• Trump And The Chipmunks

    August 25, 2023

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    Doral, Florida - This week Chairman Ronna McDaniel and the Republican National Committee sponsored a so-called debate for presidential candidates, but given that Donald Trump did not attend, there were no presidential candidates at this debate. There were candidates for Vice President, cabinet positions and ambassadorships, but not for President. In any event, Ronna has a track record of failure. See: https://miamiindependent.com/ronna-is-a-loser/. This debate was no different.

    The debate was carried by Fox News, which had joined the Never Trump cabal by 2020. The Murdoch dynasty that owns Fox News had turned on Trump because of their globalist ideology. They called Arizona early and Florida late during their Election Day coverage, and joined during the weekend after Election Day in the coronation of so-called President-Elect Biden (this new office may require a Constitutional amendment). Now they have fired Tucker Carlson in an apparent effort to cover up that the January 6 Capitol riot was mostly a false-flag operation. Their last interview of Trump by Bret Baier was consistently adversarial.

    Equal Justice Under Law

    The overwhelming issue of the presidential election next year is whether liberty under the rule of law will be preserved against the totalitarian tyranny of the administrative state and the Biden Crime Family. Donald Trump alone, despite all his flaws, stands for liberty in a way that cannot be done by any of the other candidates.

    This summer our newspaper will publish a couple of dispatches from France, site of a revolution that started in 1789 for the cause of liberty, equality and fraternity. By equality they mean equal treatment under the law, so that the Duke of Anjou, the Bishop of Reims, and a wine merchant or grape picker in Burgundy, are entitled to receive the same and impartial treatment from the legal system - - legislators, prosecutors, judges, jurors (where used), magistrates, administrators and all others. Every picture and statute around the world of Lady Justice shows her blindfolded, so that she will not be influenced by the identity of the individual citizen before her.

    In America, the Declaration of Independence proclaims that “all men are created equal,” therefore entitled to equal treatment under the law. The Constitution guarantees “equal protection under the laws.” The Supreme Court building has inscribed on it: “Equal Justice Under Law.” Donald Trump has been denied equal treatment by our administrative state since he launched his campaign for public office in June 2015, and it continues today with all the unfair indictments and litigation filed against him.

    The administrative state is no longer, if it ever was, made up of non-partisan civil servants who impartially administer the business of government, such as running elections. Instead, they have become a massive army of unionized government bureaucrats, having an ideological preference for the progressive vision of government by elite technocrats, with no accountability to ordinary citizens, voters and taxpayers. In pursuit of this vision, the administrative state, at both the state and federal levels, has weaponized our criminal justice system against political dissent.

    A Debate of Chipmunks

    The candidates in this week’s debate cannot address this overwhelming issue: (1) Governor DeSantis should suspend his campaign and return to building a truly conservative record in Florida, especially addressing such issues as homeowners insurance, election integrity and electric power rates. He is wasting his time and resources on this campaign, and in effect is reducing his political capital. See: https://miamiindependent.com/governor-desantis-dining-and-fundraising-with-tammany-hall/. He should also arrange for the indictment of prosecutors Alvin Bragg, Jack Smith and Fani Willis, for malicious prosecution of a Florida resident. Such a reversal of course would lay the foundation for a successful presidential campaign in 2028, but not if he stays in the race and loses the Florida primary to Trump in March next year. He needs to control his ambition, and his wife’s ambition, and stop hanging out with Never Trumper RINO’s and clueless donors. How is he going to win over Trump supporters after calling them “listless vessels” who follow “whatever happens to come down the pike on Truth Social”?

    At the debate, he rightly called out the failure of Bidenomics and promised to restore energy independence leading to energy dominance. He also promised to send United States troops into Mexico in pursuit of the cartels, and to restore the rule of law in America. He looked foolish when he checked around before raising his hand to support Trump.

    Other prominent candidates included: (2) Vivek Ramaswamy, an anti-woke entrepreneur who is running a successful campaign on the basis of his clear enunciation of basic libertarian and conservative principles, like the nuclear family, patriotism and energy independence. At the debate, he rightly opposed American involvement in Ukraine, noting that we should not be protecting their border when we are failing to prevent an invasion of our own southwest border. There are questions about his ties to China, the World Economic Forum and George Soros, but if they can be answered adequately, then he would make a great Secretary of Commerce in the new Trump administration.

    As well as: (3) Governor Doug Burgum of North Dakota. He is a successful Information Technology entrepreneur, who sold his startup to Microsoft and stayed on for almost a decade to manage one of the top seven divisions in that corporation. At the debate, he correctly opposed a federal ban on abortion, because it is not within federal jurisdiction. He has also emphasized that America needs to return to small town values, echoing Jason Aldean, and he is focused on liberalizing the oil and gas industry. He would make a great Secretary of Energy. It is interesting that two of the top candidates are self-made billionaire entrepreneurs.

