• Republican National Hispanic Assembly Of Florida Rescinds Endorsements Due To 'Lack Of Political Courage' Of 3 Candidates

    August 16, 2022

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    The Hispanic voter is moving towards the America First movement in massive numbers due to the implosion of the Democrat Party and the Establishment GOP in protecting the United States.

    Today, the Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Florida retracted its endorsement of three Florida candidates due to their 'lack of courage' in the marriage debate.

    The three politicians who lost the RNHAFL endorsement are Kat Cammack, Mario Diaz-Balart, and Michael Waltz.

    The press release is below:

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    1 year ago

    why is there " the Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Florida "? are we not in America , it should not discrimnate between hispanic or other American,s .

    C M Krauss
    C M Krauss
    1 year ago

    So delighted to see this group take a stand and draw a line in the sand.
    The God-ordained family needs to be protected AT ALL COSTS and elected officials who are too spineless to do so need to be shown the door.
    Primary them all and elect TRUE America First patriots,
    You should add Maria Elvira to the list.

    1 year ago

    Nice, way to go RNHAFL! You are setting a great example for the rest of the country. Way to start holding politicians accountable to the people. Hoping we can do the same here in Arizona.

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