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    December 22, 2023
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    Doral, Florida - Back in high school during the Cold War my bus took me past a synagogue in Skokie, Illinois, with a big sign proclaiming: “Save Soviet Jews.” Your correspondent did not know much about the people of Israel then, having been raised Roman Catholic and attending a Jesuit high school, but if the Soviets were persecuting them, then they couldn’t be all bad. As Winston Churchill observed, you are known by the enemies you make.

    Today we know who they are, and they are worth defending against the murderous Muslim Jihadists. Ivy League Presidents proclaimed in Congress that defending the people of Israel from violent anti-semitic attacks and pogroms on campus depends on the context. White House interns anonymously petitioned for a cease fire in order to protect Hamas from the righteous retribution of the armed forces of Israel.

    To borrow from Cato the Elder: “Hamas Delenda Est.” Israel must do to Gaza what Tacitus wrote that Rome had done to Carthage: Turn it into a desolation and call it peace.

    Gaza is not occupied territory of Palestine, because Israel withdrew in 2005. If Gaza is a slum, that is the doing of the Jihadists who run it. Gaza could be a prosperous city-state, like Hong Kong and Singapore, but Jihadists are not interested in life, liberty and prosperity; they are only interested in murdering Jews. They don’t even treat their own people well, given that Hamas intercepts all aid to Gaza, and most aid does not reach ordinary people.

    The Jihadists who attacked the people of Israel on Saturday, October 7 are worse than the Nazis. The Nazis mostly did not use regular troops to murder Jews; instead, they used paramilitary task forces (einsatzgruppen), plus local auxiliaries. Those units had morale problems and appear to have suffered some remorse. They did not want the world to know what they were doing. On the other hand, all Hamas terrorists participated in this pogrom and took videos of themselves committing atrocities. They even bragged openly about how many Jews they had murdered. Jihadists have no conscience or shame. They are a death cult.

    How can there be a two-state solution, when one of those states will be run by a death cult, like Iran? And where are the feminists and other human rights groups in objecting to the use of rape as a weapon of war by the Jihadists? Where is Michelle Obama with her #BringBackOurGirls?

    Free Palestine indeed, from Muslim imperialism, tyranny and barbarity. Jews are the indigenous people of Judea, Samaria, Galilee and the Golan Heights. Hamas is the enemy and oppressor of the people of Gaza. No wonder old maps referred to the North African coast of the Mediterranean Sea as the “Barbary Coast.” Palestine needs a Reconquista 2.0.

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    Spain and Portugal were conquered by Jihadists starting in the year 711, and it took until the year 1492 to drive them out completely. The oceanic exploration started by these countries in the 1400’s were, in part, an attempt to get around Jihadist control of the Middle East and the trade routes to India and China, especially after the Jihadist conquest of Constantinople in 1453. As a result, the Spanish reached the New World of the Americas in 1492, and the Portuguese reached the Indian Ocean in 1500 and China in 1513. See: https://miamiindependent.com/columbus-day-is-a-grand-american-holiday/. This global exploration represented a continuation of their crusade to liberate their homelands from the Jihadist yoke - - the Reconquista.

    Iran is another ancient civilization that has been oppressed under the Jihadist yoke. Fortunately, it has an active resistance movement to restore that country to the ranks of the civilized. See: https://histriabooks.com/product/paying-the-price-the-untold-story-of-the-iranian-resistance/. These resistance fighters are also worth supporting.

    Jewish Lives Matter. The survival of the people of Israel is too important to be left to the Jews. Many of them are secular and trapped in cowardice and self-loathing. For example, the Obama-Biden 3.0 administration represents, as noted by Ken Abramowitz of Save The West: “a coalition government of globalists, jihadists and communists.” Yet around 60% of Jews in America voted for it and still support it.

    Those Jews support BLM, even though BLM supports the murder of Jews, as shown in the photo above. Black Lives Matter is a Marxist hoax. We already knew that BLM stands for Burn, Loot and Murder, and also for Buy Large Mansions. Now we know that it also stands for Murder the People of Israel. Journalist and novelist Tom Wolfe reported that Leonard Bernstein hosted parties to raise funds for the Black Panther Party. See: https://nymag.com/article/tom-wolfe-radical-chic-that-party-at-lennys.html. Secular Jews did not stand with Israel during the Hannukah war, and they cannot be counted to do so today.

    The story of Latinos immigrating to America mirrors the exodus of the people of Israel out of slavery in Egypt to a new land. As President Milei puts it: “Long Live Liberty, Damn it!” Accordingly, Latinos of all backgrounds, including volunteers from other ethnicities and cultures, should say: “I Stand with Israel!”



    Eduardo Vidal

    Eduardo Vidal is a lawyer and political activist. His family brought him when he was nine years old from Cuba to the USA, but now the rule of law has been eroded in the USA as well, and we are turning into Cuba and the rest of Latin America.

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