• VIDEO: ‘The Courage To Face Covid-19, Dr. Peter McCullough, John Leake

    January 6, 2023
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    Christine Dolan, Host of CDMedia’s ‘The Authors’, interviews Dr. Peter McCullough and true crime author John Leake about their new book, The Courage to Face COVID-19. 


    This book is a page-turner. Nor only does it reveal how Dr. McCullough led the way to stand up for medical ethics at all costs, it explains how two men – coming from two different professions – one a doctor – another a true crime reporter – met and came to the same conclusions that something was just not right about how covid policy was being administered. 

    Dr. McCullough continues to fight for medical ethics and preventing hospitalization and death while battling the bio-pharmaceutical complex at all costs to his detriment although he still has a sterling medical medical record. He has sacrificed greatly and taken the bricks professionally, and now, concludes based upon his faith and record that he was preparing for such a time as this. 

    Leake approaches his journey as a seasoned true crime author asking penetrating questions and following the facts. 

    Together, their approach is removed from ego and emotion and just lays out the facts of their journey intertwining with grace and transparency how the covid experience affected their family members bringing the human touch that further inspired them to fight to bring forth the truth in The Courage to Face COVID-19. 

    CDMedia fully endorses this book. 

    This interview is part of a series on Authors...found here.

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