BREAKING: DeSantis Moves To Protect Election Integrity In Florida - Will Prosecute Election Fraud - Arrests And Charges 20 Individuals

August 18, 2022
Screenshot The Florida Channel

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Governor DeSantis held a press conference this afternoon where he outlined Florida's effort to ensure election integrity.

He announced 20 people are now being arrested for illegally voting after being a felon.

"They will be arrested, and charged, with a third degree felony.

"There are other classes of voters who also will be charged."

DeSantis also said "Will ensure election records will be preserved by putting election officials across the state on notice."

"Also, No ballot harvesting will be tolerated," he declared.

Attorney General Ashley Moody declared, "We will enforce the law and we take election integrity very seriously."

The Governor and the Attorney General hailed the efforts so far of the head of the Office of Election Crimes and Security Pete Antonocci.

"We have an obligation to ensure our elections are decided by U.S. citizens only," said the Governor when answering questions.

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Lyudmila Loseva
Lyudmila Loseva
9 months ago

I wish good luck to DeSantis and the whole team of his associates in this unequal fight against the swindlers who steal our votes ! VICTORY to you, brave warriors of truth!

9 months ago

Amen Governor!!

9 months ago

At least he doesn't have Stacy Abrams yelling about voter suppression.
Good luck. Keep up the good work.

Arthur Dent
Arthur Dent
9 months ago

Could DeSantis please drive north a few hours and teach Brian Kemp how to enforce election laws? That would be great.

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