BREAKING: Election Investigator Gleason Give Pinellas County Officials 24 Hours To Admit Alleged Election Fraud Sins Or RICO Case Will Be Filed

REPLAY: March 24, 2023 Miami Protection Of Children - American Conversation Featuring Dr. Paul Merrick

We need help replacing computer equipment destroyed in recent cyber attack...Please help if you can...ty!

My latest article is up on @ManhattanPress
Warning ⛔️ graphic content. @VickieforNYC @tiffany_caban @ChrisMarteNYC @bradhoylman

BREAKING: Armed Forces Event To Break Explosive News This Evening

I was at this meeting. @CMSandyNurse @CMShahanaHanif @LincolnRestler @KeithPowersNYC @CMNantashaW 1st let a sex offender speak in defense of why passing Intro 632 is great (murderers & rapists have no background checks) then sat silent as sex offender went on racist rant.

IO Episode 165 - FLORIDA IS NOT FREE PART 5 - Chris Gleason Files RICO Lawsuit

"I think it's time we stop, children
what's that sound
everybody look what's goin' down..."


I had a great time with L. Todd Wood on CD Media this morning, talking about my new column in the #GlendaleCherryCreek.

These bills are moving fast y’all. Pay attention. @realjoeoltmann you need to pay attn to SB23-168.

L Todd Wood knew firsthand that the war in Ukraine could “tripwire into a much bigger conflict.” He reveals what Americans aren’t being told about the war. The full interview streams exclusively on @foxnation – plus: unlock free sign-up offers only at

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