Don’t Despair Brazil - Yet

January 14, 2023

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The outlook for Brazil is bleak to catastrophic. The mood among my Brazilian contacts has gone from dark on January 1st now to despair – with reason.

Since I last wrote, convicted felon Lula – journalists in Brazil can be fined or jailed for writing this fact – has indeed “gone up the ramp” and his fraudulent presidential victory was made official in the Diário Oficial.

A false flag operation, eerily similar to that of Jan 6, 2021, successfully enticed thousands of Brazilian patriots to storm the (nearly) empty seats of government in Brasília, and over 1,200 Brazilians, from ages 5 to 80 reportedly, have since been confined as “terrorists” in open air pens.

As reported here by Matthew Tyrmand on Tucker Carlson Tonight, a Brazilian Senator released documents showing the incoming Justice Minister knew of the impending operation and did nothing.

In another parallel with Jan. 6, the only people to die were patriots, including the 80 year old grandmother who, wishing to go home, was enticed by a military man to enter a certain bus, which led to her captivity and death by cardiac arrest. The deaths of three other patriots have been reported, but are difficult to confirm.

Here is the most compelling first-hand account I have seen, in an open letter written by a Brazilian patriot from the holding pen – in which he relates a similar case of patriots being led from the protestors’ Brasília encampment into bus-traps:

Among other abundant evidence of the false flag operation, one video shows an armed, non-uniformed man vandalizing public property within a governmental building while giving orders to the complacent police – prior to any patriots entering. (I saw the video on Allan dos Santos’s Instagram page, since removed; criminal Big Tech, including Twitter, has canceled this brave Brazilian journalist currently in exile in Florida, while the Brazilian in-power goons are seeking his arrest via Interpol – for the crime of practicing free speech.)

(Running the same Communist playbook that followed Jan. 6, Brazilian media and the Lula regime are accusing Bolsonaro of inciting the capitol invasion. U.S. media fellow travelers are bleating about extraditing Bolsonaro from Florida to face prosecution in Brazil, and the false flag operation is being used to purge security forces in Brasília.)

Like his buddy, the felonious classified-document-stealing Biden, Lula issued numerous decrees his first day in office, including the immediate closing of thousands of gun clubs, which were the means by which the Bolsonaro administration expanded the exercise of natural gun rights. As many as 3 million Brazilians lost their jobs as a consequence – not unlike the cancellation of the Keystone Pipeline on Day 1 of the Biden coup.

All of this represents an epic fail by the Brazilian military, clearly tasked by the Brazilian constitution with keeping constitutional order (which was broken over a year ago by a tyrannical, extra-constitutional Supreme Court), resolving disputes between government branches, and assuring clean elections. The military’s own report admitted they were denied by the Electoral Court all of the essential information needed to confirm the election’s validity.

The military leadership’s failure – the rank and file, I have been told repeatedly, are on the side of the patriots – greatly increases the risk of violence to restore constitutional order.

Is there any hope of a peaceful resolution?

As Brazil descends into leftist chaos – at a faster clip than is occurring in the U.S. – there is a remote chance the military leadership wakes up or is forced to choose sides by a determined group of 2nd or 3rd level officers. The Army’s Commander has already been exchanged by Lula, who was so confident in his coup’s success in December that he promised to retire most of the military’s top leadership. (One of his greatest regrets from his disastrous first two terms as President was not having undermined the military more thoroughly by turning the top four levels of promotions into political ones. Now he will move quickly on it.)

Again following the U.S. playbook, Lula has expressed an interest in implementing a Covid jab mandate, which when applied to the military will have the desired effect that it did in the U.S. – driving out many of the patriots and crippling effectiveness, while leaving the most docile, woke, and corruptible of soldiers.

Most Brazilians I speak to have lost all confidence in their military. When asked what happened, they resort to the catch-all reason: they were corrupted (my money, power, retirement packages, etc.).

The only remaining hope for many is in the new Congress, to be seated at the beginning of February. Recall that somehow in October a strongly rightist Congress was elected, while convicted felon Lula won as top squid (due to a plandemic of ballot-splitting). Two thirds of Senators can, after impeachment, remove both the President and/or Supreme Court justices.

So, theoretically, the Presidential-Judicial dictatorship now under full swing needs to be careful. But what the renegade Supreme Court has been able to effect, well outside of the Constitution, by itself is impressive.

Will Congress be able to stand firm? (Recall that elected representatives in the past year were heavily fined or subject to house arrest for speaking out against the Supreme Court or its lawless justices.) Don’t expect Lula-Felon, after his earlier two completed terms, to make rookie mistakes similar to that of the Communist President of Peru, who after trying to disband the Peruvian congress was promptly impeached and thrown in jail.

