• Globalists Promise A "Better" World

    December 11, 2023

    Every Candidate in the Last Debate is One...

    Graphic based on a Bilderberger powermapping
    Image by Frank Zweers

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    “Better”, in Klaus Schwab’s world, means getting closer to reaching the World Economic Forum’s goals of world depopulation and control. I’m not saying that Haley, DeSantis, Ramaswamy, and Christie openly advocate for the above, but they are funded and backed by those who play ball in this league - and you are known by the company you keep, especially in the dark and dirty land of politics

    After Thursday night’s debate among the also-rans, Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum, made a video. Maybe he was trying to help those failing RINO’s who flopped around on the stage trying to prove their relevance as a candidate in a race that has already been decided for the one candidate who supports our constitutional republic? I’m thinking that Schwab could tell they needed help, so he tried to explain how wonderful was the One World Movement - in which they are each involved as RINO/Globalists, whether or not they intend to be Ok, maybe that’s silly, but stranger things have happened, so follow me here for a minute…helping them could potentially help the WEF to attain their goals.

    “The Great Reset is simply an opportunity to build a better world” says the head of the World Economic Forum, to those of us he thinks too stupid to understand what that group stands for. Let’s quickly review the big three building blocks of the WEF.

    World depopulation - one of the mainstays of the “Great Reset”— is NOT going to make things better for either those killed off, or those left behind to become slaves. The murderous control mechanism of fear of a fake virus, Covid, which was never isolated, combined with massive government money which paid members of the medical profession to ignore their Hippocratic oath, helped to kill off millions. See here and here, if you don’t believe this yet. There is more to come, with the next scamdemic now working its way over from China. Stay tuned.

    The Green Energy movement wherein, among other absurdities, the use of fossil fuels is forbidden, and life-giving CO2 will be captured and “buried” on private lands. This is a proven loser for the planet, but a main effort of the Globalists. The Green New Deal exists to destroy us, not help us OR their god, Mother Earth. You don’t even need links to know about the failures of everything Greenie-Weenie; you’ve heard it all before.

    The One World Order, where we all will be controlled by them, stands ready to scoop up the shards of civilization, created by efforts like scamdemics and scientific absurdities like the Green Movement. Schwab and company are ready to rule, as a ONE WORLD government, with ONE currency, one military, and one set of (unelected) leaders. All it will take is one American President who plays along with their deadly game.

    Remember these Globalist/RINO/One-Worlders who stand on debate stages and bleachers at county fairs, and pontificate about how THEY are the best choice for America. What they are telling us, whether they realize it or not, is, that WE aren’t smart enough to figure out their puppet-masters, so WE should follow their smiles and lies, instead of their backgrounds, their funding and their supporters.

    All roads for the RINO/Globalist gang point to Klaus and his not-so-merry men. Scratch the surface and you will find the big money that plays in big circles, and supports candidates who will do as they say.

    I still believe that We The People are supposed to decide what is better for us, rather than having the likes of Klaus Schwab explain what a better world Globalism will be. I know that may be considered naive, but it is true and it’s time we get back to basics. The time for living in freedom is running very short.

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    7 months ago

    In the article you did not name who from the likes of the WEF is funding each one. You made a statement without giving any proof.

    Plato v2.0
    Plato v2.0
    7 months ago
    Reply to  DolphinJumps

    The author INCORRECTLY in your case assumed the reader would have common sense and not need names. Thank you for paying at home we have some nice parting gifts and no return invitation for you!

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