    Soft candidates included: (4) Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina. He is unsure when defending conservative principles, as he showed when interviewed by Tucker Carlson in Iowa last month, and he even joined the line of attack by Kamala Harris against the Florida curriculum on African-American history. At the debate, he talked about how his single mom taught him to work for a living, to pay back his loans, and to avoid committing violent crimes, and today he expects men to stay our of women’s sports.

    Also: (5) Nikki Haley of South Carolina, former Governor and United States ambassador to the United Nations, is no Margaret Thatcher, and she failed to serve her full four-year term at the United Nations. Despite her foreign policy experience, at the debate she mistakenly appeared to think that Ukraine is part of the West. See: https://miamiindependent.com/ukraine-and-the-west-today/. At least she also called for fiscal responsibility from both parties

    Treasonous candidates included: (6) Former Vice President Mike Pence, who did have the constitutional power to challenge the presidential electors in 2020. This was done by Thomas Jefferson when he was Vice President after the presidential election of 1800, and he challenged the electors until he was elected President. During his interview with Tucker Carlson in Iowa last month, Pence insisted on funding the Ukraine war and showed little concern for the plight of Americans. He also appears to approve of the Trump prosecutions.

    At the debate, candidates Scott, Haley and Pence all wrongly proposed a federal ban on abortion, even though there is no federal jurisdiction. I thought that conservatives believed in limited government and federalism?

    Another treasonous candidate was: (7) Chris Christie, former Governor of New Jersey, who missed his chance to run for President in 2012. His campaign appears to be based entirely on his desire for vengeance against Trump for real or imagined grievances. He supports deporting illegal aliens, but charged that Trump is not qualified for office because of the January 6 Capitol riot.

    Finally: (8) Former Governor Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas has no constituency in the Republican electorate, now that the country-club crowd has moved to the Democrats. He also argues that Trump is not qualified for office because of the January 6 Capitol riot, and has not promised to support the Republican candidate if it is Trump. With RINO’s like these, who needs Democrats? Republicans should not reject our own candidates merely because of false-flag operations and malicious prosecutions conducted by the administrative state and woke progressive Democrats.

    All candidates supported school choice and opposed teachers unions and the United States Department of Education. There were no questions about election integrity, the response to the Wuhan flu, or the Biden Crime Family.


    Others not on the debate stage included: (9) Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, who talks a conservative game, but inside he is a Davos boy being used by his father to live out his fantasies of political exploits. He also has no constituency in the Republican party, and it came as no surprise that he did not qualify for the debate. (10) Larry Elder, the “black face of white supremacy” according to the Los Angeles Times, is getting no traction in his presidential campaign, but he would make a great ambassador to Democrat-governed cities like Chicago.

    Donald Trump was not at the debate last night, but he was the biggest presence on the debate stage, and he was the winner. The next debate will be carried by Fox Business on Wednesday, September 27 in the Reagan Library, Simi Valley, California, with the promise to focus on economics and business issues. They should limit it to DeSantis, Ramaswamy, Burgum, Scott and Haley.

    Vice President

    The strongest candidates for the Vice Presidential nomination did not even participate in last night’s debate: (1) Congressman Byron Donalds (R-Naples, Florida). He is a leader of the Congressional Freedom Caucus. See: https://miamiindependent.com/latinos-for-byron-donalds-in-miami/. Nevertheless, he lacks national name-recognition, although he is acquiring it fast. (2) Another good candidate is probably Doctor Ben Carson, also a resident of Florida, who has national name-recognition from his presidential campaign in 2016 and his service as Secretary of HUD in the first Trump administration. Dr. Carson presents a useful contrast with Trump, because he is a calm and mature presence. (3) Finally, Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin must be considered. He hails from a swing purple state in the Midwest, which is essential for the Republican presidential campaign to win. He has won statewide campaigns twice, and he knows the importance of a ground game in winning elections.


    President Trump’s policies were successful, but many of his political appointments were atrocious, except for judges. In the case of judges, he worked with conservative groups to produce a list of potential appointments. Accordingly, he should do the same with all his appointments, and here are some suggestions: (1) Attorney General and staff: Senator Ted Cruz, former acting AG Matthew Whitaker, former prosecutor Kash Patel, and Steve Miller of America First Legal; abolish the FBI, DEA and ATF, and start over. (2) Secretary of Health and Human Services, and Czar of the CDC, NIH and FDA: Senator Rand Paul. (3) Secretary of the Treasury and other economic positions: Larry Kudlow of Fox Business, Kevin Hassett of the Hoover Institution, and Professor Casey Mulligan of UChicago.

