• Florida GOP Suspends State Party Chair Over Rape Investigation

    December 18, 2023
    Listen: 911 Tape Released In Criminal Investigation Of Florida GOP Chair Christian Ziegler

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    During an emergency meeting on Sunday, the Republican Party of Florida  suspended Florida Republican Party Chairman Christian Ziegler and called on him to resign as he faces calls to step down while officials investigate a rape allegation against him.

    "Christian Ziegler has engaged in conduct that renders him unfit for the office," the party's censure motion against Ziegler said, according to a picture of the document posted by Lee County GOP Chairman Michael Thompson.

    Ziegler was has been accused of raping a woman he and his wife, Bridget Ziegler, previously had a consensual relationship with, according to police records obtained by The Associated Press

    The Sarasota Police Department is conducting an investigation. 

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    Ed Vidal
    5 months ago

    It looks like there was no rape and the sexual encounter was consensual.

    The woman was recorded saying: “Don’t come on my shirt. Come in my mouth.”

    There you have it! The ethics of the Republican establishment in Florida!

    5 months ago

    Once again, we have a man who's guilty until proven innocent. Then, having done that, the woman never pays for her false accusations.

    Last edited 5 months ago by orlandocajun
    5 months ago

    Never fails - republicons turn on their own faster than a speeding bullet. No arrest, no conviction but the State Party Chair gets voted off the island...

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