• BREAKING: Closed-door Meetings Held Between DeSantis, Georgia Leadership And Kemp Immediately Following Legislative Session

    July 30, 2023

    Brian K. Pritchard (BKP) disclosed the closed door meetings today during The Georgia 2024 Show.

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    Brian K. Pritchard disclosed the meetings during his comments on The Georgia 2024 Show today. Mr. Pritchard explained that the day after the Georgia legislative session ended Gov. Ron DeSantis showed up in The Georgia Capitol building and was ushered into a series of closed-door meetings. These included a session with Republican Senators, a meeting with a group of Georgia House Members and House Leader Jon Burns, and a private lunch with Gov. Brian Kemp.

    The subject of each of these discussions has been kept private, but clearly there was a reason and agenda for DeSantis to visit the Georgia Capitol.

    See BKP interview here:

    BKP hosts a show each weekday covereding the most important disclosures and events in Georgia and the Nation.

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    DeSantis has struggled against a mounting list of negatives. His polling continues to decline with last weeks Harvard-Harris poll showing DeSantis at 12 points barely two points above Vivek Ramaswamy at 10 and 40 points behind Trump who had 52 points.

    DeSantis association with Christina Pushaw has also spawned questions aafter Pushaw apparently called for the use of Florida's "Baker Act" to confine and silence journalists and perhaps Trump supporters. Pushaw has also been tied to her work in Ukraine where her activities included celebrating Zelenski's rise to power.

    DeSantis has carefully avoided discussion of new Florida laws which are said to help hide evidence of election abnormalities and potential fraud.

    Recently DeSantis would not answer whether he thought the 2020 elections was "stolen." CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR REPORTING

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    Ed Vidal
    10 months ago

    The RINO's are realizing that they cannot stop Trump from winning the Republican primaries and the presidential nomination, so they are working on a Plan B. Too late. Next year the choice is Trump or tyranny!

    Me Me Me and More Me
    Me Me Me and More Me
    10 months ago

    Gov DeSantis is NOT allowed to meet with other officials to discuss official business behind closed doors because it violates the Sunshine Act, to which he is bound.

    His goal is to rig the 2024 election cycle. He likely wants GA rigged to allow him the win over Trump and is discussing the matter with corrupt politicians. It give the appearance of a Republican winning while leaving control in the hands of deep state.

    Do you think he's handing out more presidential promises???

    10 months ago

    There's a reason he has had his puppet legislature seal all of his travel and visitor records. Hewoulod not need to do this if he were honest and working for the people.

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