• BREAKING: Over 6% Of Florida Voters Reportedly Have Invalid Addresses, Massive Opportunity For Mail-In Ballot Election Fraud...What Is ERIC Doing?

    September 9, 2022
    BREAKING REPORT: Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) May Be Defrauding Florida - 98k Possible Invalid Voters Discovered On Miami-Dade Rolls

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    Recently we spoke to Henry Zarb, the head of the Election Integrity Subcommittee of the Miami-Dade Republican Executive Committee, who outlined how he had performed an NCOA check on county voter roles via a third party independent provider and found above a 6% failure rate. Meaning, enough voters to flip an election in Miami-Dade were listed with an incorrect address on county voter rolls.

    The theory is that these voters are receiving mail-in ballots via the USPS, which are then being harvested by bad actors at the incorrect address, which are then used to vote for globalist candidates.

    Today, the story got much worse.

    Zarb, in a video interview which will air Sunday on The Georgia 2022 Show, informed The Miami Independent that his colleague has checked the entire Florida voter role file and found a similar 6%+ address failure rate.

    As we mentioned in our article yesterday, the Election Registration Information Center (ERIC), a progressive-influenced non-profit, is being paid by the state of Florida to run NCOA checks every sixty days. At the very least, this report by Zarb demands an investigation into what exactly ERIC is doing, and if these checks are actually happening.

    This is a massive opportunity for voter fraud in the coming November general election in Florida.

    The Miami Independent has contacted the Florida Secretary of State's office, and ERIC itself on this matter, and as of yet has not received a response from either.

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    Virginia Harlow
    1 year ago

    ERIC is providing lists to states of the folks they can use to insert invalid ballots at election counting time. That and registering folks using the lists they produce in other places.... Put nothing past them. They were put there to capture our vital data, and share it with leftist NGOS to do dirt.

    Tim Suddreth
    Tim Suddreth
    1 year ago

    We have the same info for Georgia if cdmedia is interested!

    1 year ago

    The democrats are printing up mail-in ballots by the millions and thousands of new drop boxes. Every single illegal alien from 2 to 102 will get a ballot. Forget about any imagined "red wave" in November.

    Gladys Fuentes
    Gladys Fuentes
    1 year ago

    The FBI is going on a rampage.They want Conservative voices shut down.This is a Communist tactic.Immigrants from Communist countries are well aware of the "scare tactics".
    If I understand,FBI has no jurisdiction over us.Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

    1 year ago

    This was proven in Lake County, and others, some months ago. The citizen activists from The People's Audit and Florida 4 America presented the facts to both Lake Co SOE, Alan Hayes, the Lake County Sheriff, and to DeSantis's Election Crimes unit. Yes, ERIC provides the phantom voters whose invalid votes are then recorded. The People's Audit has tracked down the relationship between the ballot printer and Florida voter rolls. Smells very bad.
    Regardless, the citizens have been treated as adversaries, not heroes! Where is the Gov. on this???

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