• Why Tolerate Probable Election Fraud?

    December 24, 2023
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    Hand Counting Paper Ballots is THE Only Chance we have to Remain Free.

    Our voting machines are proven too risky to protect our free and fair elections., and two nationally recognized experts tell us why.

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    There are many blessings of living in a constitutional republic. The freedom of choice is at the root of them all. We are allowed to choose our beliefs, whether or not we own firearms, the way we raise and educate our children, where and how we live and work, just to name a few.

    We also choose the people who will represent OUR wishes in government. Our free and fair elections are the mechanism by which all of our freedoms are protected. It is OUR RESPONSIBILITY to ensure that our next elections in 2024 are the freest and fairest possible. The alternative is unthinkable.

    Since the 2020 election, most everyone has become aware that our votes were not counted as cast. It has also become clear that many of those freedoms which we always took for granted are slipping away, including our right to have our vote reflect our choices. WE MUST bring that to a halt. NOW.

    People of all political leanings are cheated by manipulated election results. “Democrats lose their freedoms just like “Republicans” do.

    Right now, let us consider two of those freedoms that are at the bedrock of our lives,. which at first glance don’t seem to go together. Home ownership and voting. Strange as it may seem, they are a bit related. Understanding one helps us see behind the structural defects - intentional or via ignorance - of the other. Both our homes and our voting processes are fundamental to who we are.

    For the majority of us, our home is our biggest and most important purchase. But, what if, after mortgaging our future - or digging deep in to our pockets for rent - and moving in, we found that our home had not been inspected for structural soundness? Or, worse yet, the model home in the subdivision was the ONLY one that had been checked, and all the others had never been inspected at all? No certificate of occupancy was ever issued. You’ve trusted the system. Then you move in and things start coming down around your ears. Literally. For the safety and security of your family, you have to move out - NOT an easy thing to do after all the time and money invested.

    That is the case with the machines used to record our votes. Incredibly, the machines on which we vote are not carefully inspected or granted a “certificate of occupancy” that makes them safe for honest vote counts. We have to move away from those also, just as we would the defective structure, for the same reasons of safety and security. It may not be easy, but it is ultimately worth it. We must retrieve our free and fair elections. NOW.

    * * *

    The annual hearing of Florida’s Election Ethics Committee to certify Florida’s voting machines was held on Dec. 7, 2023, Kris Jurski testified.

    Immediately after the hearing, Jurski interviewed the nation’s top expert in voting machine certification, Clay Parikh, whose testimony before the committee had been refused. Both of these men are top-level experts, one on election integrity and the other, on machine certification. I highly advise you to spend the time it takes to listen to these men talk Florida machines and the highly substandard security of machines nationwide. You will understand why voting machines need to be put to pasture.

    The era of voting machines was ushered in because of the Florida hanging chad controversy in the 2000 election. (Remember how it was ok to protest a presidential election then? Yeah.)

    National standards for security of these machines were first introduced by the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) of 2004, which was created as a response to the hanging chads. Florida, at that time, pledged to follow the basic standards. As more and more different voting machines were introduced, however, the standards did not keep upNeither did Florida, who still uses the same standards as were formed nearly 20 years ago.

    The federal government, under the auspices of HAVA encouraged the use of voting computers across the country by using large block grants to entice the states to adopt the new “voting standards”. According to Mr. Parikh, even these initial machine security standards from the early 2000’s were woefully low. Now, of course, with the explosion of different types of voting machinery, the situation is worse. (Just putting on my tin foil cap here, but were the hanging chads of 2000 a way to create federal control in our elections? )

    Considering that THOSE INITIAL STANDARDS are still Florida’s ONLY standards for testing the machines, we have inadequate standards being used to build structures with advanced features. Want your fancy “Ring” doorbell to ignite your gas line? Yeah. Of course not.

    Clay Parikh is the #1 national expert on the certification process of voting machines. He has every top-level certification: Certified Information Systems Security Professional, CISSP, Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), and Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator, (CHFI). Click on the links. His credentials are impeccable.