But let’s say the Congress survives for two years and more or less stands firm.

If the Presidential election was stolen so easily, what is to stop the next congressional ones to be fraudulent as well?

Now that the military punted, can Congress manage to clean the electoral process by itself?

Here the similarities with the U.S. continue. The Brazilian Congress needs to investigate and work tirelessly to reform the digital voting system – and bring in the paper ballot proof that Bolsonaro decreed a year prior to the election, but the Supreme Court denied in order to secure the steal.

Will the elected representatives have the spine to stand up to two corrupted branches of government? Their, and Brazil’s, survival as a functioning republic depends on it.

As an aside, allow me to apologize to every Brazilian patriot – as I have for months now. If American patriots had not allowed the White House be stolen by a Communist cabal in the U.S., the same would have been unlikely in Brazil (or in Colombia, Peru, Chile, etc.).

While America doesn’t control, it does influence. Back when we were a beacon of hope, an example of how a constitutional republic works, we helped to protect the hemisphere. The Monroe Doctrine kept out many evil foreign initiatives – imperfectly.

Now that America so easily succumbed to incipient tyranny, we are a force for evil in the hemisphere – as shown by Tony Blinken’s visit to Brazil and Biden’s corrupt congratulations to Lula on the day of the election, despite massive voting irregularities. We are complicit in Brazil’s destruction.

Will the U.S. House of Representatives, alone, be able to investigate and expose enough corruption within the U.S. to assure a fair election in 2024?

If it does, will the Brazilian Congress – with greater conservative majorities – be able to follow a similar path?

And, if the U.S. House heroically turns back the Communist tide within the U.S., will a conservative and constitutional Executive Branch starting in 2025 be able to help turn back the lawless tide in Brazil – or will it be too late?

The chaos created by the 2020 election steal has metastasized around the world, from Ukraine, to Taiwan, to Latin America and Brazil – where Communist China’s inroads will greatly multiply.

To end on notes of hope. Here a video shows the hated and tyrannical Chief Justice de Moraes, along with a former “centrist” state governor, being booed and heckled to leave a restaurant in Brasília. Could one imagine something similar happening in Washington D.C.? The Brazilian people, when filled with justifiable anger, are brave, courageous, and determined – even in large, more leftist cities.

After Jan. 6, essentially all American patriots were cowed into submission and stopped protesting in public. I hope Brazilians, once they get their dander up, are made of firmer stuff.

A last note of hope:

Dick Borden (a pseudonym) is a Brazilianist who has published numerous articles and a book on Brazil, as well as lectured on the country to various audiences, including to the Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in New York City and Brazilian diplomats. While a resident of Florida, he is currently at an undisclosed location in Brazil.


16 comments on “Don’t Despair Brazil - Yet”

    1. Russ, for sure: without God on our side we do little to no good. At the same time, we must act/speak/exhort in line with His word, and not be passive or fatalist. Our amazing Founders studied the Bible, spoke out, and eventually had to act.

  1. Well said! Fervent prayers for the US(and the entire World)to turn from Communism immediately. We must ALL do our part.🙏🏼

    1. Thank you, Amy. I couldn't agree more with "We must ALL do our part" including speaking truth to power even at the risk of persecution.

  2. A questão de Deus é atemporal, por que somos imediatistas, então a pauta e agenda divinas não batem com a pauta e agenda dos terráqueos, então, em nome de Deus, temos que tentar de todas as formas fazer prevalecer o bem sobre o mal. Se cremos, Deus vê a tudo assiste. Don't worry, go ahead

  3. There was not an unsuccessful coup attempt on January 08; there was a successful one completed on January 01. We feared this would happen in Brazil after we saw what happened in USA in 2020. The leftist Marxist now have a proven template for a modern revolution. It was developed in Venezuela and now has been successful in the two largest nations in the hemisphere!

  4. Lying report from the first to the last word. Just for example, the terrorists were not detained in the open (they themselves posted on social networks), no one died (fake news with a stock photo), no one under 18 was detained. It seems, it just seems, that this newspaper is from the extreme right.

  5. This text is so lying, hallucinatory, inverted and disconnected from reality, and written in such bad English, that it's funny. From a Bolsonaro supporter, that is, a simple-minded fascist, nothing could be expected but chaos and terrorism.

  6. Tinha o Exército como orgulho nacional, a decepção foi grande!! A única esperança é o congresso e senado eleito em 2022, caso contrário, não temos mais a quem recorrer.

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