• Vero Beach Woman Who Accused GA GOP Vice Chair Brian K. Pritchard Of Immoral Behavior Admitted To Being Part Of Mexican Drug Cartel And Trafficking

    April 6, 2024
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    Lauren Witzke, who accused GA GOP Vice Chair of immoral behavior, has admitted in the past to being part of a Mexican drug cartel.

    Witzke claims she now has her life back on track and is no longer involved in this behavior.

    "I ended up in a situation that I never thought I'd find myself in: I was running drugs, actually, for the Mexican cartels," Witzke said. "These people came here 100% legally, chain migration brought people here who will sell drugs to Americans and not think twice if it will kill them. They will sell these drugs to American children; they will sell them to your families, and they don't care," she declared in 2020 when running for the U.S. Senate, as reported at the time by WDEL.

    The question we have is -- why would a former drug cartel member, and movie producer, from Delaware, who now lives in Florida, take the time to accuse Brian K. Pritchard of 'sexting' young women?

    Why would the story literally go viral internationally in a matter of hours?

    Why would national profiles like Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Georgia personalities like Kandiss Taylor, immediately jump on board the seemingly false accusations?

    What is the threat that BKP represents to the GA GOP?

    How is Witzke connected to the GA GOP?

    Why does the GA GOP desperately want to remove BKP from his position, as the 2024 election approaches?

    Enquiring minds want to know.

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