• Surprise! DeSantis Transfers $83 Million Raised For Governor Race To National Campaign PAC

    June 26, 2023
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    As expected, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is transferring the money he raised while running for reelection into a superpac to support his presidential ambitions.  Florida donors to his reelection might not be too happy with this decision, but that’s what professional Republicans do – details below.

    As one person put it, “DeSantis used Florida like an Uber” to achieve his real ambitions.  As we noted last year, this plan was increasingly obvious {GO DEEP} and in hindsight very disappointing.  Every single move happened exactly as we predicted. Many Floridians I have talked to feel suckered by the duplicity.

    Additionally, DeSantis is heading to the exclusive Yale Club in New York this month {link} to meet with Wall Street donors, multinational corporate executives, and at least one mega donor with links to George Soros organization; go figure...

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