• Miami-Dade Is Under Spiritual Attack

    April 20, 2024
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    AD Lenoir

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    Everyone knows that Miami Dade county went red in 2022, a miraculous event in and of itself.

    But did you know that the county is under spiritual attack as a result?

    Take two recent events.

    A 41 year-old pastor was killed on the steps of his church in Westview (NW Miami-Dade) several weekends ago. This thwarted the Miami launch of the Remnant Alliance, an alliance of patriot pastors willing to push back against state tyranny, which had been scheduled for the following Friday.

    Just prior to that, another patriot event – a Blexit Night of Faith by Candace Owens featuring Pierre Wilson and Topher – which had been booked at the same Westview church for four months, was canceled 10 days prior to the scheduled date, according to Chip Moore, the Nat’l Strategic Director (and former Florida director) for TPUSA. (No rescheduled dates are yet available.)

    Owen’s Blexit events have a history of getting canceled, including famously a 2023 event scheduled for Brooklyn’s Music Hall of Williamsburg. But for a pastor to feel obliged to cancel an event and then to be stabbed to death is taking the spiritual warfare to a new level.

    Pastor AD Lenoir, who left behind a wife and four children, was “one of the most conservative young black pastors in Miami Dade county” according to Luidgi Mary, editor-in-Chief of O.G. Editorial based on Miami Beach, who spent his youngest years in the same Opa-Locka neighborhood and worked recently alongside Lenoir on local social and conservative issues there. Lenoir was stabbed to death by a homeless man whom the church was giving shelter to.

    I had been scheduled to attend the Miami launch of the Remnant Alliance (whose national launch in Lakeland, FL I attended last fall), when I received an email from Gen. Jim McClean (ret.), the CDF’s Nat’l Director of Faith Operations, alerting me to the host’s death and the event’s postponement.

    (CDF Faith is the Faith Division of Steve Maxwell’s Citizens Defending Freedom, headquartered out of Mulberry, FL, which was created after the 2020 steal and focuses on the counties where fraud was worst in that corrupted election.)

    If you’re a student of history, you know how extremely important American pastors were in the 1st Great Awakening prior to the Revolutionary War. It is fair to say the American nation would never have been formed had brave pastors not preached about British tyranny for many decades prior.

    The enemy understands the power of engaged pastors – and has just removed one of the region’s best.

    Pastor AD Lenoir

    Ben Batchelder is the author of four extended travel yarns and became a Contributor to The Miami Independent at its inception. Contact him at his author site benbatchelder.com

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    Ben Batchelder

    Ben Batchelder was born into leftism and has been a black sheep ever since. A writer now for several decades, he first converted to conservatism after college during a world trip on $10 a day, to Christianity at a later date, and to populist nationalism after Trump. A graduate of two Ivy League schools, he has had to unlearn most of what he learned there.

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    Ken MacPhee
    Ken MacPhee
    1 month ago

    Riiight, blame republicans you moron.

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