• EVENT: Florida For America First, West Palm Beach Coverage

    September 10, 2022
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    Esteemed journalist Lara Logan leads conference on Florida election integrity.

    Below is rolling reporting blog from speakers:

    • Florida has major problems even with DeSantis and being a very red state. Big money is after the state to steal elections
    • Is Florida the Gold Standard? Broward County Supervisor of Elections declares biggest concern he has is physical threats - although he has no threats. He's not concerned for election integrity
    • Wifi access to election machines need to be checked at time of voting via your cellphone
    • ERIC needs to be removed from Florida elections
    • Corrupt election officials are harassing poll watchers. Florida is NOT the gold standard
    • Artificial intelligence running our elections with machine fraud
    • 65 out of 67 counties in Florida were hit digitally in 2020
    • Florida voters having their addresses changed online for mail-in ballot delivery, then addresses changed back prior to election
    • Why are Florida voter rolls not being cleaned up two years later?
    • Citizens must get involved via one-on-one relationships to change minds, and educate on election integrity
    • Lara Logan directs to not let people get away with leftist lies...ERIC is a good example
    • Black Democrat speakers describe anger at Dem party for election fraud
    • Bipartisan anger against the machine, Americans are not divided, and want their republic back

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