• The Miami Independent Endorses Christi Tasker For Miami City Commission District 2

    July 5, 2023

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    The Miami Independent is proud to endorse Christi Tasker for Miami City Commission District 2.

    Christi brings a commonsense business approach severely lacking on the Commission that has trickled down into all the departments. Primarily, Christi clearly sees a lack of transparency and communication has fostered an environment of mistrust and a lack of confidence among citizens and employees alike. Fortunately, Christi has a group of volunteers planning to do a forensic audit of the budget and all departments, including procurement and service contracts. Obviously, this is something no elected officials except for Manolo Reyes (also running for Mayor) want to see, but it is the only way to ensure the delivery of the reliable, efficient city services we are already paying for as taxpayers.

    Christi will: 1. lower taxes by using common sense strategies and inexpensive methods to stop flooding & maintain city property. 2. Audit city budgets and propose new legislation to change policies & procedures to stop political overreach and political, financial gain. 3. Establish a gerrymandering-free culture among City workers so that we can fill open life safety positions to reduce crime and procure necessary fire safety equipment to bring Miami up to national standards in case of emergency. Here are some areas of focus:

    Fire Safety and Police Security - Christi’s family is in law enforcement, and she has two fire chiefs and a fire marshall in her family. She has spoken to many police and fire officers and discovered dangerous levels of inequity and penny-pinching.

    The city has a shortage in several departments, especially the police force. Police officers have told Christi that Miami is rotten at the core. They have no idea which accounts their pensions are located in, and when they do records requests, they say money is moved between accounts.

    Transportation- Poorer citizens are often late for work because of the lack of consistent transportation caused by the City’s vague trolley contract. The contract lacks even the most basic agreements and protocols.

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    Stopping the flooding - she has already stopped her street from flooding - prior to Christi moving on the street, it flooded for over 20 years. Residents thought it was climate change or sea level rise. Christi stayed on the City until they pumped the drains. Manolo Reyes has confirmed that Christi’s method has worked in his district as well.

    Waste management - has been a sore topic for HOAs for years. Even though high-rise residents pay almost 80% of the city’s budget in property taxes, the city has decided that each building's HOA should be responsible for its own waste removal to the tune of roughly $25,000 a year for a 166-unit building. At the same time, residential homes get waste removal at no additional cost. The HOAs are passing that expense along to owners. Owners then pass the increased costs onto renters/residents. In reality, each citizen is paying twice for waste removal.

    Preservation and maintenance of our parks and green spaces - the management of Bayfront Park and its trust. It makes no sense to have this trust managed by Commissioner Joe Carollo when the park is not in his district. Christi has walked the parks extensively and has seen a series of easily solved issues from cracked crumbling seawalls which could result in significant lawsuits and loss of life, and trash along the seawall that could easily be picked up by waste management or part staff with a pool skimmer. Christi would also give the HOAs and residents of downtown a greater voice in planning for Bayfront Park and other district parks.


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    Christi Tasker
    11 months ago

    Miami Independent, I appreciate your endorsement of me for Miami District 2 City Commission. Your publication is great and truly informs the public about Miami issues. My findings regarding our basic City of Miami services are alarming!!! Your readers may be interested in more details and findings on my website: Christi4Miami.com

    Last edited 11 months ago by Christi Tasker
    Doug Ross
    Doug Ross
    11 months ago
    Reply to  Christi Tasker

    Go Christi, Miami needs you!!!

    Christi Tasker
    10 months ago
    Reply to  Doug Ross

    Thank you Doug! I look forward to serving our community with integrity.

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