GOP Canvasser In Hialeah Stabbed, Beaten By Four Who Said 'Republicans Don't Belong Here'

October 24, 2022
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This story is developing...

We received a text from a GOP attorney in Miami this morning:

Folks it is with great sadness that I inform you all of that one of my GOP colleagues, Christopher Monzon was attacked last night while canvassing by a group of four in Hialeah Gardens. Chris was stabbed and beaten within an inch of his life. He is currently undergoing surgery at the hospital. Please maintain him in your prayers.

Reports are emerging that Monzon alleged he was followed by Antifa and the FBI.

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14 comments on “GOP Canvasser In Hialeah Stabbed, Beaten By Four Who Said 'Republicans Don't Belong Here'”

  1. Another hideous act by the Left - who has a cadre of expensive lawyers to defend any of their cheating poll workers who get caught. Thank David Becker and ERIC and CEIR for that.

  2. If you are a Christian- stay away from political activity, adverts etc... It would have been better for this young man to have been beat for the Name of Jesus than for the names of Rubio and DeSantis. I know that is bold to say- but it IS the TRUTH

  3. And this is WHY canvassing is a BAD idea. Everyone's mind is already made up. Those who haven't are too stupid to even talk to, let alone convince of the "truth"...IF that's what you're selling to begin with.


  4. I think about that old adage: "turn about is fair play" and wonder why it is never used when it is a Republican who is the victim. Could this be the reason democrats are so wildly out of control and think they are beyond the laws which the rest of us face? Does anyone actually believe that if these criminals are given slaps on the hand, they will see the error of their ways? In the words of a great philsopher: fat chance!

  5. 99% of all the political violence in this country comes from the Left, yet the M/ass Media covers it up so thoroughly that Whoopi Goldberg was totally unaware of even ONE of the 633 Antifa-BLM riots in our country that caused billions in damages and resulted in nearly 2 dozen deaths!

  6. IF those four said that in English then they did not come form Hialeah. The last American leaving Hialeah took the flag with him some 5 years ago!

  7. Today this young man was beaten for the names of Rubio and DeSantis, and tomorrow these bastards will kill you for the name of Jesus, they don't care who to kill for. If you are not involved in politics today, then tomorrow politics will be engaged in you.

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