• Florida America First Movement Issues Call To Support Sharon Regan For RPOF Chair

    December 11, 2023
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    DR. JOSEPH SANSONE issued a call to arms for the America First movement in Florida to support Sharon Regan for chair of the Republican Party of Florida.

    You can read the statement below:

    This is a short call to action for my readers that live in Florida. Sorry if you do not live in Florida, which is most of you, there is no way to segment readers by geography in Substack.

    There is a meeting on December 17th to remove current (RPOF) Republican Party of Florida Chair, Christian Zeigler, due to a sex scandal. I am not invested in the outcome of this meeting one way or another and have not been advocating for his removal or not, however, if Zeigler is replaced, there is a true America First Patriot that I’d like to see as the replacement.

    Sharon Regan is the Chair of the Santa Rosa County Republican Party. Sharon was one of only about 3-4 County Party Chairs that responded to my email requesting they take up my ‘Ban the Jab’ resolution. Santa Rosa County was one of the ten County Republican Parties that passed the ‘Ban the Jab’ resolution by a unanimous secret paper ballot vote.

    While I don’t know if the Governor will do his job, I am confident that if Sharon were elected chair that she would pressure the governor to do his job and ban the use of these nanoparticle bioweapon injections in the state of Florida.  

    Sharon is also opposed to the unverifiable computer voting scheme and supports real paper ballot elections. She is aware of issues such as Centralized Digital Currencies, 15 Minute Cities, and the other issues arising from The Great Reset.

    There are several phony America First Chairs from a few different counties. While there may be other legitimate people, I know Sharon is the real deal. On the State Party website there are three people listed with each county. The Chair, along with a State Committeeman and a State Committeewoman. These three people from each county make up the State Party Executive Committee and will vote to replace the current Chair if he is replaced.

    Please call and email these three people and urge them to support Sharon Regan for Chair if they remove Zeigler. If you live in Florida, please click on this link and pick your county.

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