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    August 11, 2023

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    Doral, Florida - Earlier this week the Election Integrity Brigade of Miami-Dade County hosted several speakers in Coral Gables to discuss how Republicans are preparing for the upcoming elections this year and next.

    Chase the Vote

    Driena Sixto, Florida Field Manager for Turning Point Action, the political action affiliate of Charlie Kirk’s Turning Point USA, described their new initiative to “Chase the Vote.” This initiative was announced last month at Turning Point Action’s conference in West Palm Beach. See: https://miamiindependent.com/turning-point-action-in-west-palm-beach/. It does not promote ballot harvesting, which is unlawful in Florida, but ballot chasing.

    Chase the Vote is an initiative conducted by grassroots conservative activists with Turning Point Action. They will contact voters who have received Vote-By-Mail (“VBM”) ballots to encourage them to vote. For this effort, Turning Point Action proposes to deploy next year over 1,000 paid field organizers in the three core battleground states of Arizona, Georgia and Wisconsin. The field organizers will identify Republican voters, register them to vote when necessary, inspire those voters at events and rallies, and mobilize those voters to their poling stations (on Election Day and also during early voting). They believe that there exist Republican majorities in those battleground states, but in 2022 they did not show up to vote.

    Turning Point Action is also working with other organizations, such as Early Vote Action, Tea Party Patriots Action and America First Works, to expand their impact to other battleground states like Nevada, Michigan, Pennsylvania and even Florida. They urge all Republicans to make plans to vote, become precinct leaders, join a Turning Point Action coalition, attend Turning Point Action events, and Chase the Vote. Their new, not so secret weapon, is the “Turning Point Action App,” which may be downloaded right now on to your phone.

    Driena may be contacted at: [email protected]; and Tel: (786) 768-6482.

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    Florida GOP

    This week the Republican Party of Florida distributed an e-mail proclaiming that “Trump Endorses Vote-by-Mail.” However, that is not what Trump said. Instead, he endorsed “absentee voting,” which is different from VBM because it is available only when there is an acceptable reason for requesting the ballot (such as military service, required travel or physical disability). On the other hand, VBM is available in Florida unconditionally and without meeting requirements, so long as it is requested. The problem is that VBM is rife with fraud. See: (1) https://miamiindependent.com/tammany-hall-shuns-election-integrity/; and (2) https://miamiindependent.com/mailin-it-in-vote-by-mail-is-rife-with-fraud/. VBM does not provide a chain-of-custody, signature matching is very subjective, and there is no photo ID.

    The Florida GOP suggested that Republicans request a VBM ballot and then exercise one of three options: (1) Fill it out and return by mail. They appear to think that you can track your ballot when you mail it back, but that requires using Certified Mail, which in turn requires an additional affirmative act by the voter. Tracking ballots via the United States Postal Service is not like Federal Express or United Parcel Service. (2) Fill it out and drop it off in person at an Elections Office or Early Voting Location. If you are going to do that, then why not simply go to vote in person? Thus you avoid the risk that the VBM ballot mailed to you may be intercepted and voted by another person. Some people like to receive a VBM ballot so that they can consider their choices in advance at home, but there are other reliable sources for that information. (3) Do not fill in your VBM ballot, but instead go vote in person. Then what was the point of requesting the VBM ballot? Again, if you want to know who is on the ballot and for what offices, there are other reliable sources for that.

    What Donald Trump and Governor DeSantis did endorse, however, was early voting, not waiting to vote on Election Day. This is good advice, because election administrators can create obstructions to voting by Republicans on Election Day, as happened during November 2022 in Maricopa County, Arizona, and Harris County, Texas.

    State House of Representatives

    Jorge Navarini, Republican candidate for State House District 103 in Pembroke Pines, Broward County next year, emphasized the importance of standing up for conservative principles. See: https://miamiindependent.com/jorge-navarini-for-state-representative-from-pembroke-pines-broward-county/. He attributed the failure of the Red Wave in November 2022 to the failure of Republicans to show up at their polling stations, and sometimes their failure to vote all the way down the ballot. He agrees with Turning Point Action’s view described above.

