• RPOF Chairman Ziegler - Who The Hell Do You Think You Are Not Responding To My Grievance?

    September 15, 2023

    The Republican Party of Florida is nothing but organized crime

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    In late April of this year, I filed a grievance with the Republican Party of Florida via their online system, per the RPOF's requirements. The grievance included multiple other parties injured by the actions of the leadership of the Miami-Dade Republican Executive Committee, which were truly horrific in terms of Florida law violations and violations of RPOF bylaws.

    You can read the entire grievance below.

    It's mid-September and I have received no response, not even a 'we received it' email.

    RPOF Chairman Ziegler - who the Hell do you think you are?

    You are out of compliance with the RPOF's own internal procedures.

    To borrow a phrase from Greta, how dare you not respond to me?

    We understand you and your ilk will do anything to stay in power, but the lack of respect is disgusting.

    You are purposefully allowing the Miami-Dade REC to break Florida statute by not reporting election results within 30 days, so no one on the America First side knows what openings are available. That is collusion. That is organized crime.

    It's time to resign and let a man more concerned with following the law do your job.

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    PCW in st johns
    PCW in st johns
    8 months ago

    I have filed numerous grievances and only EVER 1 notice saying that a grievance was dismissed. The notice failed to identify which greivance was dismissed. Asked for the greivance number and got crickets. Rpof is straight bullshit

    7 months ago

    Chrisian's lack of effectiveness and leadership is a reason why he shouldn't hold ANY political office.

    7 months ago

    Christian did the same to a handful of America First members of the Sarasota REC. His grievance chair summarily dismissed our grievances without review.
    His leadership of the RPOF is similar to the GOP leadership. Misguided, beholden to the donors, and failing miserably. He told Steve Bannon that he was the MOST RABID CONSERVATIVE IN THE ROOM and dedicated to the grassroots. If Christian knew what the grassroots really thought of him, he would understand why he has failed us.

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