• Miami-Dade Residents Are Receiving Unsolicited Mail-In Ballots, Highlighting Concerns Of Election Fraud

    August 16, 2022
    Downtown Miami. Image by Don Ramey Logan

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    Residents of Miami-Dade County have reportedly received unsolicited mail-in ballots this election year raising concerns of electoral fraud, Miami-Dade Republican Executive Committee Election Integrity Subcommittee Chairman Henry Zarb told The Miami Independent.

    The fact that residents are receiving unsolicited ballots may mean those residents are possibly "stuck" on a mail-in ballot list -- a list they can be added to if they ever requested a mail-in ballot in the past.

    "Loose" unsolicited ballots can pose a threat to election integrity, Zarb says. When a resident of Miami-Dade (or any resident living in a county where mail-in ballots are offered) changes their address and or leaves town, a "loose" mail-in ballot could still be sent to their former address. Such "loose" ballots face the susceptibility of being manipulated by bad actors looking to influence the electoral process.

    “Vote by mail is the method that is most vulnerable to vote fraud and, not surprisingly, the highest proportion of vote fraud is found to occur in vote by mail," Zarb said.

    Voting via mail-in ballot in contrast to traditional in-person voting leads to a "protracted process" Zarb explains. With multiple potential points for abuse, Zarb believes mail-in ballots need to be tightly administered to minimize potential election integrity violations.

    Since Miami-Dade County mail-in ballots are without ballot control numbers and the signature confirmation process can be easily manipulated, Zarb explains the protracted mail-in ballot system allows for much error and possible fraud.

    Zarb also points towards poorly drafted legislation which "opens the door" to all sorts of potential abuse. For example, when proving citizenship, a voter is required only to sign a box on the ballot confirming they are indeed a citizen. Recalling the potential problems with mail-in ballots listed above, forging one's citizenship on a mail-in ballot is possible.

    "It should be a very small proportion of the total vote [votes via mail-in ballot], reserved for voters whose circumstances truly warrant it. Instead, it has become all too easy for anyone to request, and get, a mail-in ballot," Zarb stated.

    "This is a huge concern when vote by mail represents millions of votes in Florida alone, and elections are won by often the smallest of margins. The whole system needs tightening up," he continued.

    Kris Jurski, a Florida resident and businessman has identified an array of problems with the electoral process in his home state.

    In an article published by the American Policy Center, Kat Stansell outlines Jurski's findings.

    Beginning with the "Motor Voter Act" or the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) of 1993, most states ignored the NVRA's mandate stipulating that voter registration forms must be distributed at licensing centers (DMV's).

    However, following the formation of the ERIC (Electronic Registration Information Center) in 2012, Jurski states "DMV’s in a number of states began assuming more of the registration process."

    Labeling ERIC as "a massive data-gathering system that acts as a get-out-the-vote organization for the Left, and an intelligence- gathering mechanism on all state residents," of which Florida is a member, Jurski explains that state drivers' data including green card holders, id card holders, and even learners' permits applicants are all uploaded to ERIC.

    "Kris Jurski has found that the DMV input mandated by ERIC is the key to feeding millions of names of people ineligible to vote, into the voter rolls. He calls it the “Green Card Loophole”. He sees ERIC as an intelligence-gathering system that keeps personal records on everyone with a drivers license or who votes," Stansell writes.

    Stating that "since 2019, over 80 percent of all voter registrations are accomplished at the Division of Motor Vehicles," and that since 2017 there is no spot to declare citizenship on the form following a change by the Director of Elections, "essentially, every applicant at the motor vehicle center is registered and re-registered to vote."

    "In Florida, we know that those registering at the Motor Vehicle locations do NOT have to be a US citizen. Each member state’s drivers permit applications differ, but many manage to get around or avoid the citizenship issue. ERIC itself, in its bylaws, forbids any voter application to be flagged for being a non- citizen," Stanwell writes.

    Focusing on Florida's elderly population, constituting 20.9% of the entire state population, Jurski highlights that residents over the age of 65 need no identification to register to vote and that "all registration for them is done by mail... In 75% of the assisted living and nursing facilities canvassed, over 50% of the names registered to that facility do not live there. Pure elder abuse," Stanwell writes.


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    1 year ago

    The DemocRATs will cheat anyway they can to win an election. That is the only way thy can win.

    Everyone with an IQ above their shoe size knows that the 2020 presidential election was rigged.
    Nasty Pelosi knows the election was rigged.
    Chuck U. Schumer knows the electrion was rigged.
    Shithead Schiff knows the election was rigged.
    The cheating, crooked DemocRATs know the election was rigged.
    The true American people know the election was rigged.
    The fake news lame stream left-wing lying media knows the election was rigged.

    1 year ago

    The Democrat Party, which was built upon racism, are targeting hispanic communities in miami south dade to further manipulate and exploit them. The Jill Biden woman's racial slur against them of her "breakfast tacos" is continued proof of that and Joe Biden's long association with the KKK, past and present.

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