• Governor DeSantis Acts Against The Chinese-Style Corporate Behavior Control Called ESG

    August 1, 2022
    Larry Fink
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    Governor DeSantis last week moved to work with the Florida legislature to ban the imposition of Chinese-style behavior control via corporate governance on the American financial system.

    The term ESG stands for 'environmental, social, and corporate governance.' It is a push by those large globalist corporations in bed with the Chinese Communist Party to impose Beijing's iron hand on the American public.

    The CEO of BlackRock Larry Fink, who manages vast sums of money across the nation, is on board with the program, and one of its main cheerleaders.

    “In all my letters, I said an energy transition isn’t a straight line. It’s a 30- to 50-year time frame for us to move that forward. It isn’t today. It isn’t tomorrow,” Fink said in the investment management firm’s first-quarter earnings call, reported Barrons.

    Governor DeSantis’ proposed legislation for the 2023 Legislative Session will:

    • Prohibit big banks, credit card companies and money transmitters from discriminating against customers for their religious, political, or social beliefs.
    • Prohibit State Board of Administration (SBA) fund managers from considering ESG factors when investing the state’s money.
    • Require SBA fund managers to only consider maximizing the return on investment on behalf of Florida’s retirees.

    “The leveraging of corporate power to impose an ideological agenda on society represents an alarming trend,” said Governor Ron DeSantis. “From Wall Street banks to massive asset managers and big tech companies, we have seen the corporate elite use their economic power to impose policies on the country that they could not achieve at the ballot box. Through the actions I announced today, we are protecting Floridians from woke capital and asserting the authority of our constitutional system over ideological corporate power.”

    “Woke elites use ESG investing to prop up far left policies, undermining our national security and raising prices for Americans,” said Speaker Designate Paul Renner. “The Florida House will join the fight to stop woke financial titans who seek to dictate policy to Floridians regardless of our choices at the ballot box. I look forward to working with Governor DeSantis to protect Floridians’ pocketbooks and strengthen our national security.”

    The proposed legislation will amend Florida’s Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices statute to prohibit discriminatory practices by large financial institutions based on ESG social credit score metrics. This “ESG score” is a framework created to force companies to meet ESG standards and arbitrarily includes metrics based on political affiliation, religious beliefs, certain industry engagement, and ESG benchmarks. Violations will be considered deceptive, and unfair trade practices will be punished according to the law, declared the FLGov website.


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    Michele Sarkisian
    Michele Sarkisian
    1 year ago

    ESG is right up there with DEI in commanding every decision, every thought in Corporate America. And universities push both as the purpose of business. American policies are being crafted to make these efforts the only competitive advantage among American companies which will ultimately make those companies fail in global competition. Thankful that DeSantis understands the risks of regulating around these ideologies.

    Ben Batchelder
    Ben Batchelder
    1 year ago

    Recall the 100 woke CEOs who whined about Georgia's bland election integrity reforms last year? Woke corporations have become the enemies of all patriots. A useful public service would be to have a ranking of the WoCompanies with the highest ESG ratings, so as to avoid them either for investments or consumer purchases. Last year I found it nearly impossible to find a listing of the 100 Woke CEOs on-line in any kind of shareable format. I wonder why.

    Johann Apkarian
    Johann Apkarian
    1 year ago

    ESG is madness. It is one giant step toward Communism. Merit must be rewarded in a free market economy. ESG is a thinly veiled plan by global elitists to weaken western civilization as we know it They support identity politics which will destroy liberty and individual dignity.

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