is to kill several hundred million people.

    They are using OUR hard-earned money to drive us apart, as well as to control us. Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDG) is not far off. See Catherine Austin Fitts on the subject, below. She also reminds us that they must control our food supplies to truly control us.

    That, frankly, is what has so many US citizens inflamed. Don’t forget, they WANT us that way. Hold your powder for now. We’ve got some wood to chop, as they say…

    Think I’m overstating it? Here’s Catherine Austin Fitts on the subject of destruction of our financial system taken from a substack by the 2nd Smartest Guy.

    CAF is one of the most respected economists in the world today, and worked in the administration of Bush 41. She has founded the Solari Report, which I believe every American should follow. She can be found on YouTube and Twitter.

    Her take on our government is stark: “The federal government is being run as a criminal enterprise - not just a little criminal, but a LOT.” And, on the Ukraine War? She says that although she does not know where all that money is going, she is very sure that it is not for defense of Ukraine. THEY, she says, have already lost. Russia has won.. Listen in on You Tube, for only two minutes.

    She contends that, “it has turned into a war against We The People.”

    Please read and listen. She is true expert.

    “There is so much effort in persuading people to think there is nothing you can do, and it’s hopeless,” says CAF.   “Let me tell you something . . . the central bankers are telling you what they are going to do, and this is not far away in the future.  You have all these merchant codes where you cannot use your credit card to buy a gun or the bank throws you out.  That’s the control grid getting built.”

    What can you do to fight for freedom?  CAF says, “Bring transparency, and the second thing is to use cash.  If we can all use cash, build cash back up and keep checks going, if you have cash and checks, they cannot go to an all-digital financial system.  Find out who is leading the way in your state, and see what you can do to support them. 

    “Above anything, you can pray because this is a spiritual war.  The devil wants you to believe it’s hopeless and there is nothing you can do. . . . It’s not true.  The sane cannot go along with the insane.  The divine cannot go along with the demonic.  You have to say NO!  I am seeing this all over the country.  I am seeing Treasurers and State Attorney Generals, and they are all pushing back because they realize this is insane.  You cannot go along with this.”

    CAF says, “not only do the Deep State globalists want control of the financial system, but they also want control of your food”. (emphasis mine) . . . “You see at this level when you are trying to protect freedom, they cannot get financial control unless they can control the food supply.  People can always start their own currencies as long as they can grow food.  If you look at the push for financial control and central bank digital currency, it is the same push.  They are pushing to control the food supply.”

    CAF thinks Washington is so broken, corrupt and criminal that whoever wins the Presidential Election it will not make much of a difference.  Here, I disagree with her, for one reason. Read on.

    CAF points out, “Look at how quickly Speaker Mike Johnson caved.  Speaker Johnson caved for Ukraine and war all over the world, but he won’t protect our borders.  Mike Johnson, Christian, conservative and not a dime to protect our borders. . . Washington is a criminal enterprise, and there is no electing someone big enough to change this.  This is not Trump vs Biden.  This is the pro-centralization team in Washington.  We have to pull power back from Washington.” SO AGREED!

    I seldom disagree with much CAF has to say, but I do believe that there IS a difference in whom we elect. They consider Trump as one of us.

    Trump is regarded as the enemy by the Deep State, as are we. We are on the same side of the battle lines they’ve drawn. Look at what the Globalists are doing to him. Their use of “lawfare” to take him down is blatant and disgusting. They do not care how many laws they break, to try to prove that Trump broke even one. The American people aren’t buying it.

    As he said, “It’s not me they are after, it is YOU. I’m just in the way”. I believe we need to return him to that position. God bless anyone who is willing to stand between us and darkness.

    DJT’s re-election to 1600 for four more years, would also have a far more stabilizing effect on the world in general, and give us more time to clean house in DC. Four years, though, is but the blink of an eye, as history goes, and we have to be ready now.

    We must give him the chance to serve us again. That means, clean elections. THAT is something WE can help to bring about, in our own towns/counties.

    It is NOT about a candidate, and I agree with Ms. Fitts on this. It’s about a way of life, and our founding documents. Donald Trump seems to respect those, more than any other candidate on the horizon. That is what differentiates him from the current ‘resident of 1600, and all the presidential hopefuls.

    Finger-pointing is useless. The facts are in front of us, and ONLY WE can change our nation’s deadly trajectory.

    I’ll stop here. You get it. You know that we must work together to save our Republic. We cannot quit because THEY will not.

    Again, I beg you to act locally. This is where we have power. There is a job for every single person, old and young, brave and frightened, rich and poor. Go to your local Republican Assemblies (in 18 states, the anecdote for RINO groups) or your county Republican office. If neither exists near you, start your own. You can then reach out to others for the strength of numbers, and plans of action.

    BE THE CHANGE we desperately need.

    Why do I mention party? YOU know the answer. Only one really wants to save America, and I STILL wish we didn’t have to tag them “R” or “D”, because our choices are betgween the Constitution and Communism. You’ll get a quick picture of who’s who. Then work like your lives depend on it.

    They do.

    There is STILL time to be effective. Pray we will never have to explain to our children and grandchildren that we were just too busy to save their freedom.

    E Pluribus UnumOut of many, one. This has been our country’s motto since its founding. We must make it happen. Our motto must be our prime directive. Teach the kids this, because their schools never will. Make young people part of the process. Give them a lesson in REAL history. Their passion and abilities might just surprise you.

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    Kat Stansell

    Kat Stansell is an international banker turned stay-at-home mother turned grassroots activist and writer. She has worked with local boards, county and state political organizations, and served on election teams of three US Congressional candidates. Her writing began 15 years ago with letters to editors. She has been an organizer for large and small events and a columnist for a conservative monthly paper, She now is a national news contributor with focus on local awareness and action. She believes that party labels are useless and the cause of much of the national angst today. America's only two choices are between the Constitutional Repulblic and Communism, Not “R” or “D” Follow her on her Substack Pat4evr/KatsMeow

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    Meg Skinitis
    Meg Skinitis
    20 days ago

    As always Kat I share your posts... you are one hell of a journalist! Never heard back from you from our email exchange concerning those 87k who died in Florida hospitals...from C'v-19... and how DeSantis vetoed it twice in our attempts to stop hospitals from being shielded. The issue of the killings has gone silent. I know you are busy but would appreciate hearing from you. Cheers, Unrelenting Meg

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