    Parikh served in the US Marine Corps, until his honorable discharge in Dec., 2003. He went immediately into cybersecurity work, in 2004, right as the Help America Vote Act federalized election structure. After the discharge, Clay worked 9 years in the Voting Systems Test Lab, then multiple other federal testing labs.

    Why did Florida politicians not want to hear what he had to say?

    Kris Jurski, a veteran of the USAF, has been in the systems analysis business for twenty years. His company, Vital Catalyst LLC, works with small business to organize their systems for greater productivity and investment potential. Kris has been in the lead of uncovering many irregularities in Florida’s voting processes, including the now nationally famous “Red Belly Road” address flip described in the interview, where one entire street’s residents had their road name changed, for the distribution of vote by mail ballots in 2022. Florida already knows Kris and his team; they had to listen. Kris is now serving the Florida Republican Assembly as VP of Election Integrity.

    In the Parikh interview on Rumble, the conversation centered around the VERY SUB-STANDARD requirements used by Florida to test and secure the voting machinery, and why and how they occur. The standards vary by state, but few states have treated them as if they were “high priority”, according to Parikh. What is more high priority than our free and fair elections, I’d ask? Good question for all of us to ask our own election officials.

    In 2001, right after the hanging chad controversy of the 2000 election, Florida had promised adherence to the BASELINE standards that were being put out by the federal government because of the chads. Florida was to be the model, then. And THAT is as far has Florida has gone in protecting the vote of its citizens. Are they still the model in this, too?

    Let me repeat. Today, despite the rapid development of a variety of electronic voting systems, FLORIDA STILL RELIES ON NEARLY TWENTY-YEAR-OLD STANDARDS. Parikh calls the Florida statutory requirements found in 101.5605, very weak and substandard. The new SB 7050 did nothing to strengthen them. Instead, it made machine voting mandatory, with no hand counts or audits allowed. Why was that?


    In addition to the sub-par standards on the books, the state of Florida does only “static” testing of the source code, which is compiled to make the actual applications that register the vote. The source code can be likened to the blueprints of our house. If reviewed without checking the actual structure in process, or with the machines running in the case of elections, (which would be known as “dynamic”) , the blueprint, or program, doesn’t tell us if the structure - or the machine - is safe from fatal flaws - fatal to our freedom, as to our families.

    The report addressing the Florida source code is heavily redacted; even county Secretaries of Elections cannot check their own systems for accuracy. So, back to the housing development. If the new homes are checked while being built, mistakes, oversights and intentional errors and admissions can be found and corrected. Close up the walls, and nobody knows if there are dangerous wires crossed or open gas lines leaking - or votes being manipulated. And, WHY would a report about the integrity of our elections be REDACTED?? To me, “redacted” has come to mean “hidden”. Period.

    In addition to the substandard machine certification requirements, the Florida poll books are not even considered voting machinery and are, therefore, not subject to even these meaningless standards. Poll books are a good example of a potential “cheat hole”, as they did not even exist in their current form, 20+ years ago when the Florida “standards” were adopted.

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    Again, Florida has the third highest total of electoral votes in the country.

    We shouldn’t even trust the pumps at the gas station, says a top-rated home inspector friend of mine, unless they were inspected and certified within the last two years or so. Like all good inspectors, he has an eye for finding problems. That’s what inspectors are supposed to do. Why are we so ready to allow our votes to be cast in an insecure environment that hasn’t been held up to high standards? After all, the gas pump can only short you a little fuel. Our insecure voting systems will “short” us our future as a free country.

    There are other components of today’s election process that are ripe for intentional inaccuracies.

    First, there are touch screens, which provide real time results that the voting machines can report as a 51/49 “win” for a candidate chosen (by the the election thieves) - with no way to audit it. When a state votes only by mail, as may well be forced by another scamdemic in 2024, the amounts of paper ballots or mail-ins required can be manipulated with the same effect. It’s kind of like “balancing “ the books of a corrupt builder.

    You are not allowed to know that your home is not safe until the roof caves in…

    Kris Jurski says that, from what he has seen so far, and knowing how technology works, the “Cheat” has evolved as technology improved. Before machines, the cheat was based on fabricated mail-in ballots, which, he says, turned California from red to purple to blue, from the time of Pelosi’s first election, forward to today. ‘Now,” says Jurski, the Cheat system nationwide is likely a combination of all of the above”.

