• Are You Ready For Another Steal?

    November 3, 2022
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    Are you ready, spiritually and mentally, for another steal on Nov. 8th?

    Let me say upfront: entertaining such thoughts in no way diminishes our sacred duty to vote. And allow me to be even clearer to any Christian brothers who foreswear engaging in “worldly” politics: passivity in the face of violence, fraud, and tyranny is unbiblical and makes you complicit.

    So what are the chances of another steal this election?

    The recent presidential elections in Brazil are a very poor sign. The populist nationalist and current president Jair Bolsonaro is despised by the globalists (in line with the Chinese Communist Party, everywhere including in the U.S.) and had to be defeated at all costs. Bolsonaro was, arguably, the most intelligent Western leader to face the plandemic: he correctly downplayed the virus’s lethality, sympathized with poor bread-winners escaping local and state stay-at-home mandates to keep their families from starving, emphasized the importance of naturally-acquired immunity while doubting the efficacy of the experimental gene therapies, and wouldn’t play along with mask mandate theater – until the tyrannical Brazilian Supreme Court forced him to mask up in public.

    If Bolsonaro didn’t already have compelling proof of fraud from the first round in early October, then allowing the 2nd round to go forward – against my recommendation here in a opinion piece dated 9/10/22 – was an epic fail, up there with Trump’s in allowing the 2020 steal to proceed in spite of all the warning signs many months prior.

    If there is a glimmer of hope from the Brazilian presidential election – which clearly was stolen, with strong leads by Bolsonaro in the first third of vote tallying reversed with all subsequent batches, a mathematical impossibility – it was that the down-ballot elections went heavily to pro-Bolsanaro candidates. (In other words, vote-splitting was rampant, another highly unlikely scenario.)

    Why is this a positive sign? At least in Brazil – where voting is 100% digital and where Bolsonaro’s intitiative for paper proof was struck down by the country’s Communist Supreme Court over a year ago, to secure the steal – digital manipulation and other fraud in one big race at the national level was feasible, while the same for hundreds of local and state elections was not.

    Our 2020 results were similar: Republican sweeps of all swing or “toss-up” district races, Trump wins of all the pivot states that point to a national win – that is, abundant vote-splitting, a landslide for Republican representatives while Trump was allegedly defeated.

    In case no one has noticed, the United States was too pitifully weak – cowering, defeated, brainwashed – to clean or eliminate the “machines” after rampant manipulation in 2020. So, while it still appears difficult for the vote manipulators to steal over 470 state and district elections for federal office, who is to say they have not improved their game in the U.S. in the past two years?

    While working hard for the best, are you prepared for the worst?

    There are several other rays of hope – that is, if all America Firsters and nearly all patriotic Christians get out to vote.

    The first is the Virginia gubernatorial model from 2021, which elevated Gov. Youngkin to office, in which the GOP improved its ground game by flooding polling places with watchers, greatly diminishing the risk of retail ballot fraud. While the prior gubernatorial cycle saw only 25% of poll watcher positions filled, that number rose to 95% in 2021 as disgusted American patriots rallied to secure the vote. A similar process is occurring both nationally and, specifically, in the “swing” states where the 2020 presidential was stolen.

    The second ray of hope is, believe it or not, polling. While suppression polling in Brazil had Bolsanaro down by double-digits –so that, despite the fraud, he still “improved” on his suppressed numbers – in the U.S. even the bought and sold mainstream media outlets are polling massive gains for the GOP.

    Criminals are wary of being too blatant in their stealing. So how can the tyrants perform manipulations, flipping so many solid GOP leads, without sparking a mass revolt and protest? (They are so desperate to not have their countless crimes of the past several years exposed, I wouldn’t put it past them to try.)

    What will you do if the mid-terms are stolen? Have you thought that through?

    Are you reading the Bible daily? Do you have a Bible-believing, patriotic church? Are you engaging in fellowship with other believers?

    I went to an excellent talk by Constitutional lawyer KrisAnn Hall, sponsored by CCDF here in Miami in September. (Her 2021 documentary, Noncompliant, was a beam of hope during the times of national house arrests.) In it she pointed out that violent revolutions fail consistently (or end poorly, the people worse off) in comparison to ones brought on by massive civil disobedience. (The main exception: America’s Revolutionary War, which in Christian terms was an act of self-defense.) We all know the role models of MLK Jr. and Gandhi. A more recent example is the Maidan “color” revolution in Ukraine, when a corrupt and fraudulent presidency was forced out of office through protests.

    One statistic Hall presented has stayed with me. That for a civil disobedience revolt to work, only 4% of the population needs to participate. Think of that. If next week’s election is stolen, American patriots totaling only 4% of the population need to go to the streets to demand change.

    If it comes to that, are we ready? Are we ready to dedicate our “lives, fortunes, and sacred honor” to the cause of man’s “last best hope of earth”?

    Yes, the January 6th entrapment hoax and subsequent persecution of political prisoners was intended to deter any such exercise of our 1st Amendment rights to “peaceably assemble” and “petition the Government for redress of grievances.” Will you be cowed by the continued use of such authoritarian tactics?

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    Are you one of the needed 4% who will risk being canceled, beaten, and jailed for exercising your Constitutional rights?

    I hope and pray it will not come to that. But only if sufficient American patriots wake up to the extreme dangers facing our country, our freedoms, and our livelihoods, can we avoid the repeat of Nazi Germany, when one of the most “civilized” countries of the world fell to the sweet tyrannies of Big Government and Big Business united behind state propaganda.

    Vote as if your life depended on it. Get your neighbors, your family and friends to vote. If you must vote by mail, use blue ink. (Ballots with black ink are easier to abuse.) If you can’t vote on Election Day in person, vote early but preferably closer to Nov. 8th – early voting in some states can be tabulated early, allowing the fraudsters to know how great a deficit they need to overcome.

    Above all, pray for our nation and that the Lord continues to use us as beacon of hope to the world – if we are still up to the task.

    Ben Batchelder is the author of four extended travel yarns and recently became the Faith Division Leader, Miami-Dade, for CCDF (County Citizens Defending Freedom). Contact him at his author site benbatchelder.com



    Ben Batchelder

    Ben Batchelder was born into leftism and has been a black sheep ever since. A writer now for several decades, he first converted to conservatism after college during a world trip on $10 a day, to Christianity at a later date, and to populist nationalism after Trump. A graduate of two Ivy League schools, he has had to unlearn most of what he learned there.

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