• Counter Viewpoint: What Can We Learn From Florida Midterm Results?  That DeSantis Is Definitely The GOP's Man To Beat Trump And Neuter MAGA

    November 29, 2022

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    Guest post by Anonymous

    What Ed Vidal refuses to acknowledge in his counterview article today is the massive cheating that obviously occurred nationwide in the midterm elections. Today, the absurd race in Arizona was certified by Maricopa County. Kari Lake did not lose; she was robbed. The whole world knows it. No serious person could say or think otherwise.

    Exceptionally however, Florida was allowed (yes, I think that’s the right word) to go full “red wave”. DeSantis won by a massive margin, and even Rubio, who everyone thought was vulnerable, won by a country mile. And yet in almost every other state, the races were tight.

    How come? Well, here, for what it’s worth, is my theory. To accept it, you have to accept that Congress is just elite theater, and that there really is a “Uniparty”. If you do, all will make sense.

    The main thing the Uniparty leaders from both sides are completely united on is their absolute hatred of Trump. Of all the players on the US political stage, he has been the only one who has, not always successfully perhaps, refused to play the Uniparty game, and who has, moreover, tried to wake the electorate up to it. He is too wealthy to be bought, and apparently too clean to be blackmailed or successfully charged & convicted. They cannot control him, and he has given widespread life to a constitutionalist, America First patriot constituency -- the MAGA movement.

    MAGA is a huge threat to the Uniparty. Its electoral success would upset the cosy congressional apple cart in all sorts of ways. It has proved as hard a nut to crack as Trump.

    So, what to do? Well, the solution they’ve come up with to deal both with Trump and MAGA is to find and promote a Trump Lite challenger who could split the MAGA movement and stop a Trump nomination in 2024. Two birds, one stone.

    That challenger is, of course, Ron DeSantis. He talks and acts like Trump, except that in key ways he does not, nor ever will. DeSantis, with his Ivy League background, is an establishment man. The Florida GOP and the wider Uniparty know it and trust him ultimately to deliver what they want to a degree they never will trust Trump.

    His political promotion as the Trump Lite presidential candidate has involved giving him massive popular credentials as the undisputed leader of the reddest state in the Union (achieved with these elections results), and positioned him as the perfect candidate with popular support sufficient to fight Trump, and appeal to all those Trump supporters who wish he seemed nicer. This has undoubtedly been achieved with the complicity of the Uniparty Democrats, who have, unusually, refrained from applying their electoral cheating methods in full to the Florida races, despite all of us having been convinced that DeSantis & Florida must have a massive target on their metaphorical backs.

    So now we can see the setup is almost complete. The likelihood of DeSantis running in ‘24 is virtually certain, and there’s very strong evidence that he will (knowing full well his doing so will badly damage the patriot cause). He has famously refused to commit himself to a full term as Governor, in response to Crist’s only significant question in their debate). He has a massive $150-200 million war chest, clearly intended for a presidential run, and obviously never spent on the primaries. And he will not run as VP on a Trump ticket, mainly (or at least ostensibly) because the 27 Florida Electoral College votes would then have to be forfeited. 

    One burning question for those of us who have been campaigning for Election Integrity in general, but in Florida in particular, has for the last several months been -- “Why won’t DeSantis or the Florida GOP do anything at all substantive to address the election fraud problems we have clearly identified?” 

    What measures have been taken have been almost risible -- legislation that has addressed some issues in ways that have created more ambiguity and render them only partially effective (eg: ballot harvesting provisions), the arrest of a very small number of felons, much vaunted in the media as a huge step forward, (when EI volunteers have identified hundreds who have yet even to be investigated), and the establishment with equal fanfare of the Office of Election Security and Crimes, which has so far proved largely toothless, and which still has no replacement for its deceased head, Peter Antonacci.

    The DeSantis administration has been presented with credible evidence of hundreds of thousands of fake ballots being harvested at false addresses across the state. Nothing has been done to address the problem. The administration will not even acknowledge the issue.

    Both the party and the Governor have seemed to us aligned in their resistance to efforts to persuade them to take action, which is only explicable if one thinks of them as aligned in other ways.

    In my opinion, having observed all this at close quarters for months, the reason for this resistance can only be that the GOP and its Uniparty counterparts intend to cheat in the 2024 primaries to endure “their” man, DeSantis, beats Trump and splits the MAGA movement, the greatest popular threat to them in years.

    The only person the Uniparty fears is Trump. They do not fear Ron DeSantis.

    I do not dislike DeSantis. I dislike his lack of candor on fighting election fraud, and I dislike the monied, cabal interests supporting him.

    The author is a Florida election integrity activist.

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    Lyudmila Loseva
    Lyudmila Loseva
    1 year ago

    “The biggest stupidity is to do the same thing over and over again and hope for a different result” / Albert Einstein /. Have conclusions been drawn after the completely stolen 2020 elections? How many swindlers who stole the elections are imprisoned? -- 0 ! But hundreds of defenders of fair elections are imprisoned! What has been done to stop the theft of elections? - NOTHING! Our country has become a banana republic .

    1 year ago

    Because its hard to cheat in Florida that's why.Nothing else.

    Victoria Cruz
    Victoria Cruz
    1 year ago

    According to the article, it's nott hat hard to cheat in Florida.

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