• 'Florida Fair Elections' Doesn't Really Care About Fair Elections In Florida

    April 18, 2023

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    On the Florida Fair Elections website, it declares "Our Mission is to make it easy to vote and hard to cheat in the State of Florida."

    So when we received an email from Florida Fair Elections recently outlining their 'talking points' for changes to be made to SB 7050, the bill that The Miami Independent believes 'codifies' machine election fraud in Florida, and prevents disclosure of information currently available to detect such fraud, we were perplexed.

    The google doc from FFE which you can access on the link above describes issues with change of address verification and claims of 'harassment' against poll workers, both issues which are significant problems with the bill that need to be changed. (Who wrote this bill anyway?).

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    However, the FFE document makes no mention of the removal social security numbers for verification (why would anyone want to do that that cares about free elections?) and there is no mention of the massive elephant in the room - machine fraud in the electorally unfair state of Florida.

    It has been proven via machine reports obtained by Florida election integrity activists that the issue of 'blank ballots' in elections is a massive problem. For instance, in 2020, Miami-Dade had 20% of its ballots registered as 'blank' by the machines; the votes were then adjudicated by software. In 2022, the issue went away in Miami-Dade with essentially 0% blank ballots found by voting machines. This was after the issue was publicly highlighted.

    However in 2022, Broward had 10% of its ballots registered as 'blank' by the machines. These ballots were then adjudicated by software.

    Does anyone believe that a county in Florida actually has 10 or 20% of people voting completely blank ballots on election day?

    SB 7050 removes from statute the duty to provide the machine reports to the public that has proven the above election fraud.

    Why would anyone want to do this?

    Florida Fair Elections doesn't want you to talk about this.

    These aren't the droids you're looking for. Move along.

    Who is Florida Fair Elections actually working for, and what is their real agenda?

    We talked to one senior official at FFE and she said the 'ballot transparency' issue was 'not a priority' for FFE at this time. She also said cited 'technological advancement' as a reason to deny the public reports which could prove election fraud.

    An election device that has been proved to possibly flip 20% of votes in a county is 'not a priority?'

    We are shocked.

    We submitted a formal request for comment to FFE via their website last week and have yet to receive a response.


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    Robert Anthony
    1 year ago

    It is stunning to us also in Michigan how our own GOP lacks any and all political will to get involved with The Issue that will undermine our Republic like no other issue in Politics currently: Our Free and Fair Elections. It's very hard to be an outspoken Republican when the party is seemingly useless, practically lying down and taking a nap while our country is hijacked!? And Hijacked by Who?? Isn't that the question that remains!? Who is behind all this and what are they planning for our country!? It's time for the Grand 'Ol Party to wake the heck up! The Dems are totally complicit. If the GOP (currently in DC) doesn't hurry up and get involved, I fear we just lost America, for good. It's simple math really, we lose Free and Fair Elections - the corrupt people set up a dynasty for at least a generation... if not longer...

    Robert Anthony
    1 year ago

    Great Article Sir. I hope you get to the bottom of this! You have your work cut out for you. There is something very sinister at work here...

    1 year ago

    Looks like election fraud is here to stay in Florida... So much for election transparency; the government object is to keep cheating no matter what.

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