• Will Brazil Deliver The Most Important Christmas Gift In Years?

    December 19, 2022

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    Brazilian patriots are out in numbers, protesting the steal of the Presidency and praying for intervention: first of God, then of the military – following both the letter and spirit of the Brazilian constitution.

    Praying in front of military base

    Here in the interior of Brazil, in the landlocked state of Minas Gerais, patriotic Brazilians have been out every day in one mid-sized town since November 1st (two days after the 2nd round was stolen by Lula), according to Sr. João Bosco, resident of Santa Cruz de Minas.

    Sr. João Bosco (left)

    They are but a small part of the reportedly 10 million+ Brazilians protesting the Communist coup – although Brazilian corporate media is silent on the subject, along with corrupt media worldwide.

    (For historical context from 1992, when the major Brazilian network got behind protests against President Fernando Collor – riffing off a mini-series title The Rebel Years – millions took to the streets with flowers painted on their faces. Within weeks, Collor was impeached. Imagine if O Globo were reporting the protests now?)

    Every afternoon these humble Mineiros gather to pray in front of the local military base. It is quite emotional to see such selfless Brazilians praying for the salvation of their country. The prayer warriors and protestors are so faithful that several stands have been erected not only to offer soda drinks but to serve coffee, bean soup, and cake – for free. While I was there, the lady who provided so much out of the generosity of her heart was awarded a keepsake along with an elaborate card filled with gratitude.

    When my nationality became known, Sr. João Bosco commented that we Americans experienced a similar coup two years ago – but with a crucial difference: we never (or rarely, sporadically) went out onto streets in protest. If estimates are accurate, the Brazilian protests comprise the largest in history, and have been entirely peaceful.

    The Brazilians are wiser and have learned from American patriots’ mistakes. They are alert to false flag operations, such as happened in Washington D.C. on Jan. 6, 2021, and realized that once the Communist cabal takes office, it is next to impossible to remove them. (Just this last week, Brazilian leftists staged one such riot in Brasília.) Hence the critical need for intervention now, to keep Brazil from going the way of Cuba and Venezuela.

    "She will never be red"

    The brave Brazilians I met are confident that the Brazilian military – which has been far less politicized and corrupted than in the U.S. – will intercede, most likely next week, prior to Christmas.

    It would be an immense Christmas present to Brazil, and to the world, if they do.

    Ben Batchelder is the author of four extended travel yarns and recently became a Contributor to The Miami Independent. Contact him at his author site benbatchelder.com

    Will Brazil go the way of Cuba or Venezuela?

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    Ben Batchelder

    Ben Batchelder was born into leftism and has been a black sheep ever since. A writer now for several decades, he first converted to conservatism after college during a world trip on $10 a day, to Christianity at a later date, and to populist nationalism after Trump. A graduate of two Ivy League schools, he has had to unlearn most of what he learned there.

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    1 year ago

    I hope and pray through prayers of faithful citizens of Brazil God’s intervention will remove this illegal president

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