• Governor DeSantis Appears To Be Overseeing A Criminal Election Fraud Operation In Florida

    May 13, 2023

    How Can He Run For President?

    Image by Gage Skidmore

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    The Miami Independent has catalogued a vast and highly organized criminal network in the state of Florida which appears to ensure the state election apparatus can select who it wants to win in The Sunshine State's elections.

    It appears Florida is very much 'not free', and needs some sunshine directed on the election fraud cartel.

    Below is just a recent sample of the election fraud found operating in Florida.

    The information has been repeatedly brought to the attention of Florida officials, only to be met with stonewalling and lack of action.

    How can any American trust Ron DeSantis to do the right thing if this situation has not been addressed in Florida?

    How can Ron DeSantis run for president if he enables this activity in his own state?

    BREAKING: Now Florida Department Of State Denies Having Election Reports That Appear To Prove Election Fraud

    MASSIVE Digital Manipulation Of Voter Rolls In Florida!!!

    GLEASON: Hillsborough Election Officials Say Requested Reports Don't Exist (Other Counties Said They're Secret)

    GLEASON Files Judicial Notice Against Pinellas County To Uncover Election Fraud Crimes

    Why Does Florida Senate Bill 7050 Subvert Public Election Transparency?

    FL Secretary Of State Cord Byrd Tries To Justify SOE Lobbying Group Working Against Florida Citizens

    Immediately After Given Public Records Request For Machine Election Reports That Could Prove Election Fraud, Hillsborough County Elections Say They've Been Hacked

    Defend Florida Releases Powerful Ad Detailing Who Is Behind SB7050-'Election Fraud Legalization Act'

    BREAKING: Miami-Dade Elections Refuses To Provide Reports Required By FL Constitution As Awareness Of Massive Election Fraud Spreads Across State

    VIDEO: Chris Gleason Palm Beach Election Fraud

    BREAKING: Palm Beach County Election Officials Caught Falsifying Machine Election Reports As Pressure Builds In Florida Over Discovery Of Massive Machine Election Fraud

    Miami-Dade REC Election Integrity Subcommittee Requests DeSantis Veto 'Election Integrity' Bill For Being Nothing Of The Sort

    BREAKING: Pinellas County Elections Officials Refuse To Provide Data Required By Law Which Could Prove Machine Election Fraud

    Chris Gleason On The 'Election Fraud Codification Bill'

    Sen. Rubio Calls For Probe Into ActBlue Over Reports Of Hundreds Of Thousands Of Alleged Illegal Donations To Democrats

    BREAKING: Election Integrity Activist Gleason Submits Massive FOIA Request As Florida Legislature Tries To Change Law To Block Election Fraud Evidence Release

    Why Are 'Republicans' In Tallahassee Sponsoring Communist Bills? Who Is State Senator Jason Brodeur?

    BREAKING: Election Investigator Gleason Give Pinellas County Officials 24 Hours To Admit Alleged Election Fraud Sins Or RICO Case Will Be Filed

    FLORIDA IS NOT FREE: The Voting Machine Issue

    These are just some of the documentation the Miami Independent has done since the middle of March. You can find much more under the 'Politics' section on the top menu.

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    Half-Matter Wallace
    Half-Matter Wallace
    11 months ago

    DeSantis is a young mother-WEFer. Why would ANYONE be surprised by this?

    You gonna eat that?
    You gonna eat that?
    11 months ago

    Apparently a lot of republican voters in Florida can't accept these facts. They get all butt hurt and start calling names like the democrats if you bring up anything negative about ol Ronnie.

    11 months ago

    Two parties with one agenda, control the little people. The real fun has yet to begin, wait until the WEF, WHO, UN and other players get their chosen ones all in place through fraud in elections/selections.

    4 months ago

    We,ve known for awhile that DeSantis was up to his neck in election fraud. And it looks like Desantis and his crew are about to get caught thanks to Chris Gleason,President Trump should put Mr. Gleason in charge of elections.

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