• OBiden Makes Hating Jews Cool Again!

    April 26, 2024
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    The DEI Boomerang Comes for the Jews

    Meet the Zoomerwaffen

    The Jewish Question: It’s (Suddenly) Complicated.

    OBiden Makes Hating Jews Cool Again!
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    Part 1: The DEI Boomerang Comes for the Jews

    These crazy Zoomer kids are bringing back all the old trends: baggy jeans, the band Sublime, and casual, no-big-deal, fanatical anti-semitism. When I was in college, the only people who still hated Jews were Arabs and skinheads. In 2024, hating Jews is even cooler than having retarded pronouns!

    “Never again” was the promise Jews made to themselves after the Holocaust and it held for almost 80 years, but it looks like we are in fact about to do it again. It’s starting, ironically, on the same elite college campuses that were the birthplaces of the “inclusion” movement of recent years. Our finest universities have spent the last 30-odd years “abolishing hate,” establishing “safe spaces,” and forcing tolerance down students’ throats until they gagged on it.

    But also we have to acknowledge that demands from Jewish students for special protections against hate speech, harassment, violence, and bigotry, while totally justified, tend to stick in the craw of other identity groups who have been the target of widespread vilification and hate on campus for years, right here in the United States.

    The Zoomerwaffen are here and they are coming for the Jews—the same way their college came for the straight white males…

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