• Florida Officials Refuse To Respond To Substantial Election Fraud Evidence Presented

    December 10, 2022
    Image by Gage Skidmore

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    Many Republicans in Florida are very serious and upset about election integrity. Unfortunately, it seems the Republican Party upper echelons are not among those who are worried about the free and fair election of our leaders. The 'why' part of that question can be dealt with in another article, but let's delve into one specific example of avoiding dealing with serious, large scale election fraud in 'The Free State of Florida' shall we?

    Below is a letter recently sent to the FL Secretary of Elections, Secretary of State, Governor's office, Miami-Dade election officials, and Florida law enforcement - specifically the Elections Crime Unit. All of the attached files that were forwarded in the email are attached below as well for your review.

    We asked for a response to The Miami Independent on the issue from Christina White and received no reply. The Miami Independent also asked for a response from the FL Election Crime Unit and received an acknowledgement of receipt but no response as of writing this article.


    We are writing to you to report vote by mail (VBM) violations committed during the course of the August 23rd, 2022 primary election here in Miami-Dade County, for which we have found solid evidence.

    This evidence is contained in the attached Excel file ("Miami-Dade voters with undeliverable..."), which lists the details of 3,336 Miami-Dade voters whose addresses were listed on the US Postal Service's (USPS) National Change of Address (NCOA) database as being undeliverable for a variety of reasons, yet whose ballots were recorded in the official voter history as having been used to cast votes by mail in the August 2022 primary election, referenced above. (We also attach the NCOA Processing and CASS reports for each month's TrueNCOA check, attesting to the fact that the checks were carried out on the USPS NCOA database.)

    The methodology used to obtain the attached evidence was as follows:

    1. Miami-Dade's voter rolls for the months of June, July and August 2022, were obtained each month on a disk from the Florida Division of Elections. The rolls are divided into Voter Detail files, which record: the voters' IDs, names, addresses, precincts, etc.; and Voter History files, which record whether voters voted in a particular election, which one, and the voting method used (in person, by mail, etc.). In the initial phase (up to and including item c below), only the Miami-Dade Voter Detail file was used. In the later phase, the Voter History file was also used.

    2. Each month's roll was run through an NCOA check using a commercial NCOA service called TrueNCOA (TrueNCOA.com). (USPS Certificates for each check are also attached to this email.)

    a. This identified all voter records for which a change of address had been notified to the USPS's NCOA database, but without that change of address having been recorded on the voter roll.

    b. The fact that these changes of address were not recorded on the voter roll meant that any ballots sent to those addresses could not be delivered. TrueNCOA classifies such addresses as "undeliverable".

    i. As ballots may not be forwarded, according to Florida statute (101.6103 (1)), these must be returned by USPS directly to the county Elections Department.

    3. The resulting data files were then further refined as follows:

    a. Only records appearing on the NCOA list in each of the three consecutive months (June, July, August) were selected. This was to ensure that the resulting list contained no address changes that were due to "Hold Mail" requests.

    i. The USPS will only hold mail for 30 days, so any address appearing on its list of undeliverable addresses for three consecutive months cannot be by reason of a "Hold Mail" request.

    b. Of the remainder, all those who were registered at the Elections Department and all protected voters were removed.

    i. Voters registered at the Elections Department include military personnel and their dependents, US citizens living abroad, and overseas residents.

    ii. Protected voters are those whose personal details (for a variety of reasons, but most commonly because of security concerns; public figures, judges and law enforcement personnel are commonly in this category) have requested that their records be kept from public view.

    c. All records containing a mailing address as well as a registered address were also removed.

    i. The failure to provide a complete or accurate registered address normally invalidates a voter's registration unless or until the address is cured by the voter.

    ii. However, in our analysis, we felt that the provision of a mailing address, separate from the registration address, could have led to a ballot being mailed and received by a voter and this might provide a pretext for excusing the subsequent vote by mail regardless of the above.

