• Magic City Political Machine Update

    November 9, 2023
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    Magic City Political Machine Update

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    An informal meeting of the Miami-Dade County Republican Executive Committee (REC) was held at the Sweetwater headquarters on October 24th. Many issues were brought up, and attendance was approximately 40 people. In true swamp-like fashion, attendance was taken even though the memo for this meeting indicated it would not be taken.

    The first subject brought up was regarding scheduling of meetings. Scheduling meetings annually so members can plan time accordingly was discussed with a generally positive response from the group. Chairman Rizzo did not seem heavily committed to support. It may or may not end up in the future year being done.

    This fundamental conflict correlates with the fact that no Miami-Dade REC leadership has acknowledged the grievance against them for not scheduling meetings in advance, keeping open positions secret, and not following standard meeting procedures such as Roberts Rules. We consider this just another ubiquitous effort to maintain power and control against the majority will of local conservative Republicans.

    The next item was regarding candidates and getting conservative candidates to run for office. Chairman Rizzo outlined a number of the candidates for the offices at the county level and indicated that we have some severe gaps without candidates running. The group stated that it was essential we get conservative candidates, not RINOS; however, the vast majority of current politicians serving in Local, State, and Federal offices are RINOS. Rinos, meaning they are perpetually in office, primarily attorneys who incessantly compromise with Liberals and violate conservative values to remain in power. They do not fight for their constituents or their country.

    Your correspondent brought up the precinct captain strategy to enhance our active numbers to get Republicans registered and get conservative candidates elected. It was not well received by both Chairman Rizzo and Vice Chairman Cooper. Cooper deferred to having Committeemen Ben Batchelder and L. Todd Wood be responsible for precinct captain recruitment in my district on Miami Beach as they are the two Committeeman there. I differed and said it was a function of REC leadership to do this. Not well received.

    The precinct strategy is intended to get motivated and active Republicans in each and every precinct in the nation. Nationally, the Republican Party has been lazy and deceitful as the vast majority of precincts are uncaptained, and Party leadership could not care less about filling those positions as it would likely cause drastic changes in who’s running the show. Here in Miami, Magic City Leadership wants followers only. If REC leadership wants good Conservative candidates for office, then why wouldn’t you want to increase your recruiting team by 600%?

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    Miami-Dade County has 1000 precincts. Currently, the REC has only 40 districts composed of 4 people, two men and two women. Only two votes count per district; therefore, only 80 people determine the MD REC’s policy. As of November 1st, 2023, there are 433,6512 registered Republican voters in the county. How are four people supposed to energize 2500 people per district to vote, campaign for candidates, and run for office when there is no connection between the party and the people? On top of this, the county has 468,0643 Non-Party affiliated voters. REC leadership expects to increase voter turnout and registration for approximately 5000 people per REC committee person without spending a dime to support them or solicit donations from members to get out the vote.

    The discussion also went next to kicking out the RINO Congresspeople, such as Congresswoman Salazar and Congressman Gimenez, as examples; however, a long list of current officeholders was included in this list. That discussion ultimately led to a conflict between leaders such as State Committeewoman Ros, who indicated that a Republican in name only was better than a Democrat. The group seemed fairly closely split on this, but probably slightly more on kicking out Gimenez.

    Another issue was fighting the climate change agenda, which two Election Integrity Advocates eloquently put forth. It was brilliantly argued that the battle should be at the net zero level. It was stated quite clearly that net zero is completely unachievable and the the US has already made tremendous progress whereas the rest of the world has not. The key is that when people are no longer allowed to travel and have their lives restricted, Conservatives will win the battle of Green vs. Liberty.

    The rally for Israel was brought up next, and chairman Rizzo indicated that we would be making a new effort to include print commentary, meeting with leaders in the Jewish community, and staging a support event. This discussion led to the inclusivity element to increase our ranks.

    Ruben Young had a fantastic rabble-rousing discussion about support for the black community supporting Laverne Spicers’ Curly House charitable events, which is part of the inclusivity effort to include all segments of ethnicity in the Republican Party. Chairman Rizzo did make a good point regarding this by saying look around the room, and you’ll see that this is the Republican Party of today. Lastly, we had a representative from a Haitian radio station whose name I’m not aware of, but she indicated that as the Haitian community is socially conservative, we need to work towards inroads in that regard.

    Vice Chairman Kevin Cooper and Chairman Rizzo then indicated how the State Committeemen election would proceed. Interested men are required to submit a resume with a statement about themselves, and there will be a meeting in November, a date to be determined for a town hall and election of the state committee person. Purportedly, the State Committeeman position is open to ALL Miami-Dade County Registered Republicans, not just REC members. If interested, send your resume and a brief write-up about why you are running to Vice Chairman Cooper at [email protected] or Chairman Rizo at [email protected] .

    A brief moment of silence was made for the 40th anniversary of the Beirut Marine Corps Barracks bombing, killing hundreds of brave Americans. It was noted that not one major news outlet took the time to remember this horrific moment in time.

    In summary, this meeting was a likely olive branch for REC members, many of whom have felt neglected and their voices not heard. We would reiterate the words of wiser men than I with the statement, do not be fooled by their words; be convinced by their actions.

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    Douglass Ross

    Douglas J. Ross is originally from Wisconsin and is a long-time resident of Miami, Florida. He is a veteran Navy pilot from the Cold War period, having graduated from the US Naval Academy. After retiring as an international airline Captain, he now works as an Investment Advisor and also volunteers with Patriotic groups like the Convention of States and the Association of Mature American Citizens. In his free time, he enjoys writing.

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    Ben Batchelder
    6 months ago

    Great article, Doug, thank you for attending & writing up. (I was out of country at time.) One correction: L. Todd Wood & I are Alternate Committeemen for Miami Beach, were elected last year before REC RINOs decided to stack elections against any MAGA candidate. The full CMs appear to be RINO placeholders who rarely show up. Good to see you were able to engage with REC leadership that is, in my view, unethical, flaunting the rules & have openly declared war on the entire MAGA base.

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