• Chosen Destination: Armageddon

    December 30, 2023

    War enriches the powerful, leaving the powerless to pay the toll

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    Post-October 7th, noted Republican senators (Graham and Schumer) eagerly embraced engaging with Iran and echoed this administration's inclinations. This unison chant is sufficient to suspect something is deeply amiss. I will submit that they all are itching for war: extending profits for the military-industrial complex, market expansion for big pharma, a much-needed financial do-over for failing central banks, depopulation for the WEF, existential justification for the UN, more power for the politicians, contracts for the DC beltway—the list of gains goes on, and I'm not even trying.

    Ultimately, war results in more control over the population under the guise of "wartime emergency powers" for technocrats, plutocrats, neocons, and globalists. Moreover, as Trump's lead becomes increasingly insurmountable, war could be the cover to suspend the 2024 elections. Not that I'm suggesting Biden could mount a horse much less ride it, but we might be told: "The stakes are too high; the country must not change the rider in the middle of the race."

    It is well known that decades ago, men from Syria and other Middle Eastern countries were receiving military training in Venezuela. It is reasonable to imagine that such individuals would be availed Venezuelan passports. Have they entered the United States even before the present border crisis? What's up with the 80K Special Interest Aliens allowed in the US in the last 23 months?

    Equally observed were American personnel training Hamas, ISIS, and Hezbollah-affiliated individuals alongside cartel elements in light infantry tactics in multiple Central American camps. Why so? On another front, Border Patrol reports apprehending a record number of military-age Chinese men crossing into California.

    It is no secret that terrorist cells positioned on US soil could likely effect a series of mass casualty events if activated. Could such an attack provide the impetus to coalesce the population's support to back a much-desired conflict of global proportions?

    The American public is inching its way towards comprehending the futility, costliness, and senselessness of the war in Ukraine at a glacial pace. Could the shift of winds blowing towards Israel offer further proof that? There is something deeply wrong with that conflict, its narrative, and how it's unfolding. We should not be surprised if something springs up in Taiwan. Can the public at large see the big picture? Or is fantasy football strategy the topic that dominates holiday party conversations? Bread and circus worked for the Romans … until it did not.

    I am just spitballing, attempting to connect dots given incomplete, censored, and highly propagandized information. If anyone has an alternate reality, puhleeze set me right. A more palatable explanation would be deeply appreciated because in this 5D chess global game, it's the peons who are the pawns. That would be me and you, our military-age boys and girls, the ruined lives of peoples in distant lands, and the coming generations. We will pay for costly and deadly decisions made on our behalf by the political class and unelected bureaucrats.

    The gap between awareness and action must close for this regime to come to an end. May these times of gathering and reflections provide an opportunity to ponder and articulate such matters of grave consequence. We may not have the answers, but we should start asking the hard questions.

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    Debbie Faris

    Soccer mom, author, and a few other trades. Relevant is that I smelled the election fraud within hours...thus becoming a citizen journalist and election integrity advocate. prayingmantis.substack.com

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    5 months ago

    Certainly expect the Chinese to make massive financial moves and to negotiate a U.S. withdrawal from Taiwanese engagement as the U.S. economy falters leading up to the US 2024 election.
    The US likely has lost its military capacity to fight the Chinese in the Western Pacific,
    the Marines having lost the ability for heavy peer to peer combat, adopting an island hopping strategy, while the Chinese likely can occupy most to the Pacific islands to deny the Marines a foothold.

    Jack Fanning
    Jack Fanning
    5 months ago

    "noted Republican senators Graham and ?Schumer?"

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