    4. This refined list was then compared with the Miami-Dade Voter History for October 2022.

    a. We chose the October Voter History data rather than September's to make doubly sure that all the history for the August primary election had been recorded.

    b. We then extracted all records for which the Voter History showed that a vote had been cast by mail, despite the address to which the ballot was sent being undeliverable according to USPS's database, and no other mailing address having been recorded.

    i. We did not include in person votes, to eliminate cases in which a voter, having somehow received his or her ballot, may have walked into a polling station, presented ID and exchanged the mail ballot for an in person one, or alternatively may have gone to the Elections Department in person and rectified his or her address immediately prior to the election.

    5. The resulting list of 3,336 voter records, contained in the attached Excel file represents votes cast using ballots which were, in all evidence, not deliverable nor delivered to the voter to whom they were addressed.

    We submit that every one of these votes constitutes a violation of Florida state election statutes and Federal mail fraud statutes. We believe these are crimes and we therefore request that your office investigate and file charges against the perpetrators who, at whatever stage in the process, were either directly involved or complicit in this unlawful activity, including activities covered by the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act.

    You should forensically examine the Voter Registration Rolls processed and returned by Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) and accepted by the Florida Secretary of State and Supervisors of Elections for use in the 2022 Primaries, as we believe this is clear evidence that ERIC is not doing its core job of cleaning up these rolls.

    The USPS post office and carrier annex locations in the county, the county Elections Department, the state Division of Elections, and the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) should be investigated to establish:

    1. How such improper ballots came to be sent out and,

    2. At what point or points, in their return journey from the USPS locations where they were collected to the Miami-Dade Elections Department, they were taken, opened, completed and then mailed to the county Elections Department to be recorded as votes.

    We intend to carry out a similar exercise, using the same methodology, with the VBM ballots returned in the recent general election of November 8th, and will forward those to you in due course, after we have received the relevant state voter roll disk from the Division of Elections.

    We look forward to your early reply.

    Yours faithfully,

    Henry Zarb Eduardo Vidal

    Chairman Vice-chairman

    Election Integrity Subcommittee

    Republican Party of Miami-Dade County

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    Ruth Smith
    Ruth Smith
    1 year ago

    All involved with refusal of transparency should be incarcerated. Since the election was stolen from Donald Trump, Biden should be arrested for treason, incarcerated, and Trump reinstated. Justice!!

    Daniel Druwe Araujo
    Daniel Druwe Araujo
    1 year ago

    Accusations or just requests for investigation and clarification posed to a public services department, most especially concerning ellections, cannot be simply ignored. They must be analysed and responded to, even if to demonstrate they are meaningless or mistaken. A public authority has an obligation to the citizens. It is very sad to see such an arrogant attitude of ignoring those situations. It raises the possibility that there is something wrong and that some authorities may know and be determined to keep it under cover. Unfortunately this is not exclusive to USA. It is happening at an alarming level also in Brazil. Democracy is truly at risk but not because of those who challenge the electoral process.

    1 year ago

    Are those officials who refuse to investigate election fraud any less guilty than those who perpetrate election fraud?
    Who do we citizens have to build a fire under to get some movement on this issue?

    1 year ago

    Lie-beral Demonocrats will not investigate Lie-beral Demonocrats. In the words of HiLIARy: "You still talking about thaaat" ?!

    1 year ago

    To all these Florida officials, and I hope you read this. Someday, hopefully in the near future, there will be a day of reckoning, where justice is returned to America. On that day we will deal with all of you. Not only in Florida, but across the USA. You will suffer the maximum legal penalty for the crimes you've committed whatever that may be.

    Dorcas Giovanna Piegari
    Dorcas Giovanna Piegari
    1 year ago

    Send this article to the Gateway Pundit who recently had an article stating that it's all about the voter rolls and not about mail in ballots.

    1 year ago

    The USPS is in this up to their buster browns. Using records from a corrupt, incompetent federal agency to investigate that very agency? If their record keeping is as competently done as the rest of its charter...

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