We Challenge Jeff Childers To A Debate For The World To See On SB7050

May 8, 2023
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Today Jeff Childers, of Coffee and Covid fame, wrote a tweet where he suggests he could find nothing wrong with SB7050 in Florida, which protects election fraud for the election fraud cartel.

His 'research' was put out via email to the Florida Fair Elections (FFE) distribution list. We have been critical of FFE for their ignoring the nefarious provisions of SB7050.

Obviously, Jeff didn't read our recent article on exactly what is wrong with SB7050 and how it hides election transparency.

We'd like to debate Jeff Childers on this issue on video. We have invited him on a video interview to discuss this issue in a civil, respectful manner. The interview can go as long as it takes.

We will let you know how he responds.

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1 Comment
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27 days ago

Like all Democrats, he won't debate because his position can't be defended...and because Dems get what they want every time WITHOUT needing to prove their case. They cheat and use force.

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