Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Blows Up Presidential Hopes By Praising Dominion Lawyer Fighting American Patriots

February 8, 2023
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Governor Ron DeSantis recently held an attorney 'roundtable' which included Libby Locke, who represents Dominion Voting systems against American patriots like Rudy Giuliani.

The mainstream press jumped on the situation to highlight an alleged split in the Republican Party for the 2024 presidential nomination.

On Tuesday morning, DeSantis convened a roundtable in Miami focusing on what his office called “the damaging impacts of defamation from the legacy media.” Seated among the conservative panelists was Elizabeth “Libby” Locke, an attorney who has taken up litigation on behalf of clients like Sarah Palin and the James O’Keefe group Project Veritas against The New York Times, wrote The Daily Beast.

DeSantis said Locke was “an extraordinaire when it comes to First Amendment defamation.” What he didn’t say is that Locke is now representing Dominion Voting Systems, which is currently suing key Trumpworld figures—like Rudy Giuliani and MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell—for pushing bogus claims that the company’s technology somehow stole the 2020 election from Trump.

MAGA commentators also chimed in.

“DeSantis being in cahoots with a Dominion lawyer has outraged the people of the United States,” he continued. “DeSantis lost any chance of running,” Lindell added before calling the Florida governor to “endorse Donald Trump right now," added The Daily Beast.

Others, such as ardently pro-Trump lawyer Joseph D. McBride—who represents Jan. 6 riot defendants—told The Daily Beast in a phone interview that DeSantis “destroyed” himself by welcoming a Dominion lawyer.

“How in the hell is he going to beat Trump in a primary when he just gave Dominion a seat at the table? I just don’t see it happening,” he continued.

The Miami Independent has been leading the reporting on the refusal of the DeSantis administration to address election fraud in the state of Florida.

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Our series on 'Florida Is Not Free' can be seen below, as well as some of our political coverage on the issue.



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With President* Biden's horrific and dishonest State of the Union speech, and now the lighting fast implosion of DeSantis, the lane for Trump in 2024 just opened up clear and wide.

The only obstacle now for 45 is the hurdle of election fraud.

“It really confirms what I’ve been saying all along,” declared Laura Loomer, a candidate who recently lost to a dirty election. “DeSantis doesn’t care about voter fraud, problems with electronic voting machines, & he doesn’t care about free speech.”

Mike Lindell responded.

It's going to be a very interesting election cycle for America. Reminds me of Thunder Ball.

Correction: We initially said Libby Locke was an attorney against Project Veritas, in fact, she represents Project Veritas in media cases.

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12 comments on “Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Blows Up Presidential Hopes By Praising Dominion Lawyer Fighting American Patriots”

  1. Talk about 'armed Americans' 'hanging' anyone is the voice of the enemy. This sort of insanity is what got 800 patriots into prison. For sure, we should organize, and exercise our 2A rights to the maximum. But when we do, we will be the target of infiltrators, who will try to entrap us, beginning with this sort of crazy talk. So long as we remain a democratic republic, we MUST remain within the confines of the law, while we organize Community Defense Teams, as the good people in Yavapai Arizona (former Oathkeepers) are doing:

  2. Seems a whole lot of ado about nothing here. DeSantis did not endorse any actions against election integrity investigation. A simple praise of an attorneys abilities is far from an endorsement. Too, keeping ones of suspect close for surveillance is generally a good practice. That may indeed be what Ms Locke is up to also.

  3. Trump has a bigger hurdle than election fraud. When will he come clean and admit the Vax was a huge mistake and Fauxci and other gubmint friends suckered him.

  4. As long as the Demonocrats control our elections with the Dominion (or equivalent) 'voting' machines, we don't have a country. We are 'countryless'...just like the homeless.

  5. Why would Libby Locke represent Project Veritas?🤔.
    Only Trump can handle the Global issues and WWIII- it has to be Trump in 2024- God help us to correct the election system🙏🏼

  6. About time people begin to recognize the fraud surrounding this De Santa Clause. He was losing in Florida without Trump’s support when he decided to leave being a representative congressman. He’s a second rate carpetbagger like Willard “Mittens” Romney. Someone the media backs because he’s not Trump. The smoke and mirrors of dissent is the medias way to push an agenda that no longer works on people who aren’t afraid to open their mouths Being nice nice went out the window with Hillary Clinton and Prescott Bush’s sons.

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