    On foreign policy: (4) Secretary of State: Maybe Senator Marco Rubio; abolish the CIA and let its work be done by military and naval intelligence. (5) Secretary of Defense: Maybe Senator Tom Cotton. Other domestic positions include: (6) Secretary of Commerce: Vivek Ramaswamy. (7) Secretary of Energy: Governor Doug Burgum of North Dakota. (8) Secretary of the Interior: Governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota. (9) Secretary of Agriculture: Governor Kim Reynolds of Iowa. (10) Secretary of Labor: Eugene Scalia.

    Instead Tucker Carlson Interviewed Donald Trump

    All the polls show Donald Trump with the support of around half of Republican primary voters, almost as much as all the other so-called presidential candidates combined. Trump’s dominance has been consolidated since he started being subjected to unfair indictments and litigation in the spring of this year. See: https://miamiindependent.com/trump-in-versailles/. He has called for all the other candidates to suspend their campaigns, support his presidential campaign, and unite against Democrats.

    Accordingly, instead of participating in the Fox News debate sponsored by the RNC, Trump chose to be interviewed by Tucker Carlson, at the same time as the debate, streamed on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter. Thereby not only the RNC, but also Fox News got their comeuppance. This interview ran for one hour and has received over 150 million views, while the Fox News debate ran for two hours and attracted around five million viewers.

    Carlson probed Trump on many sensitive issues, including whether he might be a target for assassination (like RFK, MLK and RFK in the 1960’s). Trump responded that they are “savage animals” and “sick people.” He observed the extremes to which they will go, like the Russia collusion hoax, the two impeachments, and now the four indictments. Nevertheless, Trump’s poll numbers have gone up, probably because people agree with Trump that the indictments are “trivia, nonsense, bullshit.” If protesting election results is a crime, then why haven’t Hilary Clinton and Stacey Abrams been indicted?

    Carlson also asked whether we are moving to civil war, and Trump acknowledged that there is tremendous passion, love and hatred around. He cited the crowd at his rally on January 6, 2021 as his largest ever, and reminded everyone that he had asked them to protest “peacefully and patriotically.”

    Trump continued to claim that his 2020 election was “rigged,” and talked about the importance of voter ID and the dangers of Vote-By-Mail. He also acknowledged the importance for the next Republican President to take control over the administrative state, especially the FBI and the CIA. See: https://miamiindependent.com/republicans-planning-presidential-transition-in-2025/. Trump’s courage in confronting the travails brought on by all the unfair prosecutions this year, and his ability to hold up so well despite everything, is making him look statesman-like and heroic.

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    Trumpless in Milwaukee

    We have a crook, liar and gangster as President, the Big Guy of the Biden Crime Family. He is subverting the electoral process by having his main opponent for re-election prosecuted by his regime. This is what happens in a banana republic. See: https://miamiindependent.com/democrats-turning-america-into-banana-republic/. Ben Franklin said that the Constitution created a republic, if we can keep it. He did not say that it should be a banana republic, but that is what it has become. This third term for the Obama-Biden administration is the product of a cabal of hard-core socialists, Chardonay-sipping suburban women, and RINO’s who collaborated with the administrative state, the mainstream media and corporate oligarchs to rig the election.

    Donald Trump may have many flaws, but at this point in time, he stands as the symbol of liberty under the rule of law against the totalitarian tyranny of the administrative state and the Biden Crime Family. In next year’s presidential election, it’s tyranny or Trump!



    Eduardo Vidal

    Eduardo Vidal is a lawyer and political activist. His family brought him when he was nine years old from Cuba to the USA, but now the rule of law has been eroded in the USA as well, and we are turning into Cuba and the rest of Latin America.

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    6 months ago

    "At the debate, candidates Scott, Haley, and Pence all wrongly proposed a federal ban on the execution of unborn children, even though there is no federal jurisdiction. I thought that conservatives believed in limited government and federalism."

    Balderdash, the federal government is still intimately involved and still funding the execution of unborn children. Besides pro-lifers like myself never agreed to stop fighting the execution of unborn children if Roe were overturned.

    Last edited 6 months ago by bill53
    Ed Vidal
    5 months ago
    Reply to  bill53

    Agreed, but we must fight for life at the state level, because our Constitution gives the federal government no jurisdiction on this question.

    I also agree with you that the federal government should stop funding the killing if unborn children, completely!

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