• Ada Lluch, The Consequences Of Being Conservative In A "Woke" Generation

    April 27, 2023
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    This 23-year-old Spanish woman has become popular for her conservative activism and defense of traditional values ​​in the United States through Twitter, and recently shared how it has cost her friends and family.

    It is not surprising that this occurs in a generation that seeks to feed on "echo chambers" of their
    indoctrinated thoughts, in which they try to cancel any hint of disagreement about the public opinion imposed on issues such as family, gender ideology, patriotism, women's rights or religious freedom.

    The Spanish student never imagined the popularity she would achieve on social media, after Elon Musk himself "liked" one of her tweets on the platform.

    From a small town in Spain, Tortosa, to being invited to Mar-a-Lago, the residence of the former
    President of the United States, Donald Trump, Ada lost friends and even family along the way who
    reacted negatively to her meeting, activism, and popularity. She also met new allies and gained a rapidly growing platform that supports her in this cultural battle against progressivism and the most rancid communism that has permeated many young people in Spain and the United States, leading both countries to economic and social decline, from which it will be difficult to recover.

    During her experience meeting President Trump, Ada was proud to have had the opportunity to chat and take a photograph. In the photograph published on her networks, Ada dedicates words of gratitude and praises the courage of a president who, far from having made a personal fortune, has sacrificed his economic growth as a businessman to fight for this nation.

    “This man gave up a life of luxury and ease to save the country he loved. He could have spent the
    twilight years of his life relaxing on a private island with his wife and children, but instead decided that his duty was to put himself out there for the good of his nation.

    The example that he set inspired people around the world to stop being comfortable accepting the status quo, and instead fight for the way that things should be.

    His example has inspired me, a young girl from Spain, to speak up for what I believe in and never back down to those who tell me that I should shut up.”

    In another tweet, Ada wrote:

    “I grew up in a poor family in Tortosa, Spain and tonight I’m at the house of the President of the United States all because I decided to speak up for traditional values ​​on Twitter. America is the greatest country in the world.”

    This meeting, which definitively changed the course of the life of Ada, who feels immensely inspired to continue using her voice in favor of conservatism, also brought harsh consequences in her private life. Friends and family members have demonstrated strong rejection and criticism of her ideals, including her own father.

    “I’m really heartbroken. I was so happy to share with my family that I met President Trump while in America, and now my own father hates me for it.

    I love my father but because I met the President he said I am an empty person and I’m not his daughter anymore.

    This is ridiculous to see how politics can tear people apart from each other.

    My father doesn’t even have strong political beliefs. He never talks about them and only listens to the media.” “This is what the media does to people: it confuses them and makes them hate their own family”, can be read on her Twitter.

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    From Spain, members of her family attack her because of the distorted image and the fake news that crosses the Atlantic about Trump, such is the leftist and separatist radicalization suffered by a certain part of the Spanish population that she has even been criticized for using the Spanish flag, even while being Catalan.

    “How did you go from being a normal Tortosa girl to take a picture with a good friend of Epstein, one of the biggest rapists and pedophiles in history?” And “not the Spanish flag, put the Catalan one" can be read in Catalan.

    She herself assures that “this is what happens when you only consume the mainstream media and don’t think for yourself. They are controlling the people through lies and deceptions."

    Ada Lluch begins an arduous path as a conservative activist in which she will find many enemies in her path for raising her voice in a society controlled by progressivism, mainstream media, and the socialist/communist governments that increasingly restrict freedom of expression, manipulate public opinion, and fight to eliminate conservative values ​​in western societies.


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