• DECISION TIME: We Will Soon Find Out If Ron DeSantis Is A Patriot Or Just Another Election Fraud Criminal - Will He Sign SB7050?

    April 29, 2023
    Image by Matt Johnson

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    As of posting this article, it seems FL SB7050/HB7067 has passed the Florida legislature.

    The bill is allegedly about election integrity, but it does nothing of the sort - it enables election fraud, by preventing data from being released that proves machine election fraud across the state.

    This bill was written by the election fraud cartel in Florida.

    Defend Florida put out a statement this evening:

    Thank you for volunteering to call your reps about SB 7050 / HB7067. We are still in communication with our legislators today. However, by the time you read this, it is likely that bill will have been passed with none of our suggested changes. Most of the changes submitted by other groups over the past few changes have also been rejected.

    This bill, in the words of Senator Hutson yesterday is the product of the Secretary of State, the Florida Supervisors of Elections and the legislators. By his own words, this bill was never a product of the people of Florida and his statements explain why almost all the requests from the citizen advocacy groups were rejected. 

    We must be on the record for opposing the egregious parts of this bill and continue to speak up in opposition. We have a plan to hold our legislators accountable and we will update you on our next steps within the next few days.

    The Defend Team

    Now the question is -- will Governor Ron DeSantis sign the bill and enshrine state-wide election fraud in Florida law? Or, will he be a patriot and stand up for citizen rights?

    We fear the former and the whole world will soon know if Ron DeSantis is the patriot he claims that wants to make Florida free, or just another election fraud criminal.

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    11 months ago

    He may veto it just for PR purposes, knowing the bill has enough votes to override a veto. No matter what he does, he has proven to me that he is no patriot. Until this bill is changed, I will never trust the results of a FL election.

    Wuthering Heights
    Wuthering Heights
    11 months ago

    So a bill that cracks down on ballot harvesting is an invitation for election fraud?

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