• We Are Winning And So Is Brazil

    November 23, 2022

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    I am, by nature, an optimist. (Being a born-again Christian, how can I not be?)

    While a number of elections were (once again) stolen earlier this month – as I predicted in my Nov. 3rd opinion piece – we America Firsters must congratulate ourselves for some immense progress:

    1) Despite electoral fraud (by the Uniparty, see the GOP in Maricopa County, AZ), the Rightists flipped the House and have stopped, if not yet reversed, the nation’s Leftist march to destruction.

    2) As is becoming increasingly clear, a vast majority of Americans are now in the MAGA camp or sympathize with it. In other words, despite the gargantuan censorship and suppression perpetrated by Big Gov’t, Big Media, Big Education, Big Tech, etc., the American people are too smart for our elitist masters to tell us what to think.

    Flipping the House was critical in blocking the radical America-Last crowd and the utter dismantling of the greatest country on earth. Now, if our GOP representatives form and maintain a spine, the investigative powers (via public hearings and subpoenas) will begin to expose the extent of corruption in the nation’s capitol and the Left – including treason.

    Piercing the information wall set up by our fascist elites (literally, melding government and corporate power against the people) will not be easy. There is (some) hope for Twitter under new management, WaPo is actually reporting on Maricopa County’s utter incompetence/corruption, and CBS just admitted (following the NYT’s and WaPo’s weasel lead two years late) that Hunter Biden’s laptop is real. Major cracks are appearing in the wall of tyranny.

    How do we know the America people have woken up to the Left’s death rattle for our country?

    The indicators are numerous. First, the summing up of state and local federal elections miraculously gave GOP candidates nearly 6 million more votes than for the Donkey Party. Recall that in recent (cleaner) Presidential elections, in 2016 and prior, the Democrats have been winning the total popular vote, sometimes by millions. So, despite much retail (and perhaps machine) fraud, there was a massive 7-8 million vote swing to the GOP this month. That is HUGE (and one more indicator of fraud: it is nearly impossible that could translate into no Senate gains and such a slim House win).

    As I predicted in my Nov. 3rd article, the polling itself (despite much of it suppression polls from Leftist media outlets) would make blatant stealing more difficult. We have learned that Big Media polls nearly always “suppress” (or undercount) Rightists in order to dispirit them. How then could such a unified polling prediction of much larger GOP gains have been so far off in the wrong direction? (Actual results have nearly always lead to gains for the GOP vs. polling, not worse results than the already low, suppressed predictions.)

    The statistical anomalies, once again as in 2020, are just too many and large to ignore. If Biden’s disapproval rating of nearly 60% makes him the least popular president in modern history, how could nearly half of voters opt for Leftist candidates who 100% of the time vote for Biden’s disastrous policies? Per Rasmussen, the country is seen by 70%+ of Americans as on the wrong track – either of these results would have in past elections guaranteed a large swing to the out-of-power party. It doesn’t compute. (But we’re on to them.)

    Now for the bad news.

    The only truly brave American out there fighting tooth and nail against the machines is Mike Lindell, God bless him. So are we as a nation too weak and decadent to root out such corruption anymore? In the past two years nearly zero progress has been made on machine fraud. Has lawfare successfully protected the criminals?

    Allow me to pay a high compliment to Brazilian patriots – who may be putting Americans to shame and can teach us a lesson.

    After Lula and the radical Left stole both the first and second rounds of Presidential voting last month, the Brazilian people are dead set against allowing the Communist takeover of the country. As reported on Real America’s Voice, tens of millions of Brazilian are protesting on the streets – despite media blackouts plus Supreme Court and other forms of tyranny: not only are elected Congressman and journalists being thrown in jail (by the Supreme Court) for questioning Leftist propaganda, but so are protest organizers. There are even reports of government Child “Protection” services trying to strip parental rights from parents who dare to join the protests.

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    Due to the bravery of so many “deplorable” Brazilians, there is great hope in the country. A showdown is brewing over a Brazilian Constitutional guarantee that, without evidence of a fraudless vote, new elections must be called. As Matthew Tyrmand has opined at CD Media, martial law may be needed (as Constitutionally mandated) to set up a clean Presidential runoff in the new year.

    Why, in contrast, do Americans seem so passive? Is the bear still asleep?

    Here in Florida, we did our job in the past two years. We are a shining example that if you assure a clean election, a once Purple state can and will go massively Red. But where are the patriots of Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvanian (among others) not out in the streets in mass numbers? Arizonans appear to be putting up a fight. Will they give up?

    Wake up America! Despite our sacred duty to pass on the blessings of our constitutional republic to the next generation, the nation’s fate is hanging by a thread.

    If needed, when will tens of millions of Americans peacefully take to the streets to protest stolen elections? Will they risk the hatred of Big Media, Big Tech, the Uniparty, and the jackboots of Big Government, or is life too comfortable?

    When will American pastors begin to stand up for the Bible and our freedoms, or were they too intimidated by governmental coercion during the Times of House Arrests which plagued the entire nation and (unconstitutionally) shuttered most churches?

    Pray for our great nation. There is hope, but we need to do much more.

    Ben Batchelder is the author of four extended travel yarns and recently became a Contributor to The Miami Indepenent and the Faith Division Leader, Miami-Dade, for CCDF (County Citizens Defending Freedom). Contact him at his author site benbatchelder.com



    Ben Batchelder

    Ben Batchelder was born into leftism and has been a black sheep ever since. A writer now for several decades, he first converted to conservatism after college during a world trip on $10 a day, to Christianity at a later date, and to populist nationalism after Trump. A graduate of two Ivy League schools, he has had to unlearn most of what he learned there.

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    Pam Bolger
    Pam Bolger
    1 year ago

    Great article. Please learn to spell the name of our hero. It's Lindell, not Lyndell.

    1 year ago

    " Now, if our GOP representatives form and maintain a spine." I think you're asking for the impossible.

    Veto Longwene
    1 year ago

    The evidence against electronic tabulation around the world is overwhelming. Obama made it legal to use the obviously uncertifiable Dominion machines. #UnplugTheVote DamnDominion.com #KenyanTraitor

    1 year ago

    Typo “born-against Christian “

    ML Craig
    ML Craig
    1 year ago

    Much admiration for the Brazilians. I pray they don’t lose heart and give in. AND,yes I too, am convinced a good old peaceful march on Washington is due. Remember when protests were acceptable and a good part of our dedication to country was expressed through demonstrations? Well, the Uniparty put a halt to those expressions of love of country with the Jan. 6 arrests of peaceful demonstrators and the sham hearings. THAT, in my opinion, was by design! Don’t EVER do that again you MAGA deplorables! Time is running out before our country can be salvaged!

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