• High-Test Marxism Is The Revenge For Our Having Won In 2016 (And 2020)

    January 14, 2024

    .Hand Counting Ballots in 2024 Will be Ours!

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    Everybody knows that the 2020 election was an even bigger win for America, than was 2016. Of course, 2020 wasn’t allowed to happen. Since then, the speed of our country’s destruction has been turned up, by those who had to cheat to get power. We know that, as well. We are NOT frogs who will be boiled alive, however, because the water started out uncomfortably hot. Look at what happened in Trump’s first term. Turning up the heat has only energized us, and broadened our base.

    What I want to share today, is just how that is all coming down. - the obvious and the not so. AND, what we can do about it. It’s not just the disintegration of our Constitution, the Executive Orders and votes coming out of the swamp. Or that lawfare has replaced law enforcement. It is the “representatives” that we have placed in office that are at the bottom of it all. Not a shocking statement. But, stay tuned…

    There are three levels of governance in America. Federal, state, and local. You know that, and you know where you have power. Do not be distracted by the bright shiny object of a national presidential election. There is much more going on, a lot closer to home and our control. Keeping an eye on DC is necessary, of course.. There are several good sites for doing so and for checking on who is voting with whom, on a continuum from Constitutional to Communist. Might be that this is unnecessary for you, but, give me a moment to share…

    The bi-weekly magazine, The New American, published by the John Birch Society (JBS), can help you with that. It has just released its latest Freedom Index, which scores our US Congressional “representatives” by how they vote in Congress, basically pro-or con- our Constitutional law. The Freedom Index is a valuable tool.

    Many of you already have a favorite scoring site, like Conservative Review’s Liberty Score, with which to keep an eye on who is voting for what. Personally, I prefer JBS’s ratings, as they seem to be more current and strict. And, I’m BIG on our Constitution. Without it, we are a third-world banana republic.

    Check in to either one, but do remember these DC creatures are farthest from our grasp. The ones we can affect, are closer to home.

    The Marxist disintegration of America is everywhere today. You don’t need me or the JBS or anyone else to tell you that. Families, churches, schools and whole cities are becoming unrecognizable. You know what you see. You can feel it all around you. You can literally smell America rotting.

    Here’s what we must do to work effectively against that. Get familiar with every local official you have. Judges, school board members, even people on the water authority board and the dog-catcher (excuse me, “animal control”). While you’re watching the votes of our national “representatives”, get to know the authorities in your town, because there is real damage being done in LOCAL elections, and that is harder to spot. The enemy is among us. I am NOT exaggerating.

    Look what Hillary did to most of the country since 2017…and you thought she LOST the election. Right?

    Did you know that 629 young socialists/communists are holding office today, in 47 of our 50 states? This has happened since 2019. Give that time to sink in.

    On the very day of Trump’s inauguration in 2017 Hillary’s started up an organization called “Run for Something” It’s mission was to solicit, train and fund young socialists to run for LOCAL offices in every state. The bitter loser wasted no time in self-pity, although I’m sure her cocktail hours were sometimes days long , and by 2019, they had candidates on ballots. By 2022, they had 629 of them elected to local office. The little commies were even targeted to beat old incumbent Democrats, who weren’t far enough to the left. This was their revenge for our having elected Trump.

    Here are the states, with the most little Karls and Karlettas (Marx family progeny) holding office: PA(50); CA (48); NY (44); TX (38); MA (30); CO (27); MI (24); NH (24); IL (23); OH (23); MN (23); VA (22); FL (21); IN (21); NC (19); GA (17); KS (16); AZ(16); MO (15); WI (13); NV (9); RI (9); TN (8); WA (8); DE (7); CT (6); IA (6); ME (6); NB (6); OK (6); KY (5); SC (5); AR (4); MD (4); MT (4); NM (4); HI (3); OR (3); MS (2); VT (2); WV (2); AK (1); AL (1); LA (1); ND (1); UT (1); WY (1)

    Did you even know who they were when you saw them on the balot?

    There are the states targeted for leftist takeover. If you live in one of the states with 1, 2, or 3 little Marxists in power, you are either part of a very astute electorate, or your state is just not on the menu for now.

    These kids hold office from dogcatcher to State legislator, and everything in between. Judgships are very popular. Daddy George Soros. taught them well. The damage is being felt, especially where they are judges.

    Getting hand-counting of ballots approved across the country is our revenge, for 2020. That is our goal, and we MUST reach it.

    Hillary’s RFS, shows how setting a goal and sticking to it can have pretty amazing results: 629 new young Commies in governance in 47 states. They were focused on the prize. Their “prize” is darkness. Ours would be freedom.

    What if we got 47 states to count the 2024 ballots by hand?? Wow.

