• BREAKING: Pinellas County Elections Officials Refuse To Provide Data Required By Law Which Could Prove Machine Election Fraud

    April 27, 2023

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    The Miami Independent has reported for months now on alleged election fraud taking place in the so-called 'free state of Florida'.

    Florida is anything but free.

    We have highlighted the issue of 'blank ballots' allegedly being produced by election machines and their alleged ability and track record of forging votes unbeknown to the voter. According to analyst Chris Gleason, this is being done by the machines designating a high percentage of ballots cast as 'blank', and then adjudicating them with software.

    We have highlighted the attempt by the GOP-controlled Florida legislature to cover up this alleged fraud by changing legislation (SB 7050) to prevent disclosure of the machine data, which is currently required by Florida law.

    Now Pinellas County election officials are refusing to provide election data that is required by law to be released to citizen analysts.

    Analyst Chris Gleason has filed court documents to force the release of the reports that could prove machine election fraud on a massive scale.

    You can read about this filing here.

    From Christopher Gleason<[email protected]>

    Thursday, April 27th, 2023 at 1:24 PM

    To Barreiros, Jose M.,Byrd, Cord,governorron. [email protected]


    When can I expect to receive the reports and data that was previously requested?

    In particular:

    EL45A Report

    EL 30A Report

    EL52 Report


    · November 2018 General Election -

    · November 2020 General Election -

    · November 2022 General Election –

    This data requested and the reports requested are not optional. They SHALL BE made available by request to your office according to the Florida Constitution, Chapter 119 and Chapter 98.

    It is my understanding that there are a few Senate and House Bills that are attempting to hide and remove the data that I have requested.

    Creating an unnecessary delay for this request does not engender great confidence in the "Gold Standard" of Elections that are free, fair and transparent.

    Kindly, forward me the requested reports in the format that they are generated, kept and stored. For ES&S Reports that would be a .LST file or .TXT file.

    Kindly forward me the requested data as mandated by Florida law.

    Warmest regards,

    Christopher Gleason

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    Dan Capobianco
    Dan Capobianco
    11 months ago

    If they won’t release your note or hiding something in the data

    11 months ago

    No matter how blatantly corrupt the Democrats are...we just shrug and accept it.

    11 months ago

    Laws? We don't obey no stinkin laws...

    You gonna eat that?
    You gonna eat that?
    11 months ago

    This wasn't democrats this was Desantis and the republicans. Chris Gleason was on L Todd Woods podcast detailing all this 3 months ago. To see the republican legislature trying to cover this up just shows there is something fishy going on with the republican primaries. Hopefully people wake up but I'm not holding my breathe.

    11 months ago

    The only reason anyone would vote against clean elections is, of course, that they can't win unless they cheat.

    Diane Liptak
    Diane Liptak
    10 months ago
    Reply to  Leanna

    Since cheating has been the name of the voting game for Many years now, by both major parties, they are likely just stacking the deck against losing. Even if it a simply a matter of choice of candidate (more pliant/malleable) v. popular vote. If they control the mail-in ballots as well as the machines they control the vote. Which the Reps. do in Hernando Cnty anyway; "moving on up" is how they refer to election time. And DeSantis is part and parcel of this machine, which includes the Sheriff's d

    11 months ago

    Why hasn’t a bunch of sheriffs or police gone in and arrested every one of them, they are breaking the law, clear as day! It’s waaay passed the point where the American people walk in and toss everyone out of the State Capital’s, school boards you name it. They are PUBLIC SERVANTS THEY WORK FOR THE PEOPLE. They are in no way above the people or the Law.

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