    Also, Did you know that Vendors have the control of their own equipment as they are delivered to polling places across the countryTHAT IS HUGE. States do not check each machine and each polling place as the vendor delivers his product. The vendor is in full control. Clay Parikh brought up the example of AZ, and stacks of ballots on a loading dock, and the Runbeck Company shuttling trucks of ballots back from polling places, to be locked away from public observation. What happened to “chain of custody”??

    Then, there is the Albert Sensor, from a private non-profit called the Center for Internet Security (CIS). Albert is a black box attached behind the firewall of county voter roll computers, and connected to the Department of Homeland Security. HOW IS THIS “NOT CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET”? More on Little Albert in my next Substack.

    “EVERYBODY IS ‘CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET'‘ in one way or another, say the professionals. If your state disagrees, ask them for proof. You know, that inspector’s report.

    Here’s the overview. Every voting machine in every state must, by law, be certified before each election. The laws of each state differ, but are all supposedly tied to federal standards issued by the government, starting in 2004. That’s when the United States Election Administration Commission, USEAC was created, and the federal government was, officially, in our business. I don’t think this was by accident, or hanging chads.

    Gradually, the responsibility for the security testing procedures of our voting machinery was given to the states, and now the National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) is in charge. That means that standards and practices differ by state around the country. Each SOS develops their own, and each SOS is an “elected” politician, never forget. According to the experts, nationwide, the inspection standards are almost all woefully inadequate to secure our precious vote.

    Whether the national Secretaries of State are clueless or complicit is impossible to tell without getting inside each state’s procedures. They are, remember all ELECTED. The SOS’s are mostly intelligent people, but their experience and degrees are almost always in law and politics. I took a cursory look at the education and experience of SOS’s in office today, I could find not one with even a modicum of training in cyber security. In the case of Florida, Cord Byrd is a politician with a law degree, who is still using 2004 “standards”, and he is smart enough to know it. Yeah.

    Ask yourself this MOST important question:

    WHY do we waste the time and money to run an insecure structure of voting in America? Our precious vote is even more important than our homes. Why allow those who are not professionally certified to build a computer game, handle the results of our elections?? We can find ourselves another home, butwe cannot buy another free republic.

    The easiest way to pull off a crime is to commit it in front of the blind. And the easiest way to keep people from seeing is to drown them in federal alphabet soup agencies which overlap and spawn new offspring at an alarming speed.

    Americans are not stupid, and we should resent being treated as such. We are all good at things with which we are familiar. For most of us, that is not the intricacies of computers. Give a city dweller a herd of cattle to raise, and it will not turn out well. Make country folk navigate the NY subway system, and there will be errors. Somebody is bound to get lost or worse. Give those who don’t know or care about election security control over our vote, and we get what we got in 2020 and before.

    To repair this system - and make it trustworthy enough to handle the future of our children and grandchildren - would take years, which we co not have.. We have until 11/2024. Soooo…

    We MUST HAND COUNT OUR BALLOTS in every possible precinct in every possible state in 2024 and beyond. Let us go back to the way votes are counted - accurately, btw - all over the world. There is no other choice. Don’t let your local election officials or “selected representatives” tell you otherwise. Elections are still states’ rights and YOU, the citizen, need to remind your representatives of that fact, loud and clear and SOON.

    Never forget. Elections belong to the people, not the bureaucrats. THE RESULTS WILL BE WHAT WE MAKE THEM.

    God bless America.



    Kat Stansell

    Kat Stansell is an international banker turned stay-at-home mother turned grassroots activist and writer. She has worked with local boards, county and state political organizations, and served on election teams of three US Congressional candidates. Her writing began 15 years ago with letters to editors. She has been an organizer for large and small events and a columnist for a conservative monthly paper, She now is a national news contributor with focus on local awareness and action. She believes that party labels are useless and the cause of much of the national angst today. America's only two choices are between the Constitutional Repulblic and Communism, Not “R” or “D” Follow her on her Substack Pat4evr/KatsMeow

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