    Let me repeat. As of the latest figures, updated (2022) in RFS online, there have been over 629 young commies elected to office in key states. Think this has something to do with the change we’re feeling? I don’t know if these kids were voted in, fair and square, but that’s not the point. They were placed on the ballot and advertised heavily by a group with a very anti-American mission, and hardly anyone noticed.

    Think the country wouldn’t feel the fresh air of integrity if we got hand counts to happen all over the country? We can fix a LOT with just that one simple thing.

    Run For Something is only one organization - yes, funded in part by our old nemesis, Soros - but it is very organized, and VERY intent on its mission. Think of how much just these few hundred Marxist-trained kids from RFS have marked their states since being in office - and “marking” is an act of possession…just ask a Kat. . .or, just ask a Texan, about one RFS graduate, Judge Lina Hidalgo.

    The Left never stops; that is why they so dangerous. They are committed to radical social change, and they give it their all. One volunteer in the Obama ground game for 2012 reelection, said something I will never forget. “We didn’t just show up, we interrupted our lives.” Boom! THAT is the secret to their growth. That is what WE must do as well. WE are committed to freedom. Aren’t we?? What a much better goal than tyranny. We can never stop. We MUST interrupt our lives.

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    You and yours CAN make a difference. Interrupt your lives. At the moment, you can’t do anything about the commies already holding office, but you CAN help us to have the hand-count revenge for the steal of 2020. Please spend as much of every single day as you possibly can, before the next general election, working toward getting your state to approve the hand counting of ballots, even in parallel to machines. Make phone calls, meet with legislators, grow a large group that will convince them. Then do it again. Make the group larger. Push. Demand direct answers, and if they fall short, put that out for all to see.

    We will be lucky to be able to HAVE an election in 2024. You can help to increase the chances by organizing and spotlighting our strength and focus. Interrupt your lives.

    Come on…get off the couch and out the door. We have a country to save, and if we lose our free and fair elections, we lose it all. After 2024, it won’t matter… If you choose to give up, you will have the opportunity to explain to your grandchildren that you didn’t secure their futures, and why. So, really there IS no choice.

    WE MUST INTERRUPT OUR LIVES. I want this phrase ringing in your ears the way it has mine, since I read that. “We didn’t just show up, we interrupted out lives .”

    If we cannot be as effective as they can be, we will not have lives worth living. Ask any Venezuelan…

    I have faith in Americans, though. More and more are watching the skies darken, and feeling the power of the oncoming storm. It is never too late to wake up. Until it is.



    Kat Stansell

    Kat Stansell is an international banker turned stay-at-home mother turned grassroots activist and writer. She has worked with local boards, county and state political organizations, and served on election teams of three US Congressional candidates. Her writing began 15 years ago with letters to editors. She has been an organizer for large and small events and a columnist for a conservative monthly paper, She now is a national news contributor with focus on local awareness and action. She believes that party labels are useless and the cause of much of the national angst today. America's only two choices are between the Constitutional Repulblic and Communism, Not “R” or “D” Follow her on her Substack Pat4evr/KatsMeow

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    Ed Vidal
    6 months ago

    Don’t Tread On Me!

    6 months ago

    It will have to come to fist to cuffs I imagine….

    6 months ago

    Where is the link to the list of 629 commies who made it into office since 2019?

    Diana Barahona
    Diana Barahona
    5 months ago

    You know that word you keep using, Marxism? I don't think it means what you think it means.

    Diana Barahona
    Diana Barahona
    5 months ago

    Kat, you say that "communism" is interchangeable with totalitarianism. You also say, 'We are at that stage where we cannot nitpick.'
    If terms don't matter, can I call Catholics "Satanists"? Can I call Jews "Rothschilds"?
    Maybe it doesn't matter which group is puppeting the Biden administration. It could be the CPC, or the WEF, or maybe it's the Venezuelan government.
    As diplomats know, terms do matter, because it's stupid to slander large groups of people or the governments of nations.

    Diana Barahona
    Diana Barahona
    5 months ago

    Kat replied: "No slander intended. Awareness is the goal. If folks still support the side that is taking us down, then they are either clueless or complicit."
    Kat, if you libel someone, claiming ignorance of the words you used won't help you in court.
    I asked you whether the group that is trying to "take us down" is the CPC, the WEF or the Venezuelan government and you didn't answer. Identifying the enemy matters in a war. Whom are you fighting -- terrorism? Drugs? The Russians?

    Diana Barahona
    Diana Barahona
    5 months ago

    Let me try this another way, Kat. The CIA (which is part of the Luciferian Brotherhood) has spent $ trillions to convince you that the capitalist class (the Satanic Council) are Marxists and socialists and collectivists. You loudly repeat CIA propaganda and think you're an expert on politics, history and sociology, when you know nothing, not even the definition of Marxism, socialism or collectivism.

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