• The Spirit Of ‘59 And The Free State Of Florida

    March 14, 2023
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    Every American State has its own unique history.  For example,  Massachusetts was founded by Christian pilgrims seeking religious freedom,  and New York was founded by Dutch businessmen building a global commercial empire.  States often have their own illustrious mottos,  like New Hampshire’s  “Live Free or Die!”  Residents of Missouri display their empirical skepticism by insisting that they are the  “Show Me State.”  New York calls itself the Empire State,  and Illinois is the Land of Lincoln,  or the Prairie State,  where the Great Lakes meet the Great Plains.

    Based on its history,  every American State also has its own unique identity.  For example,  in 1836 the people of Texas defended The Alamo and won the Battle of San Jacinto to found an independent Texas Republic.  This spirit of rugged individualism continues today,  when the Lone Star State has more headquarters of Fortune 500 companies than any other State,  including New York.  George Strait sings it well:  “Amarillo by morning,  up from San Antone;  Everything that I got is just what I got on;  I ain’t got a dime,  but what I got is mine;  I ain’t rich,  but Lord I’m free;  Amarillo by morning,  Amarillo is where I’ll be.”  Don’t mess with Texas!

    In 1848 California became a  territory of the United States,  and the following year a Swiss mining engineer declared that gold had been found in the streams of Northern California.  This sequence of events was probably not an accident,  because under Mexican law  (and Spanish law before that),  all mineral rights belong to the state,  while under Anglo-American law mineral rights belong to the owner of the surface land.  This legal support for individual enterprise,  over the prior regime of statist collectivism,  created the foundation for a boom in prosperity and population,  who became known as  the ‘49ers.  A professional football team in San Francisco took this name.  California became known as the Golden State,  not only because of the gold nuggets found in its streams,  but also because it represented a golden opportunity to realize the American Dream.  It became a State in 1850,  and every census since then showed an increase in population until 2020,  when the growing stranglehold of progressive socialist government resulted in a population decrease.  People vote with their feet!

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    The Florida territory was acquired by the United States from Spain in 1819,  but did not become a State until 1835.  As recently as 1940,  Florida was the most sparsely populated of all the Southern States,  and the Florida Bar was not founded until 1950.  Then population and economic development started to take off.  The perfection of air conditioning around 1957 helped,  and Walt Disney arrived in the 1960’s,  but another event in 1959 set the foundation for the development of Florida since then.

    A socialist revolution occurred in Cuba during 1959,  and today the revolutionary regime remains in power and spreads its ideology throughout the Americas.  Individual property and private enterprise was violently replaced with collective ownership by the state.  In a totalitarian socialist regime,  there is no private sector.  As Mussolini said in Italian and Castro repeated in Spanish:  “Everything inside the state;  nothing outside the state;  nothing against the state.”  This repression and persecution led to an exodus of refugees,  mostly to Miami,  including through:  Operation Pedro Pan from 1960 to 1962;  the Freedom Flights from 1965 to 1973;  and the Mariel Boatlift of 1980.  See:  “Cuban Privilege in America is Real!”  (2022)  https://miamiindependent.com/cuban-privilege-in-america-is-real/.  

    This exodus from totalitarian socialist tyranny in Cuba has been repeated by other refugees:  from Nicaragua and other countries in Central America starting in the 1980’s;  from Venezuela with the consolidation of the Chavez regime starting in 2004;  and from throughout Latin America during this millenium as all countries there have fallen under far-left socialist government.  These refugees from Latin America have been joined by refugees from high taxes,  economic stagnation and religious persecution by socialist governments in Europe and around the world.  In 1972 the state legislature declared that Florida is the Sunshine State,  and the old Burdine’s department stores advertised Sunshine Fashions,  but what most distinguishes the State of Florida is its commitment to freedom for the individual and his church,  family,  school and job - - life,  liberty and property.

    Today,  however,  refugees are coming from a new region under oppression by far-left progressive government - - Blue States,  such as New York,  New Jersey,  Connecticut,  Illinois and California.  As a result,  Florida has been gaining population,  and New York has been losing it,  so that today Florida has a slightly larger population,  but it spends half as much on government.  Florida has no state income tax,  it is a right-to-work state,  and its government supports individual property and private enterprise.  Florida today has as many jobs as New York.  No longer is Florida where people only come to retire;  now they also come to keep working productively. 

    As Governor DeSantis puts it,  the Free State of Florida is where woke goes to die.  It may not be that the Dolphins should change their name to the ‘59ers,  but you can see the connection!



    Eduardo Vidal

    Eduardo Vidal is a lawyer and political activist. His family brought him when he was nine years old from Cuba to the USA, but now the rule of law has been eroded in the USA as well, and we are turning into Cuba and the rest of Latin America.

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