• DeSantis Status As GOP Presidential White Knight Crumbles As Florida Backtracks On Disney Fight

    December 3, 2022
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    Ron DeSantis looks to be bought.

    It's sad. He had such great potential.

    Now he's just another swamp creature it seems.

    Behind DeSantis' probable presidential run are multiple left-wing billionaires, who are desperate to prevent a return of Donald Trump to power.

    DeSantis is their man.

    The Miami Independent has described how the DeSantis administration will do nothing about evidence of massive ballot harvesting in the state. Why is this? Are they keeping the election fraud powder dry to use against Trump in 2024?

    ERIC, the 'progressive' voter registration entity is still being used by the state of Florida, allowing the election fraud to continue, by white-washing the corrupt Florida voter rolls. This is despite efforts to block its use by Florida election integrity activists.

    Recently, former state representative Anthony Sabatini called out DeSantis for walking back the fight against the Disney Corporation in their efforts to sexualize children with LGBT propaganda.

    Was 'Florida is where woke goes to die' just performative?

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    1 Comment
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    1 year ago

    I seem to remember one of my recent very frustrated posts that we’re allowing our country to be turned into a corrupt communist crap hole and no white knight is going to magically fix the massive destruction this Illegitimate foreign enemy compromised Administration has done and continues to do at unprecedented levels. DeSantis has done great things for Florida but he’s a politician who’s had a taste of the political opportunity’s, the kind that eventually turns most politicians into exactly the problem we’ve had to deal with for over a hundred years. Now, it’s gotten so bad that people are loosing hope and rightly so. Our founders left US the greatest documents ever written, we have ways to fix this but it’s ALWAYS been up to US.

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