• Constitutional Crisis!

    June 10, 2024
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    Non-citizens may be able to vote in Florida elections. Palm Beach County Commissioner and Mayor Maria Sachs silenced citizens attempting to redress grievances.

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    Citizens wishing to state concerns over the very real possibility of non-citizens voting in our elections were cut off and told their issues did not concern the Palm Beach County Commissioners at last weeks' meeting.

    A portion of the transcript from the Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners meeting on June 4, 2024, at 2:10 PM:

    Vice Mayor Sachs: "Sir, state your name, you're recognized."

    Citizen Voltmer: "My name is William Voltmer. My topic today is voting by non-citizens..."

    Vice Mayor Sachs: "That is not part of our jurisdiction. I’m so sorry, but I appreciate you coming forward today. That's not something that we can take in our public comment. Thank you anyway, sir."

    Approximately 25 concerned citizens wishing to redress grievances were silenced by Mayor Sachs.

    We are all familiar with the false narrative coined by the MSM, “Don’t Say Gay.” We have a new slogan, coined by the Palm Beach County Commissioners, “Don’t Say Elections.”

    Concerned citizens and political candidates flooded the commissioners' meeting as they attempted to request an endorsement of the establishment of a County Grand Jury to review the violations of multiple election statutes.

    Furthermore, PBC Supervisor of Elections (SOE) candidate Jeff Buongiorno, like Citizen Voltmer, attempted to produce evidence of a national constitutional crisis. He was at least allowed to speak.

    Jeff Buongiorno stated: "The People of Florida are asking for proof of residency and citizenship for each registered voter. We are only asking that our state and local officials follow the letter of the law, Fla. Statute 97.041. (1)(a)2, 3, and 4 (Statutes & Constitution :View Statutes : Online Sunshine (state.fl.us)). We are also asking that our civil and constitutional rights be protected with rigor. Article 6, Section 2 of the Florida State Constitution states, 'Electors.—Only a citizen of the United States who is at least eighteen years of age and who is a permanent resident of the state, if registered as provided by law, shall be an elector of the county where registered.'"

    Buongiorno continued: "Since 2011, a total of 1,246,858 transactions have passed through the Federal Voter Verification Database. These transactions represent first-time voter registrants who are unable to provide a Florida-issued driver’s license or any state-issued photo ID. We have reached out to various state and county officials requesting the verification process of such transactions. To date, the state is unable to provide a coherent response."

    Voters attempting to register without photo ID: "There is a high probability that the HAVV system is being manipulated by the federal government, in conjunction with non-governmental agencies. In fact, Florida statutes allow non-citizens to register new voters, a topic that state Democrats vigorously lobbied for during the passage of the ‘Resign to Run’ and ‘Election Integrity’ bill in May 2023 (view lobbying efforts here at the 38-minute mark: House Video Player: House in Session - April 28, 2023 (myfloridahouse.gov) ). Allowing non-citizens to register voters was not included in the passage of the ‘Election Integrity’ bill. Interestingly enough, the exclusion of non-citizens was challenged and overruled by Judge Walker, allowing non-citizens to register voters (read Judge Walker's ruling here: RULING - Preliminary Injunction Granted 7 3 2023 | American Civil Liberties Union (aclu.org))."

    Voters attempting to register without government-issued photo ID:

    SSA Open Data | HAVV Transactions by State - January 2011 to Present Totals

    "The ability for non-citizens to register voters creates a serious threat surface. When you couple this with the ability of a new voter registrant to produce only a 4-digit SSN, we have the potential for ‘synthetic identities’ to be injected into our voter registration system. Furthermore, these synthetic, nameless, faceless, photo ID-less identities are allowed to cast a ballot without ever producing photo ID. To add insult to injury, a ‘synthetic identity’ could potentially request up to three vote-by-mail ballots."

    To sum up the constitutional crisis, Buongiorno commented: "The voter registrations and ballots are the main ingredients of a certified election. If the main ingredients cannot be verified according to the letter of the law and constitution, an election is simply not certifiable. The Rabbi doesn’t declare any food product to be kosher without knowing that the processes and ingredients are up to code; the same applies with elections."

    The remedy, per Boungiorno: The People of Palm Beach must file an emergency injunction requesting proof of citizenship for every registered voter. If the state is unable to produce proof, the voter registration database must be purged, and all voters must re-register to vote according to the letter of the law, including citizenship verification and proof of residency.

    Furthermore, the use of a 4-digit code as ID, and the issuance of 3 ballots, is an abridgment of the law, which favors a certain class of citizens over those who vote in person, who must produce photo ID and are only issued one ballot.

    After other Commissioners spoke up in favor of citizens' First Amendment rights, the Mayor changed her tune, allowing people to have time to state the full purpose of their comments before cutting them off and even allowing others to make comments on issues surrounding elections. 

    Elections should be a concern of the Commissioners as a Commissioner signs off on the certification of their county election stating that votes were made by valid voters. Certifying an invalidly conducted election, such as one with non-citizens casting votes, is illegal and considered perjury.  Perhaps all County Commissioners should take notice. 

    The public comments segment begins at the 1:19:30 minute mark: County Commissioners BCC Meeting Videos (pbcgov.org)

    If you wish to contribute to Boungiorno's campaign for Supervisor of Elections and his fight for valid elections, you can go to his website:  https://www.jeffbuongiorno.com/constitutional-crisis/

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