    Jorge is running in a purple district in otherwise blue Broward County, with the largest percentage of Hispanics of any district in the county. Accordingly, his campaign is focused on persuading these mostly business and professional immigrants to not continue voting for the same progressive socialist politicians who drove them from their homelands in the first place.

    Supervisors of Elections

    Ruth Swanson is a member of the Election Integrity Brigade and candidate for Supervisor of Elections in Miami-Dade County next year. She was inspired to get involved in politics while teaching English in China and seeing the treatment of Uyghurs. Her top priority is to clean up the voter rolls, which currently hold many ineligible voters.

    Dave Schaffel was born in Miami-Dade County and grew up near Dadeland Mall, but moved to Collier County and now is strongly considering running next year for Supervisor of Elections there. He has worked as an entrepreneur in the Information Technology business for 40 years, but after seeing the absence of election integrity in 2020 and since, he realized that he must use his IT experience to get involved in the election process, because elections are too important to be left to the experts.

    For example, the Florida Association of Supervisors of Elections, Inc. (“FSE”), the trade association of the Supervisors of Elections in all 67 counties of Florida, wielded the most powerful voice in the legislative process during the spring of this year, which produced SB7050. This legislation represents around one step forward and two steps backward for grassroots conservative activists. An organization like that should not be playing a leading role in the legislative process. They constitute a trade union and a cartel of government bureaucrats, with different interests than ordinary citizens, taxpayers and voters. See: https://miamiindependent.com/tammany-hall-in-tallahassee/. The FSE is to election integrity what teachers’ unions are to school choice in public education.

    Miami City Commissioner

    Christi Tasker is a candidate for Miami City Commissioner, District 2, from Edgewater through Brickell to Coconut Grove, with the election on Tuesday, November 7 this year. Christi highlighted how a lot of the flooding in downtown Miami, which is blamed on climate change and sea-level rise, instead is due to poor drainage and incompetent public works by local government. She accused the Miami city government of being run by corrupt patronage players. Christi is the candidate of patriotism, honesty and competence.

    Another office that will be up for election next year, for the first time since the 1960’s, is that of Sheriff, which can be very important for election integrity. Christi’s campaign is under way this year, however, and will lay the groundwork for the campaigns next year. It is important for conservative Republican candidates to get off to a strong start this year.



    Eduardo Vidal

    Eduardo Vidal is a lawyer and political activist. His family brought him when he was nine years old from Cuba to the USA, but now the rule of law has been eroded in the USA as well, and we are turning into Cuba and the rest of Latin America.

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    10 months ago

    Chase the Vote, Vote by Mail, Early Voting, these are all used by the uniparty to steal elections. I listen to the experts:
    The significance of the massive Michigan election fraud story is that it obliterates the “bank the vote” early voting and ballot harvesting plans being proposed by Conservative Inc.
    These democrat groups were using early voting to build out their harvesting operations. -Professor David Clements

    Dorcas Piegari
    Dorcas Piegari
    10 months ago
    Reply to  patti

    Do you mean that Democrats use early voting to know how many votes have been cast by Republicans so they can figure out how many votes they need to manufacture in order to win the election?

    Last edited 10 months ago by Dorcas Piegari
    10 months ago
    Reply to  Dorcas Piegari

    It's one of the many ways the Uniparty (dems & RINOs) manufactures ballots.In the end, you will never out ballot harvest the machines. If you want more data visit the-peoples-audit dot net, theprofessorsrecord on telegram, L. Todd Wood's interviews on CDM rumble channel and sign up to watch Mike Lindell's event at lindellevent dot com. It's Aug 16 & 17.

    Ed Vidal
    9 months ago
    Reply to  Dorcas Piegari

    Not always. Early voting is worth doing.

    Damaris Haegele
    Damaris Haegele
    4 months ago
    Reply to  Ed Vidal

    I am on the wall about this issue.

    Ed Vidal
    9 months ago
    Reply to  patti

    Good points!

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