• Why Are 'Republicans' In Tallahassee Sponsoring Communist Bills? Who Is State Senator Jason Brodeur?

    April 1, 2023
    State Senator Jason Brodeur

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    Recently Florida State Senator Jason Brodeur introduced a bill that would force bloggers to register who speak out against the governor of Florida.

    Now, he has introduced SB 1220, similar to HB 991 submitted by Pensacola 'Republican' Alex Andrade which loosens defamation law to allow high-profile elites to sue journalists and news organizations they don't like; ie, America First journalists like The Miami Independent (if you read between the lines).

    A defamation bill filed this week by Sen. Jason Brodeur waters down some of the language in the Florida House version but keeps most of what would make it much easier for people to sue the news media.

    Both Brodeur’s bill SB 1220 and HB 991, filed by Rep. Alex Andrade, R-Pensacola, propose sweeping changes to Florida’s libel and defamation law. They both would automatically presume information from anonymous sources to be false and would prevent journalists from shielding the identity of sources if they are sued, reported The Orlando Sentinal.

    Governor Ron DeSantis is reportedly behind the push for the bills.

    The Gateway Pundit wrote a great piece about HB 991 today.

    But we thought Florida was free?

    Who is Florida State Senator Jason Brodeur by the way?

    Stay tuned to The Miami Independent to find out!

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    1 year ago

    Because they are RINOs just like DeSantis?

    Travis R
    Travis R
    1 year ago

    I am all for making it easier to sue the media. Its almost impossible now.

    Diana Barahona
    Diana Barahona
    4 months ago

    Which social class controls the state? If those in power are beholden to the capitalist class, then the state is controlled by the capitalist class. If those in power are beholden to the working class, then the state is controlled by the working class.
    All policies flow from this simple formula.

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